Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

The release time of Apple’s AR device has been exposed, and it will be released in Q4 2021.

Speaking of Apple’s most anticipated new products, Apple’s AR devices that have been “exposed” but have not been seen are bound to be indispensable. Until some time ago, all we knew was that Apple was actually developing an AR device. As for the appearance and performance of this AR device, it was mainly speculation.

Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

Earlier, many people thought that Apple’s AR device may not be released until 2023 or even 2024 at the earliest, and the chips and display technology at that time will be able to support Apple’s ambitions. However, the rapid development of chip performance in the past two years has really exceeded many people’s expectations, and even the progress of Apple’s AR seems to have improved.

Apple AR will be available next year?

According to the latest news, Apple’s AR device will be released in Q4 next year as early as next year. In addition, relevant people also revealed some of Apple’s performance requirements and design requirements for this AR device, such as replaceable lenses and performance comparable to Macs. Wait.

Judging from the materials exposed by the information provider, Apple’s first AR device will adopt a common head-mounted design, with a large head display area, and will also adopt a more complex and expensive design. The design will allow users to replace the lenses in the device by themselves.

Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

It is reported that Apple is cooperating with relevant institutions and departments in various countries around the world to develop a new lens that will allow myopic users to adjust the lens power on AR devices at will to ensure a normal user experience. So far, there has not been a practical solution in the field of AR equipment that can solve the problem of myopia users. If Apple can succeed, it will be good news for myopia users.

However, considering that similar architectures definitely require a certain amount of space to adjust the distance between the lenses, Apple’s first AR device may look more similar to current VR devices, rather than Google Glass, which resembles an enhanced glasses. device of.

Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

On the other hand, Apple’s performance requirements for AR devices also prove that the size of this device is not small. In Apple’s plan, this device will have a Mac processor of the same level. If there are no accidents, it should be just launched. The M1 series of ARM processors.

Even with ARM’s low power consumption, it is also necessary to provide Mac-level performance with considerable power consumption and heat generation, and the M1 chip itself is not small in size, and it is definitely impossible to be stuffed into the glasses frame. Therefore, it can be basically concluded that Apple’s first-generation AR devices will still have a large size, and considering the size of the battery, the battery life will not be too long.

In the information exposed this time, there is another very interesting information point: Apple intends to gradually replace the iPhone with AR devices in the next ten years, for which it has set a goal of selling 1 billion units in ten years. Considering that there are more than 900 million iPhone devices online, it is basically to let AR devices completely replace the iPhone and become the new core of Apple’s mobile devices.

Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

It seems that Apple has not concealed its goals. In previous interviews, Cook has always had great expectations for the future of AR technology, and he bluntly said that AR devices will be Apple’s epoch-making product in the next decade. Outside there is the meaning of letting future AR devices replace the iPhone.

Wanting to replace the iPhone is not an easy task. First of all, the price must be as equal as possible to the iPhone, or at least not higher than the starting price of the Pro series, otherwise it will not be easy for most users. the price of. In addition, the future AR device must be easier to carry for a long time and have a longer battery life, otherwise it will still be an expensive “toy”.

The second is that it needs to be able to benchmark the iPhone in terms of function, and it has obvious advantages in the face of the iPhone. In this regard, it needs to look at the future development of Apple’s AR ecosystem. Although Apple does have obvious advantages in mobile AR ecology, most of them are concentrated in areas such as entertainment and education, and applications in areas such as productivity and daily life are still weak.

Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

If the above problems can be solved in the next ten years, then we may be able to see a new mobile AR ecosystem born in Apple’s hands. For Apple’s AR devices, the digital circle is also looking forward to it, so that there will be related exposures almost every year, and it is said that it will be released next year, so that many netizens have PTSD on Apple AR.

However, this year’s news sources are relatively reliable. The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has successfully announced Apple’s new equipment plans many times before, and this time seems to be full of confidence. Moreover, the release does not mean the sale. According to the report, Apple will adopt a “delayed listing after release” strategy similar to that of the original Apple Watch. There is a full 227 days between the release of Apple Watch and the time it went on sale, so it’s not bad that Apple’s AR device can be on sale before the end of 2023.

Can Apple’s AR, which is a few years behind, come first?

In all, it has been several years since Google , Microsoft and other companies launched the first generation of AR devices . Among them, Google’s Google Glass has been “dead-termed” and no subsequent updates have been made. Microsoft’s HoloLens has been updated to the second generation. , But mainly for the enterprise market and industrial applications, there is almost no voice in the personal market.

To put it simply, AR devices in the current personal application field are basically blank, and no company has successfully established a simple ecology or has been recognized by users. Therefore, even if Apple releases the first generation of AR devices next year, it is not too far behind. Every company in the personal AR field is still in the exploratory stage. Even if Apple can create a complete AR ecosystem, it is appropriate. The forerunner.

Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

Google and Microsoft’s AR devices cannot be successful in the personal application field, mainly due to technical factors, which can only choose one of lightness and high performance. Google chose to be lightweight and launched an AR glasses with only simple functions. Microsoft chose high-performance, so it had to bear the high hardware cost and huge body, and finally could only develop into the enterprise field.

Therefore, in order to meet the needs of individual users, the exposed news stated that one of Apple’s internal requirements for AR devices is that after being separated from iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices, AR devices can still operate independently and provide a complete experience, while supporting a wide range of applications. Rather than specific applications, these require high-performance processor support to be possible.

It can be inferred from this that Apple’s first-generation AR devices will be oriented towards a wider user group and will be popularized in a wider market in the future, rather than just facing the enterprise-level market like Microsoft HoloLens. However, limited by the size and battery life of the device, the main application scenario of the first generation should be indoor and short-term outdoor use, rather than an AR glasses that can be used normally.

Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

Overall, Apple processor, ecological aspects still has a clear advantage, which is the high-performance ARM processor, Microsoft and other companies temporarily unable to match the United States in a field. And Apple’s personal AR ecosystem has also been initially established. There are already many interesting AR applications on the App Store, such as AR navigation based on Apple Maps, RealityKit that can help developers easily make high-quality AR models, and user-oriented and development-oriented ARKit 5, ARKit 5 can make users experience AR applications better and easier.

From development to user experience, Apple has built an AR ecosystem with a preliminary ecological chain with its iPhone and iPad. After the advent of AR glasses, it is sure to let more developers and users pay attention to App development in the AR field. , Becoming the first complete AR ecosystem.

As for why Apple chose to disclose the news of related equipment at the end of 2021, many media speculated that Apple may want to catch the recent meta-universe heat. This speculation is not unreasonable. After the relevant news was exposed on the 29th, Apple’s stock price has risen for two consecutive days, and it has also aroused discussion among many netizens.

On the other hand, AR is indeed one of the cores of Metaverse. The virtual and real interactive world formed by the collaboration of AR and VR will be the core application of Metaverse. Therefore, any news related to AR and VR is inevitably led to the field of the metaverse. So what is Apple’s view of the metaverse?

Don’t make unreasonable associations, Apple’s AR should have nothing to do with Metaverse

Cook has actually answered similar questions. He believes that Apple’s AR device is not equivalent to the “Apple Metaverse”. Our original intention is to build an “AR device” instead of a “Metaverse” derived from the Apple ecosystem. “. Cook said: ” AR technology can enhance our dialogue, enhance learning, and really amplify the value of technology to people, rather than closing the real world. “

Therefore, it is still too early to directly connect Apple’s AR devices with Metaverse. Apple’s first-generation AR is more inclined to an application scenario other than iPhone and MacBook, allowing users to experience different excitement in the real world. .

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