Does Changsha have a chance in the trillion-level Metaverse market?

Changsha is full of stamina

Does Changsha have a chance in the trillion-level Metaverse market?


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In October last year, after Facebook changed its name to Metaverse, it was like a fire that ignited the trend of the Metaverse and spread rapidly around the world. For a time, many industries began to explore the Metaverse.

As an emerging concept, the Metaverse has also developed rapidly in China. According to the “China Metaverse Investment and Financing Data Report” released by the E-commerce Research Center of Netease, the number of financings reached 41 in the first half of 2022, with a financing amount of 5.46 billion yuan.

In Changsha, Hunan, the Metaverse industry is also developing rapidly. In June this year, the Hurun Research Institute released the “2022 Hurun China Metaverse Potential Enterprise List”, which listed the top 200 Chinese companies with the most development potential in the Metaverse field. Among them, Changsha has 4 companies on the list. From the perspective of the city distribution of enterprises, Changsha ranks 11th.

So with the rapid development of the Metaverse, can Changsha catch this “wave”?

1. The rapidly developing Metaverse industry

In March 2021, Roblox, known as the “first stock of the Metaverse”, was successfully listed. After the market value increased by 10 times, the concept of the Metaverse quickly attracted the attention of major manufacturers.

By September 2021, domestic Tencent, NetEase, Perfect World, ByteDance, etc. have applied for the Metaverse trademark, which immediately made the Metaverse even more popular.

The popularity of the industry is naturally driven by capital. According to the “Report on Value in the Metaverse” released by McKinsey, since 2022, the investment in the Metaverse track has exceeded 120 billion US dollars (about 804.4 billion yuan). This value That’s more than double what it was in the whole of last year.

Similarly, the domestic Metaverse capital market is also very lively, especially in the second quarter of this year. According to incomplete statistics from the new media of the new cultural and creative industry, Lei Bao, in the second quarter of this year, a total of 39 Metaverse investment and financing events occurred, involving 37 companies. .

Among them, from the perspective of the industry, 13 “digital collection” companies have received investment, and 7 “virtual human” related investments. In addition, the hardware field of the Metaverse has also been favored by capital, especially known as the first in the Metaverse. In the XR field of entry, XR-related fields such as optical modules, VR complete machines, and related chips have been sought after by capital.

In March of this year, KPMG released the “Preliminary Exploration of the Metaverse” report, which divided the Metaverse into three major sections, namely the underlying hardware, core technologies and application scenarios. In fact, China is currently taking shape in several major areas of the Metaverse.

Does Changsha have a chance in the trillion-level Metaverse market?

Metaverse industry chain released by KPMG

According to the “2022 Hurun China Metaverse Potential Enterprise List” released by the Hurun Research Institute, the underlying technology companies represented by ZTE, iFLYTEK, and Lens Technology accounted for the largest proportion, followed by ByteDance and Mango Supermedia . Ecological application companies represented by them account for the second, and finally are core technology companies represented by NetEase and Baidu.

In general, an industrial chain around the construction of the infrastructure of each section of the Metaverse is gradually taking shape. However, there are also many voices in the market regarding the Metaverse that it is purely a hype concept, but the capital market is “full of confidence” in the Metaverse.

McKinsey predicts that by 2030, the value of the Metaverse may reach 5 trillion US dollars (about 33.7 trillion yuan), and may be the next decade including consumer goods, retail, financial services, technology, manufacturing and health care. The industry’s largest, new growth opportunity.

And Changsha should have its own place in the trillion-level Metaverse market.

2. Metaverse “New Player” Changsha

“At present, in the field of the Metaverse, the industrial chain surrounding the infrastructure of the Metaverse, if we talk about localization, is from CPU, operating system, GPU to engine, Changsha should be the city with the most complete industrial chain in the domestic city. ” Hunan Sanyue Zhou Chen, chairman of Shuwei Technology Co., Ltd.

