Directly hitting the Dapp dilemma, what has UENC changed?

“Whoever has it will be doubled to make him redundant; if there is not, even what he has will be taken over.” ——The Bible “New Testament·Gospel of Matthew” 

Since the concept of Dapp (decentralized application) was born, people are witnessing the rapid expansion and popularity of Dapp. And it is like a hanging “Sword of Damocles”, once again arousing widespread heated discussion on Dapp security and future development within the industry.

What is Dapp?  

 DApps are distributed applications based on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional applications built on IOS and Android platforms, DApps directly link users and developers, and do not require an intermediary to operate management codes and user data. The establishment of a dApp does not require approval, and no company or centralized organization can change the rules of the platform.

The advantage of Dapp is that it has unique functions such as data confirmation and value transfer that are unique to the blockchain. It has great advantages in user authentication process changes, industry production relations changes, transaction security reduction, technology development costs reduction, operation and maintenance costs, etc. Advantages and can enhance the user’s sense of experience and participation to the greatest extent. With the advent of Dapp, assets can truly belong to users.

 With the discovery of the value of Dapp and the continuous enrichment of application scenarios, many speculative commercial encryption concepts have also appeared in Dapp to commit fraud. The aggravation of control is like a sharp weapon, completely flogging those dreaming people who wake up. Under the pressure of the “stock market bear market” and strong control, the imagination of today’s Dapp has slowly faded.

The current difficulty in landing DApps is mainly because the development of public chains as infrastructure is very limited. And to solve the “impossible triangle” of public chain development in a short time, I am afraid that it will fall into an infinite loop. The arrival of UENC has laid a solid foundation for the construction of a parallel world under the meta-universe.

The empowerment of UENC

Conceptually, the meta universe is a virtual mapping version of the human real world, an artificial virtual parallel world. In this parallel world, it will be projected one by one with the real world. The process of the meta-universe will not be reset, suspended, or ended, but will continue forever. UENC’s goal is to create a network that can be incorporated into any idle computer, and build a parallel blockchain world under the meta-universe for everyone.

UENC solves the problems that have plagued the DApp market for a long time through the characteristics of “transparency”, “non-tampering” and “traceability” of the blockchain, and brings disruptive changes and ecological prosperity to UENC’s DApp market.

At present, UENC has completed the smart contract design and multi-layer nested chain design, and is about to enter the test network online stage, creating off-chain intelligence through the protocol online and offline parallel mode. Not only that, the UENC team will combine artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies to completely turn blockchain and other technical services into a product that will be provided to all demanders.

With the recent grand UENC development, competition “New public chain” their comparative advantage inevitably be placed on the table, especially in the Ethernet Square -based Layer 2 performance continues to improve the background, Square Ethernet own ecological network effect is Almost unsurpassed.

Based on the new possibilities of DeFi, NFT and other use cases brought by its high performance, UENC, combined with its own unique cross-chain architecture, can provide brand-new solutions for competing “new public chains”:

Through the combination of “cross-chain protocol + oracle”, isomorphism and heterogeneous cross-chain are realized, a blockchain network is built, and a two-way network is built between the ecology and users. This means that UENC can use these functions to accelerate its processing efficiency and further divert the realization of the value captured on the corresponding blockchain network.

Meta universe is a parallel world that integrates various technologies, and is a complete economic ecology. With the continuous advancement of UENC’s ecological construction, the number of issued tokens and DAPP users will continue to increase, including Defi, NFT, distributed search engines, oracles, and the rapid prosperity of multi-dimensional track ecology such as Meta Universe. UENC has superior performance and profound technology accumulation. In the future, the value of UENC will be fully reflected in the parallel world under the meta-universe.

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