Dogecoin Jesus? Roger Ver returns to Twitter in favor of DOGE over BTC

Roger Ver was an early investor and ardent promoter of Bitcoin, earning the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus.” A year later, he resurfaced on Twitter and in an interview expressed his support for Dogecoin (DOGE), which he prefers as a means of payment over Bitcoin.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the founder stated that he is a fan of Dogecoin due to its fast transaction times and low fees:

“Dogecoin is significantly better, it’s cheaper and more reliable than Bitcoin. If I had to pick three contenders for the world’s dominant cryptocurrency, they would be Dogecoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash .”

Ver also expressed his support for Dogecoin honorary CEO Elon Musk taking over Twitter in the interview.

“It definitely makes Twitter more engaging,” Ver said. “I’m really, really grateful to Musk for coming out and calling for scrutiny.”

While Ver has been a Bitcoin supporter for years, he is now a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) evangelist. BCH is an altcoin that forked from Bitcoin after a dispute over block size.

A video posted on Ver’s YouTube channel in March showed him and his entourage in St. Martin calling on retailers and taxi drivers to use BCH as their preferred payment method.

Ver stated that BCH is the true vision of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and although he has been an advocate of BCH, he claims that he is not fully committed to BCH:

“I’m definitely still a crypto whale, I’ve always held a basket of different cryptocurrencies. I’ve never been a bitcoin or bitcoin cash supremacist.”

Immediately after returning to Twitter, Ver called attention to the first principles of cryptocurrencies, posting his second tweet since his return on April 28. He said custodial wallets used by traders who interact with centralized exchanges would cause Bitcoin to lose a “key revolutionary property.”

Non-custodial wallets where users retain control of their assets can differentiate Bitcoin from banks and other financial products.

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