Doing a job you don’t like, but don’t know what you want to do? Give you 3 tips and tricks

What if you are already doing a job that you don’t like at all?


Not long ago, a girl in her 20s asked me for a consultation online and told me her troubles:

She has a lively personality since she was a child. She has always liked English and spoke fluently. During college, she often used English to host various activities and interviews in her spare time.

Two years ago, she graduated from a famous university graduate 211 English, went to a Fortune foreign companies to do 500 human resources intern, after three months, due to the excellent performance was recommended to a department manager assistant.

In the following nearly two years, she believed that she had gotten a lot of exercise and her abilities had also improved a lot.

Doing a job you don't like, but don't know what you want to do? Give you 3 tips and tricks

However, the cumbersome itinerary that will inevitably be encountered after working as a department assistant, various emergencies of burning eyebrows, and frequent overtime work day and night, began to make her doubt her original choice, and her beautiful imagination for the comfort and comfort of foreign companies. It has long since disappeared, and the desire to live a regular life with less pressure grows stronger day by day.

Last year, her boyfriend just job changes, she simply resigned, with her boyfriend together back to the mainland a third-tier cities.

After getting rid of the high-intensity work, she thought she could finally live the ideal slow life.


However, the reality is not as good as she imagined:

Since there are few foreign companies in this third-tier city, there are fewer job opportunities for her; the tall foreign companies that were everywhere in big cities in the past are now gone, making her a little flustered.

She finds that she doesn’t like work that is so stressful, but now she misses the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that fast-paced, high-efficiency work brings her.

In desperation, she had to yield and casually found a job as an English teacher.

Doing a job you don't like, but don't know what you want to do? Give you 3 tips and tricks

She thought she would like the children’s sweet and innocent, I did not expect really hold textbooks, chalk into the classroom, watching the Jiji Cha pupils she say no, and it looks atrocious a loud voice, plus a hillock She took over the teaching tasks of four classes. Every day, looking at so many children’s eyes and faces dangling in front of her eyes, she felt that she was going to be dizzy; besides attending classes, she also had to do administrative chores. Busy, often running without touching the ground.

After such hard work, but the income is not ideal, after thinking about it, she insisted on going through it for less than half a year and then voluntarily resigned.

When I guided her to find the most important values, she put “comfortable environment” first three times in a row.

After analysis, she found that the sense of accomplishment is very important.

Me: “So, which job before you experienced a sense of accomplishment?”

She: “It’s still my first job , but I can’t stand the pressure of this job.”

Me: “If you value a comfortable environment, would you be willing to take the civil service exam?”

She: “No, sir. Although my mother really wants me to take a civil service or public institution exam, I don’t like the repressive working environment within the system, and I am not good at handling complicated interpersonal relationships.”

Me: “Okay, let’s take a look at what you value most: comfortable environment, pure interpersonal relationship, sense of accomplishment, but not civil servants and institutions. Think about what kind of work can meet these requirements. Woolen cloth?”

She thought about it for a long time, but she didn’t think of any specific profession that could meet these requirements at the same time.


But soon, she adjusted her values ​​and put “security” in the first place, but she didn’t know what other jobs could give her a sense of security besides civil servants and public institutions.

I tried to lead her to think: “In your opinion, do civil servants and public institutions necessarily have a sense of security?”

“At least don’t worry about being unemployed!”

“So, you have always been afraid of the threat of unemployment?”

“That’s not the case. My first job will be unemployed at any time. After all, it is a foreign company, with high pressure and fierce competition.”

“Have you heard that civil servants and public institutions are constantly reforming? That is to say, even if you are admitted to civil servants and public institutions, this sense of security brought by the system is unreliable. Besides, you think that besides The system, what other factors can bring a sense of security?”

She thought for a while and said: “I understand a little bit, because I place too much emphasis on external security. If I have strong working ability and rich work experience, I don’t have to worry about the insecurity caused by unemployment. Feeling, teacher, is this a sense of inner security?”


