Don’t just see the market falling, there are opportunities in risk

Now is the time to look at the news and technology!

Don't just see the market falling, there are opportunities in risk

1、 BTC market analysis

Now is the time to look at the news and technology, because many people are trapped and do not know what to do. So we also act as a psychological pacification and direction to everyone, in fact, the risk and cause in the previous article, we have done some tips, but we still can not do in advance to predict. We can only say that there are some things that we have to face up to, because now the market is indeed facing some accumulated risk .

First look at the news “according to the Golden Ten news, the U.S. White House said that we take inflation seriously and the Fed has a responsibility to monitor it. Inflation does not change the view that more measures are needed to reduce the unemployment rate.”

“Yassine Elmandjra, an analyst at investment management firm ARK Invest, said that Tesla’s concerns about Bitcoin’s energy consumption are misguided and that mining can actually have a positive impact on the environment. in his report, Elmandjra referred to a joint white paper by Ark and Square on green Bitcoin mining , a white paper that was apparently endorsed by Musk. The news comes on May 12, when Musk called Bitcoin’s energy use trends over the past few months unusually wild.”

There has been a variety of news in recent days, but the general direction is all within the logic of our previous analysis, and the risks we see are unlikely to be able to change direction with a few opinionated gurus in the market, so we have to take a square look.

Look at the technical side, now indeed to the life and death opportunity, the following chart shows that the entire weekly pivot to the false bottom (touching the false bottom is the weakest kind of walk, we have previously analyzed the breakdown of the weekly false bottom around 43000, the final trend will most likely channel 33000-35000-38000 interval for the last defensive position), and this time for everyone is Bad news, but for us, may be a good thing, a real belong to our time again. The so-called crisis, that is, the crisis with opportunity!

“The great ambition is to play with merit and fame, the sea is a measure of fortune and calamity, and when it comes to the shyness of the pocket, the anger points to the error of the universe!” This is precisely the crisis and the opportunity of the Qiankun.

2、 ETH market analysis

ETH news is no more, UV3 good news constantly, technically ETH 3300 position release obvious, change chips obvious, daily single top is not considered top, probability there is a wave of rebound, whether the innovation high determines the future of the market trend, do not see everyone wailing everywhere today, behind a big positive change of faith.

3, LTC / XRP / LTC / ADA / DOGE / BCH market analysis

First look at the grayscale data.

Grayscale LTC Trust position increased by 3594.44 pieces (+0.24%), the total position of 1507510.06 LTC, LTCN premium 1168.37%; grayscale LINK Trust position increased by 14325.59 pieces (+8.29%), the total position of 187121.83 LINK.

Grayscale is still increasing its position, indicating that the market has not yet reached a hair-trigger , although the increase in positions is not large, but there are some implications that we should learn from. As we analyzed before, we are now on the sidelines for small coins because we need to focus on them instead of casting a wide net like before.

So small varieties we all wait and see, do not do excessive analysis, recently small varieties of capital sentiment all by a variety of new zoo take away, making the whole market lost the normal pace, this pace needs a thorough wash, and then the big pie drive the pace, re-righting the source.

4, DOT/KSM market analysis

Look at the news of KSM and DOT again

“The launch of the PoC parallel chain is expected to happen after two events: first, a full external audit should be conducted for all new logic. Secondly, Kusama’s Canary network should prove that the new logic is viable by executing at least one successful auction involving crowdsourced lending and hosting at least one functional parallel chain. The audit in question has already started and will be completed in three steps in the coming days.

  1. first, the Shell parallel chain will be deployed, which was just approved by a governance vote today. the Shell parallel chain is an “empty” chain – it generates blocks, but has no functionality other than being scalable. It simply listens for messages from the relay chain governance body authorizing upgrades, and when such messages are received, the Shell parallel chain will allow itself to be upgraded to any new logic authorized by the relay chain, identified as 1000 (the first system parallel chain is identified as 0).
  2. Governance will vote to upgrade the Shell parallel chain to a Statemine chain.
  3. The auction will start when it is proven that the parallel chain with transactions and consensus has a highly decentralized 900 validators on the Kusama network. the majority of the KSM pool is currently locked in the Kusama fixed system, and the move requires bringing up a seven-day notice. Therefore the Kusama website will announce the start date of the first auction a week in advance, as well as the expected schedule for future auctions. The network currently expects to conduct five auctions, one every seven days. “

It does not matter if you can not read the above message, to explain, is that Kusama began to officially start auctioning card slots and carrying applications for the run . The plan is to auction card slots for the items above the boca, held once every 7 days, what does that mean? This is the absolute deflation mechanism that everyone is most looking forward to, and with the rise of the project, the mortgage tokens can also bring the project growth in excess revenue, this is like a disguised IXO that does not consume the principal, of course, many people are willing to come to the white The price of white jerk is the cost of time.

This would have been a shocking benefit, but a bit born at the wrong time, now look at the big pancake retracement whether to stop the rebound, take a wave of normal trend. The time window is still there, but not long.

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