Discussing the “Chinese-style” plan of the Metaverse, the first Kaiyuan Universe special session at the Yuelu Summit

Discussing the "Chinese-style" plan of the Metaverse, the first Kaiyuan Universe special session at the Yuelu Summit

2022 Internet Yuelu Summit Metaverse Special Forum

On the morning of September 1, the 2022 Internet Yuelu Summit “Xiang Yue New Universe, Co-Innovation Era” special event was successfully held in Changsha. This is also the first “Metaverse” special forum established in the ninth Internet Yuelu Summit.

At the forum, the Metaverse Creator Ecological Alliance was officially established, and the participating industry experts discussed the Metaverse industry, which is currently the most watched, and discussed the “Chinese-style” plan of the Metaverse. In addition, the Metaverse Industrial Policy of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area will also be officially released in the near future.

Xiangjiang New District is committed to creating a “Metaverse Ecological Leading Zone”

In recent years, Hunan Xiangjiang New Area has begun to take shape in the core elements of the Metaverse. Among them, the scale of the digital economy exceeds 100 billion yuan, and it has formed the world computing Changsha Zhigu, the National Supercomputing Changsha Center, the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center and the Xiangjiang Laboratory, the Hunan Branch of the China Industrial Internet Research Institute, and the Computing and Digital Economy of Peking University. The industrial pattern of “1 valley, 2 centers, and multi-point support” formed by research institutes and other institutions. At the same time, leading companies such as China Electronics, China Electronics Technology, Qi Anxin , Sanan Optoelectronics , and Sangfor have established their presence in Hunan Xiangjiang New Area.

New technologies, new business forms, and new models have rare opportunities for development. Grasping the development window period and rising period and making good moves to seize the future track is the key to the second take-off of the region. At the forum, Wu Taibing, chairman of Wanxing Technology , revealed that the Metaverse Industrial Policy of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area will be officially released in the near future. The policy will focus on creating a “Metaverse Ecological Leading Zone”, promoting the high-quality development of the Metaverse industry, cultivating 10 leading companies with industry influence and 100 innovative companies in emerging fields. By 2025, Metaverse in Xiangjiang New Area, Hunan The scale of the industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

It is understood that the policy will be based on the industrial characteristics of Metaverse, from promoting industrial financial innovation, promoting high-level talent entrepreneurship at home and abroad, promoting integration to create typical scenarios, promoting the construction and application of scientific and technological infrastructure, promoting interactive equipment and underlying technology development, promoting Content and platform development and application, promotion of industry standards and protocol formulation, promotion of emerging figures and phenomenal content development, promotion of technological innovation platform construction, promotion of ecological optimization of the Metaverse put forward measures to promote the development of the industry.

On the “Chinese-style” plan of Daoyuan Universe

Technological innovation leads the digital future. As the most eye-catching emerging digital industry, the Metaverse has accelerated from the “future time” to the “progressive time”, and many countries and multi-industry giants around the world have entered the market.According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the market size of the Metaverse is expected to reach US$1.5 trillion in 2030. However, what are the market opportunities and how all parties can seize them are still in the exploratory stage.

At the forum, experts and scholars delivered speeches as representatives of enterprises, among which “creation”, “innovation” and “creation” became the high-frequency words of speeches, which are also considered to be the core trend of the Metaverse and the key path to landing.

Teng Tai, Dean of the Wanbo New Economics Research Institute and Vice Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Metaverse Thirty Forum demand and bring about new economic growth.

Yi Huanhuan, chairman of Yigu Tianxia Group and CEO of Huajian Function Capital, believes that long-term thinking and value thinking must be used when looking at the Metaverse, and do not overestimate the evolution and breakthrough of short-term underlying technologies, and do not underestimate the future of the Metaverse 5-10 year opportunity. On the demand side of the Metaverse, the views and needs of young people will become mainstream, and this type of M-generation crowd, who is extremely in need of self-realization, will generate a stronger demand for the “creator economy”. Correspondingly, on the content side, the “creator economy” will accelerate and occupy a more important position in the future global economy.