Sanyue Shuwei is a technology enterprise centered on the research and development of visual data management software technology. In the field of high-performance digital twins of domestic CPUs , it is currently in the first echelon in China. The digital twin field is an important part of the Metaverse industry foundation.

“From the perspective of the localization of Metaverse infrastructure, Changsha’s supply chain is relatively complete, and the new full-chain solution based on this is a major advantage of Changsha. ” Zhou Chen said.

This advantage is also reflected in the “2022 Hurun China Metaverse Potential Enterprise List” released by Hurun in June this year. Among the four companies listed in Changsha, Anker Innovation, Jingjiawei, and Lens Technology belong to the underlying technology category, and Mango Supermedia belongs to the ecological application category.

From the perspective of industrial advantages, the advantages of Anker Innovation and Lens Technology lie in human-computer interaction. Jingjiawei is the GPU chip, and Mango Supermedia relies on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV, and has rich digital and video resources.

As far as related companies are concerned, in the field of human-computer interaction, Lens Technology is mainly responsible for AR/VR and other fields. In fact, as early as 5 years ago, Lens Technology has already started the AR/VR product field technology, products and other aspects. R&D and expansion is one of the earliest companies in the industry to start R&D and innovation on optics, structural parts and functional modules.

Does Changsha have a chance in the trillion-level Metaverse market?

Lens Technology

In April this year, Lens Technology disclosed in the “Announcement on Changing the Use of Part of the Raised Funds” that the fixed increase was changed to 3.9 billion yuan to increase the “Metaverse” AR/VR business.

The main advantage of Jingjiawei lies in GPU. At the same time, Guokewei, located in Changsha , is also a key enterprise in the field of domestic chips. At present, among the CPU, GPU, DSP and FPGA, which are known as the “four major components” of high-end chips in China, Changsha accounts for the three major ones. It is the only city in the country that can realize the design of the three major components of chips.

Therefore, in terms of CPU, GPU, etc., as Zhou Chen said, in this regard, Changsha is the city with the most complete industrial chain.

In the field of ecological application, Mango Supermedia relies on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV to launch digital collections and digital IP. Its Mango TV also participated in and released interactive video standards, and launched technological innovations including virtual host “YAOYAO”, AR star co-production interactive system, interactive video platform, and IMGO ultra-high-definition video repair and enhancement platform.

It can be found that many leading companies are emerging in Changsha in various sectors of the Metaverse, and the formation of the industrial foundation is being accelerated.

However, compared with other cities, Changsha does have a “gap” in the development of the Metaverse. Judging from the Hurun ranking, Beijing has the most companies, with 55 companies, 33 companies in Shanghai, 23 companies in Shenzhen, 15 companies in Hangzhou, and 13 companies in Guangzhou.

“Compared with cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, Changsha’s full-chain solutions are relatively quiet, their overall scale in the market is still relatively small, and their market influence has not yet been formed. However, with the development of technology, the strength of enterprises has become more and more Strong, the development of Changsha’s full-chain solutions will be more and more accelerated, which is an advantage of Changsha’s strong stamina. ” Zhou Chen said.

3. Metaverse “Changsha Potential”

“Although Changsha is currently not as developed as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in terms of economic development, I always think that Changsha is in the leading position in the country’s first echelon in the field of cultural creativity.” Liu Zhuli, founder of Hunan Duodou Leman Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., told 36 Krypton said.

Duodou Lemanyu is a digital and intelligent manufacturing service provider positioned as an enterprise Metaverse Human Goods Yard and an IP operator for generation Z animation short dramas. It has successfully created dozens of millions of IP accounts. Its digital human Fang Xiaoguo is the first commercial digital human in Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park.

