Dog coin shib triggers animal coin rampage Consensus bubble will eventually burst

Dogcoin shib triggers animal coin rampage Consensus bubble will eventually burst

Dog coin shib triggers animal coin rampage Consensus bubble will eventually burst

[Talking about animal coins

From dog coin (DOGE) to Shiba Inu coin (shib) to Akita dog coin (akita), last week was just a round of dog king competition, this week has fully evolved into a whole animal paradise, rabbit coin, piggy coin, etc. etc. This is thanks to Musk’s personal charm and the phrase – send dog coins to the moon.

The outbreak of dog coins has enlisted the celebrity effect to be able to hit the ground running. The cryptocurrency world is a magical place, under the celebrity effect and follow the trend, there is no need for any fundamentals, as long as there is a consensus base, several times a day and tens of times a day, that is not impossible.

The actual market, there is a phenomenon of rubbing hot, hot, hotspot has always been the battlefield of speculation experts struggle, the current canine coin fermentation to the zoo, whether it will ferment to seafood or marine animals, or even out of a dinosaur coin, we do not dare to assert. But after the crawfish coin appears, I think the others are not far away.

It is possible that a large portion of the readers here have not experienced the 17-year bull to bear wash, and there may be some who have experienced it and have forgotten it after the sedimentation of time. But I need to remind everyone, the past can not be forgotten, their own money to buy the lessons can not be forgotten.

The 17-year bull market is how step by step to the abyss, is this kind of unrestrained, endless, unregulated issuance of air coins, resulting in CCTV and some XX intervention, began to go away bear. The name aircoin also began to really come into our view at that time.

About the dog coin, between the gap between Chinese and Western culture, I do not add much comment. But it is worth noting that Musk publicly said that dogcoin is a scam, and then his SpaceX announced that it would accept payment in dogcoin for the launch of the moon satellite next year. This kind of set up I think in the cryptocurrency circle, is to shave leek roots to go.

Personal views and suggestions on dogcoin and animal coins

The other animal coins that are following the trend must have a huge risk of plummeting or even going to zero. The reason for following the trend is because there is a consensus, and when the consensus becomes the past, or when the consensus turns, that is the harvest season.

The dog coin as well as the shib at least so far have the Musk’s lead, but we still have to know to control the risk and prevent a deep fall.

At the moment my personal attitude towards animal coins is not to agree or deny. After all, in this magical circle of cryptocurrency, existence is reason and consensus is value.

The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a lot of money for speculative coins, not investment coins, but just a little bit.

Referring to the performance of the end of the bull market in 17 years and the end of that round of air coins, it is predicted that the animal coin bubble will break in about 30 days or even within 30 days.

[Impact of animal coins on mainstream coins and market].

The blood-sucking of dog coin and Shiba Inu coin to the general market and the deprivation of hot money is very obvious, especially led by dog coin, which continues to have a turnover of more than BTC turnover for many days, and its hot money inflow is visible.

Secondly, after Shiba Inu coin went online with the three major houses, its turnover was also 24H tens of billions of levels.

Personally, I feel that this situation may last for a while, which is one of the important reasons why the current BTC coin price is slow to go up, lacking the inflow of hot money and pursuit. But this situation will not last long, consensus is something that can easily be broken.

The difference between the current bull market and the 17-year bull market

The three words “blockchain” have been around for nearly 10 years, right? Including the A-shares at that time, they all said they had blockchain technology, blockchain application or blockchain concept.

The current bull market for blockchain is not just a speculative concept anymore. For example, distributed storage, NFT, DEFI decentralized finance, there are already some technologies on the ground.

For this round of bull market to play a driving role, that must be DEFI undoubtedly.

Then there is a time and place, I summarized the following.

Timeless: DEFI take the lead

ground benefit: epidemic Q influence

people and: the old horse with a single

The result: the bull market is coming, all the coins rise together

[Predict the way the bull market will end]

Personally, I feel that there is already a very strong precursor to the end of the bull market, especially the outbreak of this wave of air coins, if not effectively regulated or controlled, then it is likely to promote the acceleration of the bull market to bear, or directly lead to the demise of the bull market.

Before the end of the bull market, the mainstream coins, especially the big pancakes, will probably pull up a wave and smash down in the process of pulling up, like a ball falling to the ground, to end this round of bull market. It is not optimistic to end the bull market by smashing the plate directly in place.

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