Don’t talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Please let go of the Metaverse

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

what! Ugly to my eyes! 

If I saw something unacceptable before, this is my evaluation. And now, if my eyes see something shoddy and incomprehensible, I’ll look at its title and exclaim, “It really is the Metaverse!” 

When it comes to “smearing” the Metaverse, one counts as one, and none of Baidu, Beijing Film Festival, and Maserati can escape. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Metaverse: I really don’t look like this 

While Zuckerberg is working hard on the Metaverse on the other side of the planet, there is a group of people who are building a cutting-edge, future Metaverse with him. It’s unknown if they actually built it, but the finished product looks like it’s a hit (or scammed out of a marketing budget). 

First of all, what Chinese audiences are most familiar with must be the popular “Mei Shitian”, the leader of the Beijing International Film Festival, the artistic promoter of the Metaverse, and the virtual idol Mei Shitian. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

We learned this amazing fact when we interviewed virtual idol agencies before – virtual idols have a much better life than real idols. Real-life idols are fiercely competitive. Only by becoming second- and third-tier artists can they have endorsements and commercial performances. It is even more difficult to be selected as spokespersons by well-known companies. But the monetization path of virtual idols is extraordinarily simple, and even 1W fans can receive millions of endorsements. 

It can even be said that it is much easier for a virtual person to become a recommendation officer and spokesperson than a real idol. AYAYI, a digital person who went out of the circle with a passport photo, has few followers today, and a photo on social networks sometimes gets less than 100 likes, but this kind of attention has not affected her entry into Ali, and she has numerous endorsements. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

AYIYI has many endorsements, and he may be the one with the least fans among An Muxi’s spokespersons

The same is true for Mei Setian. As a member of the virtual idols in the Metaverse, she has no works or actual achievements, and even the appearance of virtual people who are most likely to attract fans is frequently complained. Since being officially announced as the Metaverse Star Pushing Officer of the Beijing International Film Festival, the label of “earth” has not been torn off from Mei Setian. 

Modeling is very plastic, and face modeling looks like everyone’s favorite in the 90s, the kind of well-organized woman who can earn you work points and take care of the family. Of course, the most poisonous thing is the mouth of netizens. Weibo netizen @Yinggua, who no one will recognize anyway, commented on this appearance: 

As soon as I saw Mei Setian’s face, I had a vision of the heroine of Niangdao, so that my impression of her became that she would definitely say, “Even if I fight my life, I will give birth to the old x family. a son”. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Of course, Mei Shitian also said that in the diverse Metaverse world, “earth” is also one of the cultural types that can be tolerated. This sentence is not wrong. In real life, no one would easily evaluate a person’s appearance as “dirty”, which is very disrespectful to people. But the problem of plum astringency is not only soil, but shoddy manufacturing. 

The facial features themselves are slightly rigid and rigid, and the dynamic video is also very unsmooth. The presentation of Mei Setian’s Metaverse works is even far inferior to the “five hair special effects” of many domestic films. If you don’t believe me, you can watch the video of “When the Human Stars Shine”. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

It’s hard to believe that an event promotion video that can invite 9 artists and athletes to participate is not as good as college students. The poor quality matting technology and the overall disaster of the film can be seen from the picture below. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Of course, it’s not just for plum astringency. Many banks and other companies have also launched virtual spokespersons in recent years. The modeling and presentation effects of that spokesperson make it hard not to suspect that the elderly leaders are being fooled, thinking that being a virtual person means connecting with the Metaverse. 

To be honest, as far as the general presentation effect of virtual idols is concerned, it is recommended that you make your own animations, which are smooth without losing frames. 

Metaverse: I’m not so outrageous 

Of course, not only the Metaverse at the Beijing International Film Festival was criticized, but also the Metaverse marketing of the car brand Maserati was also questioned. 

Today’s Maserati says: “In the depths of the sea, mysterious powers are bred.” 

Today’s users are all in the comment section “Hahahahahahahaha!” 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Great work from 10 years ago. Is this a 10W starting car? There is a kind of illusion that you can afford Martha after reading it. It obviously can steal money but it does an advertisement for you.Thanks to the authors for their excellent contributions to the mitigation industry volume. After outsourcing layer by layer, is it finally an off-campus training job for college students? Can’t believe it was made by Maserati and thought it was some kind of spoof video. 

The style of Maserati for so many years has become a high-end, incomprehensible evidence against the Metaverse on this day. In Maserati’s video, the luxury car will slowly appear on the seabed in an elemental form; the tires will twist on the seabed in an extremely unnatural posture; Float from coral, tires in the same stance. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

After reading it, you have two questions, is Maserati going bankrupt? Or my perception of beauty has gone wrong. 

