Don’t rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

The VR industry has entered its youth.

2021 has passed, and the annual hot word deserves to be awarded to “Metaverse.” The concept of Metaverse promoted by various major manufacturers is inseparable from the cooperation of hardware. The hardware referred to here is the VR headset (Virtual Reality Headset). , Can also be called VR glasses), then it is time to bring everyone a guide to getting started with VR.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

Understand the configuration, then buy

The original VR headsets had to drag a long data cable to connect to a PC or game console. The headsets were more of a display screen and were not responsible for graphics calculations. Instead, they chose to borrow the computing power of the PC. , To achieve a better picture quality experience.

Manufacturers know that portability is the foundation for the popularization of VR devices, but when mobile chips fail to meet the computing power required by VR devices, major brands still choose the latter between portability and performance. It even forced some brands to launch semi-finished products such as VR backpacks during that period of difficult years.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

HP Z VR Backpack G1 workstation, which is already a relatively thin and light product

Fortunately, the entire industry is progressing, allowing chip manufacturers to see the commercial value of VR/AR in the future, making them willing to spend money in no-man’s land during the wild period.

After several years of hard work, pioneers have achieved some results, such as Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

The prosperity of the world is for profit, and the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit. When the hardware facilities have developed to a certain height, everyone will move towards the all-in-one machine by appointment.

IQIYI QiYu 3, Pico Neo 3, HTC Vive Focus 3. Last year, a lot of mainstream flagship VR headsets all chose to embrace the Snapdragon XR2, and of course the acclaimed and popular Oculus Quest 2 (👉click to view previous experience articles).

In this issue, I will compare these devices with very similar positioning and configuration. First, take a look at the comparison table of these products.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

▲The winner of a single parameter is marked in red, click the big picture to browse the details

The following briefly describes the meaning of each configuration based on the main configuration on the table.

Monocular display pixels

Needless to say, the higher the number, the better. Take Quest 2 as an example. Its single-eye display pixel is 1832×1920. This resolution seems to be very high, but given that we put on the headset, there is a gap between the eyes and the screen. The distance is only a few centimeters, the fineness of the picture will be enlarged, and the pixels will not be too dense.

Of course, the number of pixels has to follow the hardware configuration. For example, the graphics computing power of early mobile platforms is not good enough to drive a screen that is too high-definition. Therefore, the early VR headsets always look not delicate enough, and the pixel particles are very obvious. The Google Cardboard used is not much better.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

At present, in the field of all-in-one devices, the main commercial Focus 3 is still the most heavily stacked, with a single-eye display pixel of 2448 x 2448. Quest 2 is at a disadvantage in this regard.


DoF is called Degree of Freedom, or Degree of Freedom for short. Early VR headsets only had 3DoF, which could only position the user’s head to rotate along the X/Y/Z three-axis at a fixed position, which means that at that stage, the user cannot move the body, but can only tilt and rotate the head perspective.

Today’s 6DoF has more positioning of the user in the space coordinates. In short, the user wears a VR headset that supports the 6DoF function, which can move the body freely and rotate the head freely, while 3DoF can only Allow users to “stand output”.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

Image source: Pupuru

However, with the development of spatial positioning technology, 3DoF equipment is gradually eliminated, and most of the products launched after 2021 are already equipped with 6DoF.

Adjustable interpupillary distance IPD

When we go to match the glasses, the optometrist will ask us to sit in front of a optometer and stretch our heads forward at the same time. Then the machine starts to operate. First, the lens barrels on both sides will move to the appropriate position, and then the picture in the lens will change. The movement of the lens barrel is to measure the distance between the pupils of the human eye, that is, the distance between the pupils of the eyes.

Everyone’s interpupillary distance is different, and in VR headsets, we look at the screen through a Fresnel lens. The angle of view is different from the freedom when we observe the real world, so does the device support adjustable interpupillary distance , Determines our vision, and then affects the experience of use.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

Sometimes we feel that the edge of the viewing angle is not clear enough. It is very likely that the interpupillary distance is not adjusted to the proper position. Because Focus 3 and Qiyu 3 have two built-in LCD screens, they support the interpupillary distance display, which is more applicable. Most users can adjust the interpupillary distance to the most suitable one for playing, while Quest 2 uses a whole LCD The screen and the interpupillary distance adjustment gear can only be adjusted in 3 levels, so the applicable range will be smaller.

Viewing angle FOV

As mentioned earlier, when we wear the VR headset, we use the Fresnel lens to view the screen, and the Fresnel lens will more or less obscure the viewing angle, and the edges will also be distorted. Therefore, the quality of the lens determines the viewing angle of a VR glasses.

It is not difficult to see from the above table that Quest 2 is not the first in terms of hardware configuration, but it can achieve sales of more than 10 million, and it has set a milestone for VR products and promoted 2021. The topic of the entire Metaverse is becoming more and more popular, mainly relying on the huge amount of consumer content.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

There is Sega Saturn in the front, and the domestic axe host in the back. Products that have been compromised due to lack of content abound. Facebook, a software-born, certainly knows this, so while improving the hardware, they also built up their own advantages in content.

Games, streaming media, and office software. After years of accumulation, there are already thousands of applications on the Oculus platform, including major games and mainstream software such as “Resident Evil 4”, “Medal of Honor”, Virtual Desktop, and Netflix. And it can also be connected to SteamVR on the PC side through wireless streaming/wired, to take advantage of the opportunity to get more content. This is Facebook’s forward flywheel, and it is also the reason why it dared to declare the confidence to fully enter the Metaverse.

Looking at the various factors of hardware specifications, price, and content quantity, the most worthy VR headset at present is still Oculus Quest 2. Therefore, this VR glasses launched in 2020 can still become the most sought-after gift for Christmas in 2021. One, it is not difficult to understand.

