DingTalk will launch new AR glasses in the near future to accelerate the landing of the Metaverse

On January 5th, DingTalk released Manufacturing Industry Solution 2.0. DingTalk President Ye Jun said at the 2022 Manufacturing DingTalk Summit that it is necessary to “make the digital world of manufacturing and the physical world at the same frequency”.

DingTalk will launch new AR glasses in the near future to accelerate the landing of the Metaverse

Ye Jun said that one of the work Dingding has been doing is to make online and offline better at the same frequency, “I think the real digital transformation should not be limited to the Metaverse. In the future, data generation, transportation, storage, Transactions, visualization of data, etc. will change, and the industry chain related to digital assets will become completely different. This is a very important thing in addition to the concept of the Metaverse. In the future, I think DingTalk will become the digital world and the physical world. Connecting the dots, especially in work scenarios, is not a very far-off dream, but something we can see and land on.”

In an interview with reporters at the summit, Ye Jun said that AR glasses with their own glasses degree adjustment function will be launched in the near future. Experience, if AR glasses are related to the Metaverse, that’s how we land under the concept of the Metaverse.”

Regarding the recently popular Metaverse, Ye Jun said that there are two main ways to cut into the Metaverse. One is from the perspective of hybrid office, such as Facebook, which has recently changed its name to Meta; the other is from the perspective of entertainment. The two forms in which the concept of the Metaverse is most strongly felt by everyone.”

It can be seen that Dingding is starting to cut into the Metaverse world from the perspective of hybrid office.

As early as October this year, at Alibaba’s 2021 Yunqi Conference. Tan Ping, head of the XR Lab of Alibaba Dharma Academy, delivered a speech on the theme of “Metaverse: The Next Generation Internet”. In his speech, Tan Ping expressed a point of view, he believed that “The Metaverse is the entire Internet on VR/AR glasses. AR/VR glasses are the next-generation mobile computing platform that will soon be popularized, while the Metaverse is the Internet industry in the Internet industry. Present on this new platform.”

DingTalk will launch new AR glasses in the near future to accelerate the landing of the Metaverse

The development of the Metaverse is inseparable from its supporting equipment. In fact, DingTalk has been involved in the AR and VR industries that have been attracting attention again due to the popularity of the Metaverse concept.

For example, in 2020, DingTalk released the first product Nreal Light AR glasses with built-in DingTalk parallel collaborative space application, and created the first AR video conference collaborative work mode, that is, an immersive virtual conference room.

Under the epidemic situation in 2020, online interaction and remote collaboration have become the main forms of office scenarios. But online, whether it is video conferencing or remote collaboration, the effect is not satisfactory. Even if video and phone calls can meet basic communication needs, communication information in many environments still cannot be accurately transmitted. Employees are in different environments and locations, resulting in delays in communication and reduced office productivity. However, AR technology can instantly create a virtual office space for users, and connect employees working in different locations online to achieve space spanning. In addition, AR meets the needs of information sharing and transmission and intuitive operation experience for scenarios with high practical requirements such as maintenance, medical treatment, and construction.

DingTalk will launch new AR glasses in the near future to accelerate the landing of the Metaverse

In manufacturing, education, medical and other scenarios, there is a need for remote collaboration, such as remote training, maintenance guidance, practical teaching, remote consultation, and so on. With its excellent immersion and first-view video transmission, AR glasses can help users collaborate with remote experts through high-definition video calls and spatial positioning functions. In the future, it can even connect with industry-specific collaboration platforms and databases to provide users with more specialized cooperation and content.

During the epidemic, offline office applications have ushered in great challenges, but online office is a potential opportunity. The timely addition of AR means that the online office application part of the DingTalk ecosystem has been supplemented.

Over the past year, Alibaba has stepped up its investment in the AR industry, with at least $1 billion pouring into AR and VR-related startups, including US startup Magic Leap. Dingding’s move represents Ali’s determination to enter the Metaverse. With the successive acquisitions of VR/AR-related hardware companies by ByteDance, Tencent and other companies, it has become a consensus that the Metaverse is the next iteration of the Internet.

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