Digital RMB “touch” to unlock bicycles: Meituan showcases new ways to play wallet

From September 3-7, 2021, the 2021 China International Trade in Services Fair (referred to as the “Service Trade Fair”) was held in Beijing Shougang Park. In the digital RMB experience zone, Meituan, together with China Unicom and Bank of China, demonstrated the new digital RMB Application: Based on the NFC payment function of the smart SIM card digital renminbi hard wallet, it is possible to “touch” with a mobile phone, switch Meituan bicycles, and complete the payment simultaneously.

The staff of the Meituan financial service platform said that this innovative application will greatly simplify the payment process for shared bicycles, improve the user experience, and effectively solve the inconvenience of special groups such as the elderly when operating smart phones. “Using digital renminbi The technological advancement and inclusiveness of applications enable more special groups to cross the digital divide and enjoy the dividends brought by digital development.”

Digital RMB "touch" to unlock bicycles: Meituan showcases new ways to play wallet

At the scene, reporters from the mobile payment network experienced this new unlocking gesture, demonstrating that the mobile phone directly “touched” the sensing area of ​​the Meituan bicycle smart lock in the “rest screen” state to unlock it, which was very fast and convenient.

In addition to the SIM card-based one-touch unlocking, the site also demonstrated the one-touch unlocking function based on the visual chip wallet. The appearance of the visual chip wallet is similar to that of an ordinary bank card, but a small one-inch electronic ink screen has been added, which can display transaction amount and balance information.

Digital RMB "touch" to unlock bicycles: Meituan showcases new ways to play wallet

According to the mobile payment network, the unlocking function of the digital RMB hardware wallet of Meituan Bicycle is different from the previous NFC touch unlocking. The previous NFC unlocked mobile phone was used as a card reader device, and the car lock was a tag; For RMB hardware wallets, mobile phones and smart cards are used as “card emulation”, and the car lock is a card reader terminal, which reads the hardware wallet to complete the payment.

Meituan said that with the deepening of the digital renminbi pilot work, as the preferred service platform for daily life of Chinese consumers, Meituan will continue to open more platform consumption scenarios under the guidance of relevant departments to assist in exploring digital renminbi technology and Application capabilities, with Meituan as the connection point, allow users to familiarize themselves with and use digital renminbi in daily consumption, combine the country’s financial technology innovation with daily consumption scenarios, and contribute value to China’s digital renminbi exploration and financial innovation.

According to the data, the digital renminbi is a digital form of legal tender issued by the People’s Bank of China. The industry generally believes that the digital renminbi is conducive to efficiently satisfying the public’s demand for legal tender under the conditions of the digital economy, improving the convenience of retail payments, and boosting the accelerated development of China’s digital economy.


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