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The market can not see the behavior of the long, so the weak suffocating, this trend is most likely to wear out the confidence of investors, blunt knife cut, is the most unbearable market, I hope the weekend can give a pain, regardless of whether it is up or down.

The Fed’s tightening expectations in the second half of the year are getting stronger, and the International Monetary Fund expects the Fed to raise interest rates from the end of 2022 to early 2023 and begin tapering bond purchases in the first half of 2022, while the Fed’s Harker also said that perhaps it will begin tapering bond purchases later this year. These are the embodiment of tightening expectations, in anticipation of the Fed rate hike, some analysts believe that bitcoin will fall to near $10,000, the maniacs are not so pessimistic, most institutions have opened positions at 20,000 up and down, so the maniacs believe that this round of bitcoin 20,000 will be the floor price, in case there is a chance to break 2, then it will be a 100-year opportunity to kill the full position. According to PlanB’s S2F model calculations, he thinks the closing price in July will not be lower than 28,000. I hope PlanB is right, so that bitcoin will still rush past $100,000 at the end of the year.

Today at 20:30, the US will release the unemployment rate and non-farm payrolls data for June. The data is probably still within expectations, so the overall impact won’t be too great. But from the recent weekend trends, are not optimistic, plus next Monday is the U.S. Independence Day, considered a small holiday, the probability of market downturn is still greater.

Surveys show that most Wall Street bigwigs think bitcoin will be below $30,000 by the end of the year, the panic index continues to be in extreme panic (21 today), indicating that market sentiment is very poor, the probability of this position becoming a stage low or sub-low will be greatly increased, if the big drop don’t follow the panic on the right.

German “Fund Positioning Law” came into effect today, some special funds can use 20% of their assets to invest in cryptocurrencies, which is equivalent to $415 billion, a rather large amount of money, they just need to enter, the market is not worried about rising.

The data on the chain shows that although bitcoin plummeted last quarter, the 1000-10000 bitcoin wallets have been accumulating bitcoins, and are now close to 5 million. While the small scattered panic is dying, the whales keep accumulating chips, will the future keep falling? Something you can figure out with your toes.

Stable coins were printed 114.9 billion in the first half of the year, and a large part of this money was set at a high level, so it is much more difficult to reverse in the short term, unless more money can enter in the second half of the year, but from the current macro situation, this is not easy.

The U.S. Deputy Secretary of State urged El Salvador to do what it can to regulate bitcoin, especially its use in illegal areas. El Salvador, a small country, is known around the world for defining bitcoin as a fiat currency. Isn’t it a bend in the road that a small country that the U.S. didn’t even look at before now has the opportunity to talk to the U.S. on equal footing?

The Purpose bitcoin ETF has added 2,908 bitcoins to its holdings over the past month, but the overall outflows are still there compared to other bitcoin ETFs. It looks like the money in bitcoin ETFs is also concentrating towards the head.

The total value of Defi’s lockup is over $100 billion, an increase of 151 times in the last year. Defi’s development is very rapid and belongs to the first segment of the blockchain that has landed to be able to generate profits, the future development will continue to maintain high speed, and Madman remains optimistic about the future of Defi’s ecology.

Market Analysis


Today’s trend is still relatively weak, the weekend in Europe and the United States guys are off, retail sentiment is still difficult to pick up, so the weekend or maintain a weak shock trend, strong support below 31000, to see if the shock down, the long side can quickly emerge.


Yesterday’s high retreat, today’s continued weakness, the walk is not good. But in the long run, the exchange wallet of Ether is a continuous outflow, with a total supply of less than 18% already, smashing chips are getting less and less, only yesterday from the coin to withdraw 600,000 pieces, the probability of long-term strength is very high. Therefore lie flat and play dead, if down to give the opportunity, then consider adding positions.


Weak, falling back mainly.


Do not participate in the crossover, when there is movement when to participate.


Weak, falling back mainly.


Continued oscillation at high levels.


Relatively stronger, hold for now.


Linkage pullback dominant.


If it resists falling tomorrow, it will have a chance to continue to strengthen.


Musk wants to use DOGE payments to participate in Amazon’s space program, and the market has been completely ungrateful, and the fact that the positive is not going up means that the decline is coming.


Defi retreat today are very large, can only be held for a long time, the probability of short-term want to go independent market is unlikely.

The market can not see the behavior of the long, so the weak suffocating, this trend is most likely to wear out the confidence of investors, blunt knife cut, is the most unbearable market, I hope the weekend can give a pain, regardless of whether he is up or down.

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