Don’t miss the popularity of Metaverse: You must pay attention to these popular chain games

On July 27th, Yield Guild Games opened the sale of YGG DAO community application token YGG (ID0) on the SushiSwap MISO platform. The sale was sold out within 1 minute, and ID0 ended early. According to MISO data, a total of 32 addresses have successfully participated, with a total financing amount of 12,496,000 US dollars, and a transaction price of 0.49984 USDC.

On the morning of the 28th, Vogu’s NFT auction caused Ethereum Gas fees to soar by more than 1000GWei in a short period of time. According to data provided by Parsec Finance founder Will Sheehan, Vogu’s NFT auction generated transactions nearly 15 minutes after the start. It accounted for 83% of the number of packaged transactions in the Ethereum block during that time period. According to Etherscan data, in the past three hours, the contracted Gas consumption of Vogu token VGT exceeded 943 ETH, which is worth about 2.156 million US dollars.

After the meta-universe concept became a new round of hotspots, many players have switched to chain games. The leader AXIE has reached 250,000 daily actives from its initial launch last year to its peak. The popularity even once surpassed Uniswap in the circle, and the outside of the circle killed the king in seconds. Glory, the past month is even more close to Ethereum itself. This also directly set off a wave of Play to Earn. Compared with the complicated financial terminology of DeFi, games can obviously arouse the emotions of retail investors.

As a key track that supports the development of Metaverse content and user traffic, games are the presentation method of Metaverse, with flexible interaction and rich information, providing Metaverse with a creative platform, interactive content and social scenes. Since the first open world game “Genesis 1” in 1981, game developers have tried to create a virtual world. Open world games have allowed video games to rise from pure competition and game to the pursuit of a sense of immersion in the virtual world. Based on this, sandbox games are more focused on allowing players to create the world by themselves. Roblox introduces a comprehensive economic system and open ecology on the basis of sandbox games, so that users’ energy spent in virtual creation can be converted into real benefits. Therefore, the emergence of the concept of chain games, combined with the experience of an open game world, the sense of creation of sandbox games, and the stable system of Roblox games, retains Metaverse’s definition of virtual assets and virtual identities, and becomes a more popular NFT game competition. road.

Where is the next AXIE? This article will give a brief introduction to the current mainstream and popular chain games for the reference of industry peers and researchers.

Confrontation system: Crypto Blades, My DeFi Pet

CryptoBlades is an RPG game based on the BSC chain. In this game, you need to collect weapons and build your own heroes.

The game released two NFTs: the battle hero CryptoBlades Character (CBC) and the weapon CryptoBlades Weapon (CBW), and SKILL was issued as the currency in the game. In the game, players can use strategies to configure their teams, destroy enemies, accumulate experience, and cultivate heroes. The in-game token SKILL can be used to acquire heroes, build weapons, and enhance equipment.

Don’t miss the popularity of Metaverse: You must pay attention to these popular chain games

According to Alexa data, the website is currently ranked 1276 in the world, with an average monthly ranking of 19228. The estimated daily average UV is 82,500, and the estimated daily average PV is 346,500. Similar to most PlayToEarn games, website traffic mainly comes from Southeast Asia. Alexa data shows that the Philippines accounts for 22% of the total traffic.

My DeFi Pet is a virtual pet game that combines DeFi and NFT. Collect and maximize legendary monsters to get huge prizes. Players can collect and raise pets and earn income through pet battles. The genes and traits of pets determine the quality of pets. The game supports BSC chain and KardiaChain.

Don’t miss the popularity of Metaverse: You must pay attention to these popular chain games

Alexa data shows that the website is currently ranked 1454 globally, with an average monthly ranking of 7281. The traffic has been relatively high in the past three months, and the three-month average ranking has also reached more than 15,000. The estimated daily average UV is 1.24 million, and the estimated daily average PV is 4.11 million.

The information on the chain shows that the number of addresses of the game exceeded 23,000 at its peak, and it still has 8,100 independent addresses. The game’s native token DPET has a unit price of US$8.53 and a total market value of US$58.68 million.

RPG (role playing): MIST NFT, Big Time

MIST is a NFT action role-playing game on BSC. In the game, you can earn functional NFT by collecting and farming. The game is released with the native token MIST. You can earn MIST through battle and exploration. MIST tokens can be used for income farm farming, and can also be used to invest in in-game real estate.

Don’t miss the popularity of Metaverse: You must pay attention to these popular chain games

Alexa data shows that the website currently ranks 13,936 in the world, and the official website traffic has increased significantly, and its monthly average ranking is only after 70,000. The estimated daily UV and PV are both 300,000. Both values ​​are about 7 times higher than the monthly average.

BigTime: 3A-level masterpiece, the development team members are from Fortnite, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Medal of Honor, God of War, Warcraft and other games. The CEO is the co-founder of Decentraland.