However, in front of the mainland players, there is also the issue of Facebook’s restrictions on the network in some regions, which will not be expanded here. All in all, before you buy Quest 2, please take this factor into consideration and think twice.

Good preparations can have a good time

If you have made all the preparations and bought a VR headset, then you will be half-footed into the virtual world.

The last step to knock on the door is to register an account. Taking Quest 2 in my hand as an example, there are two ways to log in: directly linked to a Facebook account; or a separate Oculus account.

Small partners who purchase through e-commerce channels can also ask the store to register on their behalf. Although this method saves trouble, if problems such as privacy leaks occur in the future, it is more troublesome to identify the attribution of responsibility. If you have conditions, you should register by yourself.

If you are buying a domestic brand product, this step is much simpler. You can complete the registration through your mobile phone number.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

Pico account registration page

After you complete the registration, you may already be eager to immerse yourself in the “Metaverse” and play it in the dark. When you wear the VR headset on your head, pay attention to a few points, which can greatly improve the wearing comfort and dizziness.

The first is the interpupillary distance and the tightness of the headband. What is the proper interpupillary distance?Wearing glasses, the edge of the angle of view is not obstructed, and when the head moves slightly, the central picture does not become blurred, which is a suitable interpupillary distance. The tightness of the headband is more metaphysical, and it is best if it is not tight or tight.

If it is too loose, it is easy to fall off when playing FPS and lightsaber games, and the field of view will become virtual. Constantly adjusting the position of the glasses will affect the experience; too tight, it will compress the eye nerves, causing dizziness after playing for a period of time.

The original Quest 2 comes with a fabric elastic band. The elasticity can be adjusted by velcro and buckle. It is relatively simple, and the fabric material is easy to turn yellow after a period of use, so it is recommended that everyone buy a higher-end elite headband, plastic material It is durable and can be adjusted quickly through pulleys. The official price is $49. There are also third-party accessories available.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

Secondly, for friends wearing glasses, VR glasses have become an unattainable dream…? In fact, this is not the case. Brands and third parties have already had solutions for this.

First, the VR headset itself has reserved some space, and you can wear the VR headset with myopia glasses, but it feels like you are wearing two pairs of glasses to watch a 3D movie. Secondly, Oculus United online optician website FramesDirect launched a magnetic myopia lens, which is attached to the Fresnel lens, saving the trouble of wearing framed glasses.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

I checked by the way. Although Pico and iQiyi did not launch similar official accessories, third-party stores have already listed related products on e-commerce channels.

In fact, since the development of VR products, the experience and ecology have gradually improved, and the product’s own experience has been improved. When the inventory increased, many accessory manufacturers were born to create cheap and beautiful accessories for them. After so long in the first year of VR, the VR industry is finally on the right track.

What can be played with VR headsets at this stage

With hardware, software?

Steam announced the list of the best VR games of 2021 last week, so I compared the Top 100 list with the Oculus content library and found that there is a overlap rate of nearly 60%, which means that players are better on Quest 2. You can play most of the top VR games on the PC platform, and the gap between all-in-one VR and PC VR has further narrowed.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

▲The top ten best VR games of the year

And as I said in the previous article, we can play games on Steam VR through screen streaming, including the VR game ceiling “Half-Life: Alex”, so you don’t have to worry too much. After the VR headset is bought home, it can only be left unused to accumulate dust.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

“Half-Life: Alex” game screen

Even major 3A manufacturers like Capcom have begun to create games for VR devices.

When Capcom announced that it would launch a transplant of “Resident Evil 4” on Quest 2, there was no turmoil in my heart. For Capcom, the word “transplant” is equivalent to a synonym for “fried cold rice”.

But after I bought the game and experienced it firsthand, I found that the 9 points IGN gave this transplanted game was reasonable.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

In the novice village stage, the game will teach you two sets of control methods, one is to switch weapons through the buttons, which is nothing new; the other is to hang the main/secondary weapon on your waist and back, and use the handle to grasp, Take weapons, intuitive and cool.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

Take out the shotgun hanging on the back

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

Pick up the pistol at the waist

When the infected villagers in the game approached step by step, I raised my gun and knocked them back one by one. This is a sense of immersion that can’t be given to me on any platform. At that moment, I felt that I really became Lyon, although listening It’s a secondary second, but this undoubtedly brings the gaming experience to a higher level.

In addition, it may be that the game itself has been born for some years, or it is limited by its function. Capcom did not perform 3D processing on the CG cutscenes. Players can still only look at the flat CG animation like a third party. The experience is slightly fragmented.

But when I took off Quest 2, my heart looked forward to entering that virtual world next time, and reincarnation of Lyon to complete the task in the game.

The game process of “Resident Evil 4” is nearly 15 hours, but it occupies less than 8GB of storage space. It can be imagined that its picture quality is not as good as we imagined, but it is immersive enough. I can’t help but start looking forward to the next generation of VR platforms. , That expressiveness will definitely be even more amazing.

In addition to games, there are many productivity tools in the Oculus content library. Some time ago they also launched Horizon World, which built a complete social world: an infinitely beautiful Metaverse that Zuckerberg said. It’s a pity that only users in the US and Canada can experience it, but I can only see related introductions and cannot download and install it.

Don't rush into the Metaverse, this guide will take you to play cool VR

In Oculus, users can use credit card/PayPal/redemption code to make purchases. There are certain thresholds but it is not difficult; while on iQiyi and Pico, you need to recharge to purchase tokens to make purchases, just follow Buying apps on the App Store is as easy.

In contrast, the amount of content on the current domestic platforms is still too small. If they can catch up with Oculus as soon as possible, domestic VR players can try virtual reality technology at a lower cost of use and price, and only then, Only domestic players can see the real Metaverse.

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