“At present, the Malanshan Cultural and Creative Park is in a leading position among the national cultural and creative industrial parks. It is backed by the massive cultural and entertainment resources of Hunan Radio and Television. The government has invested heavily in the construction of hardware and software infrastructure, and introduced Huawei Cloud and Huawei in Malaysia. Lanshan has launched four innovative business lines, including Metaverse and HD video, as well as the FirestoneCloud platform on Lanshan, China’s V-chain digital asset trading platform, the country’s first-gradient premium copyright NFR platform, and HTC Ai’s digital platform. The twinning technology, the VR visual effect technology of Space Frog, Mango TV and other massive entertainment resources, plus the new media industry in Changsha, which is competitive in the whole country, constitute Changsha, a fertile land of the Metaverse.” Liu Main said.

It can be said that the Metaverse ecological application based on the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park is booming. In this regard, Zhou Suyue, chief expert of the Management Committee of Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park, once said: “The Metaverse is the display and transmission of the digital state. At present, Malanshan is using the video industry cloud application ecological hierarchy to create its own Metaverse. .

Does Changsha have a chance in the trillion-level Metaverse market?

Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park Chuangzhi Park (Source: Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park official website)

In addition to Malanshan’s assistance in video culture and creativity, Xu Jianan, chairman of HunanYuanda Digital Technology Co., Ltd., believes that Changsha’s cultural heritage and entertainment industry economy have provided soft power for the development of Changsha Yuanyu.

“Changsha’s unique advantages are that it has a rich historical and cultural heritage, beautiful natural scenery, developed cultural tourism industry, and many brands with local characteristics, including the entertainment industry. The economy is also very advantageous.” Xu Jianan said.

It is reported that Hunan Yuanda Digital Technology Co., Ltd. received an exclusive investment of 10 million yuan from Dongjia Holdings in June this year. Its subsidiary Yuanda is a cutting-edge digital art ecological e-commerce platform with complete qualifications and international standards. World application, virtual human IP creation and operation, digital collection mobile cold wallet and other multi-dimensional integrated super-aggregated closed-loop ecosystem.

“In the future, we also hope to cooperate with some local local brands and cultural tourism parties to jointly promote the Xiangjiang cultural business card and empower the real economy and culture.” Xu Jianan said.

With Changsha’s proposal to build an “international cultural and creative center”, the cultural and creative industry will also empower the Metaverse. In addition, Changsha is also “full of potential” in terms of blockchain .

In January 2022, Hunan Xiangjiang New District organized a seminar on Metaverse Technology and Industrialization, focusing on the importance of the digital economy. At the seminar, Professor Gong Caichun, chief scientist of the National Academy of Science Innovation and Ph.D. of the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, believed that the Metaverse is based on a new round of comprehensive development of information technology, including big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. “Next Generation Immersive Internet”. Hunan Xiangjiang New District is the first international-level new district in central China, and it has a certain foundation for the development of the digital economy.

In June this year, after the integration of Xiangjiang New District and Yuelu District, the development of digital economy, artificial intelligence and blockchain will be more rapid. Recently, the second headquarters of Ying Universe settled in Xiangjiang New District, Hunan, which also took a fancy to the strong industrial cluster advantages of Xiangjiang New District in this regard.

In addition, on July 12, the “2022 China Urban Blockchain Comprehensive Index Report (Second Quarter)” jointly formulated by the Blockchain Special Committee of the Chinese Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics was released. The report shows that Changsha Ranked fifth, second only to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. At the same time, it also ranks firmly in several sub-indices such as government affairs application sub-index (4th), policy environment sub-index (1st), security risk sub-index (2nd), and security sub-index (4th). front row.

Like the blockchain, computing power is also an important part of the basic composition of the Metaverse, and in terms of computing power, Changsha has obvious advantages .

At present, Changsha has state-level innovation platforms such as the State Key Laboratory of High Performance Computing, the National Supercomputing Changsha Center, the National Basic Science Center, and the National Center for Applied Mathematics. With two cores and one ecology” computing system, Tianhe series supercomputers are the first in the world’s supercomputer performance. The Xiangjiang Laboratory, which was established on July 10, proposed to build three major centers of computing power, algorithms, and computing data. It also created a super engine for improving Changsha’s computing power.

It can be said that in this world known as the “next-generation immersive Internet”, Changsha is full of stamina.

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