This video looks absurd as a whole. If you look at it carefully, it is shoddy. If you look deeper, you will feel that there is still a bit of art in the silence. But nothing changes the fact that this video is poorly made and even looks like a student work. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Some people even suspect that this is Maserati’s topical marketing. If it is a serious CG, it will definitely not get the attention it is now. But Maserati quickly deleted the video to prove that this was not the case, and it expects everyone to forget this dark history. Does Maserati need to be out of the loop? After leaving the circle, those who can’t afford a car still can’t afford it, but the existence of this video really hurts the style. 

It makes Maserati look like a “wrongful seed” party A who generously pays money when they hear the three words of the Metaverse, and spends a lot of money to make such a ridiculed video. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Maserati: please stop watching

Metaverse: I really don’t want to take the blame 

If the Metaverse presentation of Maserati and the Beijing Film Festival is a disaster because they were fooled, then Baidu makes you want to ask, what is going on with you? 

As an Internet veteran, although Baidu’s development has not been so smooth in recent years, at least it has a little understanding of the Metaverse. It is definitely impossible to spend a lot of money like the above two brands to make what you think technology can do ten years ago. Something is not right. 

You are wrong. Of all the works you have seen, it may be Baidu’s that puzzles you the most. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

On December 27 last year, Baidu held the Baidu AI Developer Conference in the Metaverse product “Xi Rong”. This is the first conference held in the Metaverse in China. It can accommodate 10W people to interact on the same screen and experience the physical offline. Spiritual online meeting. 

The whole picture is like this: 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Like a QQ show, the main characters travel through the game to complete tasks. In the end, the painting style of the same seat I saw was not quite the same. Some were realistic paintings, some were QQ show paintings, and some animation styles… But many of them looked the same, and the roles of the participants in the whole meeting were There seem to be only 4-5 templates, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of people who look just like you. 

However, it is also understandable that in the early days of the Metaverse, the image design of the aborigines may not be very good. It wasn’t until half a year later that the Jidu car launch jointly funded by Baidu and Geely was broadcast live on the platform, and was evaluated as “this cartoon is not watched by the children’s channel.” Sweeping into the auditorium, the image of the aboriginal people is indeed true. It’s a lot richer, but there are still a lot of repetitions in the lens, and it doesn’t look delicate enough. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

It doesn’t matter if the audience is not refined enough. The speaker is sharing on behalf of the company. Can’t the image be designed to look better? The set degree lets us see this: 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

Of course, it’s not just perfunctory characters. As a Metaverse conference, the most important thing is the product. It’s a pity that you still see modeling, and it’s a very rough car modeling. The only delicate thing is the car rendering, but you can’t see the real car anyway. 

If it is just an online press conference, and everyone watches the PPT together, at most the special design and venue are more grand, and everyone has no doubts. But it happened that such a press conference was made, and it looked a little unreliable from beginning to end, so I don’t know where to start. 

Some brands do Metaverse to catch an early episode . No matter what happens in the future, anyway, they must catch up with a new trend in advance. As for the fact that brands will be fooled into investing money when they do things they are not familiar with in this process, that is another topic. 

Don't talk about the Metaverse, the universe is not so outrageous

The more successful Metaverse marketing, can experience the experience of staying in a hotel

There are also brands that do what the Metaverse belongs to. I don’t understand, you don’t understand, and everyone doesn’t understand the final product, but because there is a Metaverse’s name in front, maybe some people are willing to say that you are in Explore the future, have the courage to try, and be cutting-edge. 

But when the three words Metaverse appeared more and more, cutting-edge became the norm. Then those stiff modeling, pixelated rendering, sloppy motions will eventually surface. Users may not know what the Metaverse is, but their aesthetics can more directly judge whether it is a product of the Metaverse. 

 Thinking about the “Jel” that played Metaverse Social before, it still failed to break out of the siege by the Metaverse; Taobao launched Metaverse shopping, the interior scene is beautiful, but there are still so many purchases; Meta also has many Metaverse products with beautiful pictures, It’s easy to get your Metaverse meeting. 

If you only judge from the perspective of online and beautiful pictures, then the QQ show that mastered the popular wave 20 years ago should be said to be an application created by the Metaverse, and those exquisite 3A games for players to explore everywhere, why not the Metaverse? 

Maybe everything is a Metaverse, but some products and videos that obviously perfunctory users are definitely not Metaverses in the minds of users. 

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