“Domestic industry” and “international exchange rate”? Listen to how venture capital institutions understand the P2E economy

This article summarizes the views of the conversations posted on personal social media platforms by Mable Jiang and Jason Kam:

Jason Kam
My new view is that in the past, MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) and apps were like foreign exchange controls. Now P2E foreign exchange controls are fully liberalized. With independent monetary policy and free capital flow, the exchange rate cannot be stable. The only stable way is to create a continuous demand for domestic currency, that is, industrial upgrading makes domestic currency the only standard for the purchase of rigid needs.

In other words, there must be an external cash flow to continuously purchase the currency circulating in the game. In addition to the players, I think it is also necessary to consider the consumption of the merchants themselves. Why can a country’s currency become a hard currency and appreciate without affecting the domestic economy? A very important reason is industrial upgrading. After the upgrade, in the future, if the world needs to build an industrial chain, it will have to buy the country’s products, and can only pay in that currency. It is equivalent to global rent-seeking, with this currency as the anchor.

Mable Jiang
Therefore, I think that in this context, users and merchants (advertisers) that were originally opposed in the traditional world have become one: In the system, users can benefit from pleasure (better assets, less time, and better experience) and social status ( Show off) and consumption, merchants can also conduct targeted advertising based on user achievements and experience (target users will be motivated by accepting the promotion), and the user and the merchant here can be the same individual.

Another core point we have been discussing is how to find the “organic demand” in the game, rather than simply hype the “speculative demand” of NFT: the expenses paid by individuals with publicity needs are actually paid to “attention” “Power” is a truly scarce commodity (scarce commodity).

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