After clarification, she found that if she wants to pursue a sense of accomplishment, she must do a good job and work efficiently. This will inevitably bear a certain amount of pressure and cannot be too comfortable.

Doing a job you don't like, but don't know what you want to do? Give you 3 tips and tricks

I added to her that we can roughly divide stress into two categories:

One is task pressure.

That is, all kinds of pressure brought by the need to complete work tasks on time, quality and quantity, such as working overtime frequently, and constantly learning new knowledge and new skills;

The other type is relationship pressure.

That is, we must bear and deal with the pressure of various complex relationships from customers, colleagues, and leaders (and of course family members).

In many cases, the latter is more unbearable, and the physical and mental damage is even greater.

After analysis, what the girl didn’t want to face was relationship pressure, not task pressure.

So far, the consultation has achieved a breakthrough staged progress.


After completing this consultation, I summarized a few points.

1. Too often, we both want to do what we like and also want a high salary. When the two are not available at the same time, we will struggle with pain, and even stop moving because we cannot make timely and decisive choices.

Sometimes I think about it, behind this kind of entanglement, is it possible that we are not able to be outsiders hiding a heart-greed.

We always need very little, but want too much, so in the tearing of all kinds of desires, there is no master, and we are in panic all day long. Without peace of mind, there will be no happiness and joy.

2. Is it to do a job that can bring the value we desire (such as high salary) although we don’t like it, or to do a job that can not bring the value we desire (such as high salary) even though we like it?

In my opinion, behind this conflict is actually the trade-off comparison between the value behind the liking and the loss behind the dislike.

For the work, the love itself is the value, like a job, we will be more willing to invest, more happy, more body plus health , mental more focused, and more willing to work to overcome the difficulties and obstacles on the road, it is easier to get Growth and even success.

——Who can say that these are not the value of likes themselves?

What does it mean to not like it anymore: When we are forced to choose a job we don’t like, our hearts are resisting, our minds are sticky, we avoid going to work, we have no motivation, we don’t have happiness at work, and we feel depressed or even depressed over time. healthy, whole people grew stagnant, although hate myself the courage to re- new choice , but more and more lost the determination and strength to change, and finally had to continue to comfort myself to accept the reality of life. Seeing this, I wonder if you feel a kind of sadness that is powerless to say?

Doing a job you don't like, but don't know what you want to do? Give you 3 tips and tricks

3. What if you are already doing a job that you don’t like at all? Do I have to resign?

In my opinion, it is possible to seek a breakthrough in accordance with the following three ideas:

1). Ask yourself, is it possible to turn a job that you don’t like now into something you like (even if it’s just starting from one of the links)?

In this way, if you like the job and have a high salary, you can also improve your ability and gain a sense of accomplishment, isn’t it a good thing to do more with one stone?

2) Can I apply for job adjustment within the company?

Of course, the premise is that the company platform is okay, and there are enough positions for you to choose from.

3). Regard the employee as an ordinary job and don’t hold high hopes for it. The so-called job is work and return to its original appearance.

Since I can’t get interest from work itself, I can develop my hobbies in my spare time, even leisure and entertainment. The key is to find a wholesome form to nourish the soul tortured by boring work.

Of course, when you are forced to do so, or when you have a more interesting job beckoning to you, you can also decisively resign, quit the old and welcome the new, and change the track of the company or even the industry. Although there are too many uncertain factors in doing so, we never encourage everyone to switch rashly, but after all, someone has successfully switched to their favorite field, it is still worth trying.


Finally, I want to say that many people think that if you can find a job you like from the beginning, it seems that you can lie down and enjoy the success that comes at your fingertips in the rest of your life?

But the reality is that there has never been casual success.

Finding a job you like is just a good start, but a good start is always only half of the success; the remaining half requires you to use your actions and sweat to manage the work situation well, so as to shape it into what you want Look like.

“Fitness and recognition are dynamic, and they are produced through active efforts. After debugging, iteration, and review , your judgment is more likely to be close to accurate.” -An Xiaohui

Encourage with you~

Doing a job you don't like, but don't know what you want to do? Give you 3 tips and tricks

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