Disseminate Chinese culture, build brand vitality, only art announced the first anniversary of the creation of digital art industry chain ecology

May 18th is International Museum Day. The first anniversary of the establishment of the only art and the strategic planning conference were held at the Xizi Hotel in Hangzhou. Leaders at all levels, experts and scholars, strategic partners, pioneering artists, and media people gathered together to discuss the healthy development of the digital art industry.

At the meeting, Unique Art signed a number of cooperation agreements and released three new strategies of brand building, business operation and product planning. Only Art will take “based on digital art, spread Chinese culture, and empower the real economy” as the corporate mission, relying on Weiyi Chain, and strive to create a creator ecosystem that integrates digital art as the core and consumer experience as the core. The whole industry chain ecology integrating the universe ecology and the industrial empowerment ecology with brand incubation as the core brings together strategic partners, IP parties, and artists to jointly deploy web3.0.


(Site of the first anniversary of the establishment of the only art and strategic planning conference)

Three strategies to create a whole industry chain ecology

The ecology of “Three Lives in One” is the corporate vision announced by Unique Art, and it is also the core of the brand strategy. Unique Art builds an ecosystem of the entire digital art industry chain by integrating the creator ecology centered on digital art, the Metaverse ecology centered on consumer experience, and the industrial empowerment ecology centered on brand incubation.

The “three-in-one” ecology has formed a complete closed loop of digital art from creation, circulation to application, which will promote the matching of digital art supply and demand from the “stone age” to the “industrial age”. Therefore, digital artworks will be fully displayed and easily circulated. With the establishment of the whole industry chain ecosystem, copyright transactions will be further prosperous, and the pace of digital art empowering the real economy will usher in an overall acceleration.

At the business operation level, Unique Art has released a series of plans to implement the corporate mission of “Based on digital art, disseminate Chinese culture, and empower the real economy”. Guided by the strategy of cultural power, it will cooperate with cultural and expo subjects, well-known universities, IP parties, and art institutions. , artists and other industrial chain partners to carry out extensive cooperation, and constantly explore a new path for the healthy development of the digital art industry. Through global events such as the “World Eco-Design Conference Digital Art Competition”, we will help export Chinese traditional culture to the world and shine on the stage of globalization. Unique Art will also establish the only art branch of the National Industrial Design Research Institute, and jointly establish the “China Design Academy Digital Art Alliance” with dozens of design colleges, integrate industrial resources to create a supply chain, and implement digital art to empower the real economy. Promote Made in China to become a Chinese brand, and promote the high-quality development of the digital cultural industry.

The “Boundless Vision: White Paper on the Global Digital Art Market in 2022” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) was also released, which is also the first digital art white paper in China. Based on the global perspective and my country’s current situation, the “White Paper” provides systematic research and insight into the digital art market, focusing on analyzing the development of the digital art industry from the perspectives of conceptual characteristics, development history, and market ecology, and provides insights into the future development trends of digital art. Outlook.

At the product planning level, Unique Art released Weiyi Chain and Weiyi Cloud, announcing the launch of multi-chain integration ecological construction. Weiyi Chain can empower users to complete the work on the chain to confirm the right, and Weiyi Cloud provides support for brands to realize the industrialization of digital art. The real realization allows everyone to have their own Metaverse, and let each artwork radiate light in the Metaverse. The only Metaverse space, as a display application space for digital artworks, was officially launched, becoming a digital space linking the real world and the virtual world. In the unique Metaverse, physical scenes and virtual elements will be integrated and reconstructed in a shared space, presenting a space scene and interactive experience that blends virtual and real. Weiyi Chain and Weiyi Cloud will become the infrastructure to promote the industrialization of digital art, and promote the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of the only art platform and even the entire industry.4tKFxbD0T65EnICh42Sp0KOp0Z2cqSIdCH9cxpaW.png

(The unique Metaverse space is displayed at the unique art conference site)

The three major strategies draw a blueprint for the development of the unique art based on digital art and a comprehensive layout of web3.0. Among them, there is not only the ambition to lead the digital art industry in the wave of digitalization of the cultural industry, but also the sense of responsibility to promote the professional, standardized and standardized development of the industry down-to-earth.

Multi-party cooperation and co-creation to promote the high-quality development of the digital art industry

Zhang Xusheng, Vice President of the National Institute of Industrial Design; Shen Yue, a cross-border artist and a professor at the China Academy of Art; Zheng Guan, an associate professor at Zhejiang University; Zhejiang Cultural Artwork Exchange, Hangzhou Cultural Property Exchange, Hangzhou Cultural Investment Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yitong Strategic partners such as Media Investment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Cultural Exhibition Company, Zhejiang Jinke Tom Cat Network Technology Co., Ltd.; industrial chain partners such as Beijing Yuerong Information Consulting Service Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Guanghuan Fusion Technology Co., Ltd.; young people such as Ma Nan and Yang Shuhui Pioneering artists gathered by the West Lake to share their views on the future of the digital art industry and seek common development.