Discussing the "Chinese-style" plan of the Metaverse, the first Kaiyuan Universe special session at the Yuelu Summit

Wu Taibing, Chairman of Wanxing Technology

Wu Taibing, chairman of Wanxing Technology, said that the Metaverse will usher in an era of unprecedented creativity for mankind, and the economic ecology of creators will accelerate the upgrade and transition in people/goods/fields; the number of creators will explode and become owners of content value. The creative content will be pan-3D, diversified, and the production path of creative content will continue to be AI-based, the content platform will develop from an oligarchic pattern to a multiverse, and the content industry will expand to more industries; at the same time, it will develop from the physical space to the virtual space of the Metaverse. In the process, a lot of technology and resources are needed to empower creative expression, and the beautiful journey of the creator economy has just begun.

In response to the accelerated rise of the creator economy in the world, the “2022 Internet Creator Economy White Paper” was also launched at the forum. Lv Ronghui, vice president of iResearch Consulting Group, said that under the tide of the Metaverse, the decentralized creator economy is the foundation for supporting the content of the Metaverse, and Internet content creation tools and services are gradually becoming an important part of the creator economy.

It is worth noting that the digital scene is also regarded as a key element for the landing of the Metaverse. Li Hui, chairman of Fengyuzhu , introduced that the Metaverse era has come, and exhibitions are one of the first industries to usher in changes. Subdivisions such as urban Metaverses, cultural travel Metaverses, and digital virtual humans have ushered in development opportunities.

The development of the Metaverse is also inseparable from the support of technology bases such as blockchain, AI, and digital twins .Tan Lin, chairman and CEO of Tianhe Guoyun and chairman of the Hunan Blockchain Association, believes that blockchain technology plays a key infrastructure role in promoting data sharing, optimizing processes, reducing costs, and building a trusted system. One of the dominant technologies of a new era in the universe.

The computing power network is also considered to be an important cornerstone of the Metaverse. Wan Peng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Hunan Company, introduced that cloud-network integration based on the integration of intelligent computing, holographic network, emotional AI and other technologies will constitute an important new infrastructure in the Metaverse era.

Talking about “Metaverse Helps Hunan’s Economic Development”

The tide of numbers is prosperous. Data show that in 2021, the scale of Hunan’s digital economy will exceed 1.3 trillion yuan. As the provincial capital, Changsha is “rushing forward” on the track to seize the digital economy, taking advantage of Hunan Province’s implementation of the “strong provincial capital” strategy. In 2021, the total digital economy of Changsha will be nearly 400 billion yuan, ranking 12th among the top 100 digital economy cities in 2021.

As a new first-tier city in the digital economy, Changsha has accumulated many advantages in underlying technology and ecological applications in the direction of the Metaverse, and has brought together Wanxing Technology, Caohua Interactive, Mango Supermedia ,Anker Innovation , Jingjiawei and Lansi Technology and other representative companies involved in the Metaverse. According to the “2022 Hurun China Metaverse Potential Enterprise List”, among the top 200 Chinese companies with the most development potential in the Metaverse field, Changsha ranks first in the number of listed companies in the central region.

At present, the Metaverse industry is still in the early stage of exploration, and its further development and maturity depends on the continuous joint efforts of all parties in the industry chain. At the forum, Wanxing Technology, Fengyuzhu, Caohua Interactive, School of Computer Science of Central South University, Ying Universe, Mango Vision, Tianhe Guoyun, Gravitational Wave, and representatives of key technology companies from Hunan and even the whole country jointly established Metaverse Creation. Author Ecological Alliance.

The Metaverse Creator Ecological Alliance aims to cooperate with all parties to jointly build a “creator economic ecosystem”, and accelerate the creator economy from four aspects: joint business innovation, talent introduction and cultivation, entrepreneurial empowerment, and excellent creator support. Development, promote the accelerated arrival of the era of the popularization of the creator economy, and help more creators to share and co-create in the new wave of the era.

Focusing on the above four aspects, all parties will gather innovative elements, build a Metaverse creator economic industrial cluster linking global resources around Changsha, integrate all-round resources, and further realize the joint implementation of technologies, product applications and solutions, brand joint marketing, Jointly formulate industry norms, strengthen the talent plan of “Introducing Talents to Hunan”, and launch the “Entrepreneur Empowerment Plan” and “Creator Support Plan” to empower a huge group of new-generation creators in multiple dimensions.

This “Metaverse Special Forum” is the first special forum for the Metaverse industry since the Internet Yuelu Summit set sail in 2014. By gathering ecological forces to discuss, jointly innovate, and gather industry consensus, it will boost all parties in the industry chain. Assist relevant market players in Hunan and Changsha to jointly seize new opportunities in the digital economy, jointly expand new space for high-quality development, and jointly embrace the new era of the Metaverse.

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