Farm confrontation: Plant vs Undead, Arena Swap

Plant vs Undead (PVU) is a multiplayer tower defense game, similar to the previously popular Plants vs. Zombies. In PVU, plants exist in the form of NFT. PVU is free to play, there is no initial investment, and it supports mobile terminal operation.

Each player can initially obtain 1 mother tree and 6 basic plants. More plants can be grown from seeds. Players can get the game’s native token rewards through the level. Game tokens can be used to buy plants or seeds.

Don’t miss the popularity of Metaverse: You must pay attention to these popular chain games

Alexa data shows that the website currently ranks 13,226 in the world, with an average monthly ranking of about 120,000. The estimated daily average UV is 190,000, and the estimated daily average PV is 1.34 million. The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are the top three sources of traffic.

ArenaSwap is a DeFi game. Its development team stated that it is “committed to making DeFi and revenue farms mainstream through gamification and storytelling.” The game provides a deflation mechanism to protect the price of tokens and publishes NFTs that can be used in the game.

Don’t miss the popularity of Metaverse: You must pay attention to these popular chain games

ArenaSwap provides two in-game tokens, ARENA and PYRAM. ARENA is the main token of the game. At present, the total lock-up volume of all farms and pools is USD 1.62 million.

Alexa data shows that the website currently ranks 14,438 globally, and the official website traffic is rising rapidly, with an average monthly ranking outside of 120,000. The estimated daily UV is 190,000, and the estimated daily average PV is 570,000. Both values ​​have risen sharply from the monthly average, with UV rising by about 12 times and PV rising by about 11 times.

Arcade Room: MoBox

Mobox is like a game console in a video game city. It adopts the DeFi+ gameplay method. Now there are two games, Gold Coin Master and Simulator, but the latter two feel that the main event is a block war (the third quarter) and a wild war. (At the end of the year). MBOX Token has no pre-mining, no seed round, no pre-sale, and it is all mined by the liquidity of Fair launch.

Don’t miss the popularity of Metaverse: You must pay attention to these popular chain games

Sandbox: sandbox, Decentraland

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual game world based on the Ethereum blockchain. Creators can create 3D pixelated assets and import them into the game in the form of NFT. The Sandbox meta-universe contains multiple tokens. For example, LAND is a plot that players can buy using SAND, and players can create a pixelated game on this plot. SAND tokens can be exchanged for legal currency, and players can earn more tokens by playing games, renting out their own land, or staking their own SAND tokens.

Don’t miss the popularity of Metaverse: You must pay attention to these popular chain games

Decentraland is a bit like Minecraft. In the Decentraland platform, users will be able to create their own exclusive content and applications, not only can experience them in person but also monetize them. The core asset in Decentraland is the limited, passable 3D virtual space LAND, which is an NFT asset maintained by an Ethereum smart contract. The holder of LAND, that is, the landlord, can fully control the content environment and applications he creates, from a static 3D scene to an application or game with more interactive functions.

According to the NFT public chain Flow development team said in an interview: “The first way out of a new technology will always be entertainment applications.” But it is strange that the major online/mobile game players who are naturally accustomed to virtual assets, It has not yet embraced chain game assets. Although, the blockchain can bring more to the game the effect of wealth creation: game asset confirmation, a new player community power system, redefining the relationship between players and the official, and even a new way of gaming. But today’s metaverse masterpieces Decentraland and cryptovoxels cannot be called games, because they only have mechanisms, without rules, goals, and feedback systems. This is also why many traditional gamers come to the metaverse and it is easy to have a “just this” feeling.

Therefore, the author believes that most of the chain games are inspired by real games and introduce the concepts of DeFi and mining on the chain. In order to break through the current dilemma that hype is greater than mechanism, chain games need to use the heat of the meta universe to open up new gameplay.

According to the report “Metaverse: The Next Stop of the Internet” released by Guosheng Blockchain Research Institute, the four pillars of the construction of the metaverse “BAND” are blockchain (Blockchain), game (Game), and network computing power. (Network) and display method (Display):

Blockchain technology provides a decentralized clearing and settlement platform and value transfer mechanism, which can guarantee the value ownership and circulation of Metaverse, thereby ensuring the stability and efficiency of the economic system, and ensuring the transparent and deterministic implementation of rules.

Electronic games provide interactive content for Metaverse, which is a key track for Metaverse content development and user traffic. User creation has become a trend in the development of Metaverse games, and user creation can provide a wealth of content for Metaverse.

The upgrade of network and computing power technology guarantees the transmission and computing capabilities of information. 5G, AIoT, and computing power have laid a solid foundation for application innovation in the next era.

Display technology provides interactive methods, and ultra-high-definition and AR/VR devices have also achieved continuous iterative upgrades, and users can already get a better immersive experience.

Based on the above definition of Metaverse, the author believes that the future development of chain games requires breakthroughs in three aspects: immersive experience, interactive innovation, and stable development system. When will the next dark horse appear on the track? It is worth looking forward to!


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