Bao Hongjun, Chairman, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Zhejiang Publishing United Group, sent a congratulatory message to the conference. He said: “Six months ago, I saw digital artworks such as Dunhuang and the Forbidden City at the Unique Art Company, and saw your determination to develop digital artworks. During the short exchange, I strongly felt that you remained humble, adhered to the rules, and dared to Innovative endowment temperament. Unique Art is an enterprise with a magnificent spiritual gene. I am firmly optimistic about you. Now, Zhejiang Publishing United Group has also become a participant in the development of the unique art business. The road is long and the road is coming. Zhejiang Publishing United Group is willing to work with Unique Art to pursue the dream era and create the future.”

At the meeting, Unique Art signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the National Industrial Design and Research Institute, Hangzhou Cultural Property Exchange, Hangzhou Cultural Exhibition Company, Zhejiang Jinke Tom Cat Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., and Beijing Yuerong Information Consulting Service Co., Ltd. 7 The home agent operator has signed a cooperation agreement. Unique Art will work with all partners to integrate industrial resources, realize complementary advantages, jointly explore the development path of “digital + art + industry”, and promote the integrated development of digital art works with technology and other industries related to the national economy; make full use of blockchain technology characteristics, promote the collaborative innovation of digital art application paradigms, business models and institutional mechanisms, and better serve the national cultural digitalization strategy and industrial upgrading.HVxYoKdvI7f6GFaJayBiBriUUJhS67s6hkrudER4.jpeg

(Site of the first anniversary of the establishment of the only art and strategic planning conference)

Helping the Strategy of Cultural Power to Empower Industrial Development

In March this year, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of the National Cultural Digitalization Strategy”, which has become the guiding principle of the strategy of cultural power in the new era. As a trendy art form, digital art, with its excellent dissemination, attractiveness, and appeal, has begun to emerge in the aspects of enriching the digital economic model and promoting the development of the cultural and creative industries, and is expected to become a new paradigm for the future virtual world economic system. .

Zheng Hualiang, managing director of Dunhong Asset, once pointed out that there are three main values ​​of the development of digital artworks in China: value discovery, physical empowerment, and virtual world. The first is value discovery. Digital artworks can discover the value of creators faster, allow creators to gather their own fans faster within the norms of the whole society, reflect the commercial value of their works earlier, and continue to receive royalties. The second is physical empowerment. Digital artworks can be integrated with offline industries. In March this year, the copyrighted works of the only art platform and the sponsoring brand of Shanghai Fashion Week launched a co-branded T-shirt, and 6,000 items were sold out in seconds. Finally, there is the virtual world. Zheng Hualiang believes that the greatest value of digital artwork is to enrich the economic system and content of the virtual world in the future. This is a paradigm shift and a huge opportunity in the future.VIJhn3JNdgX1XFimticcScnkzFLCsCWNzTP1EKwD.jpeg

As a digital art e-commerce company with brand influence in China, Unique Art is also one of the few digital art e-commerce platforms in China that has received two rounds of investment from state-owned capital, and has relatively complete business-related qualifications in the industry. Based on digital art, the platform is committed to inheriting and promoting the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, exploring and upgrading the supply and demand matching mechanism of intellectual property rights, improving the distribution system oriented to increase the value of knowledge, promoting the realization of intellectual property value, and promoting the contemporary art industry, especially digital The healthy development of art. At present, a series of well-known IPs have been released, such as Dunhuang series, China Cultural Relics News of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Securities News, CBA Chinese Basketball Association, World University Games, etc., and have held the world’s first digital art creation competition and China’s first rural revitalization photography competition , has been reported by many central media such as “People’s Daily”, “Guangming Daily” and the cooperation of China Digital Trade Expo.

Unique Art will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of upholding integrity and abiding by laws and regulations, intensively cultivate the digital art industry, and give full play to the positive role of digital art in spreading Chinese traditional culture and empowering the real economy. Promote the people’s art to approach the people, and promote the Made in China to become a Chinese brand. The only art will adhere to the content value as the guide, help the cultural revitalization, promote the high-quality development of the digital art industry, and strive to be the pioneer in the promotion of national confidence and cultural self-confidence; provide a solid infrastructure guarantee for China’s digital art industry to become stronger and stronger. Help the implementation of the strategy of cultural power.

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