Digital RMB pilot accelerates the construction of the first characteristic demonstration park in Changsha

Recently, the “Trinity Science City” Digital RMB Characteristic Demonstration Park in Changsha County, Changsha City has officially started construction. This is also the first digital RMB characteristic demonstration park in Changsha. The Sany Science City was built by Changsha Economic Development Zone and Sany Group around the strategic focus of “One Belt One Road” and “Three Highs and Four New”. It is an innovation zone for industrial innovation and upgrading.

According to the “Securities Daily” reporter, Sany Science City will open three application scenarios, including digital renminbi restaurants for employee consumption, digital renminbi consumption areas for self-operated venues, and digital renminbi experience areas for individual merchants. Through the benign interaction between the industrial digitization development of the park and the application of digital renminbi, the construction of a digital renminbi financial ecosystem and a digital economic cycle will provide experience and model for the Changsha digital renminbi pilot work.

Pan Helin, executive dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told reporters that the digital renminbi is a switching of the scene ecology, and more functions will be embedded into the application scene. Therefore, the digital renminbi needs application practice and application pilots. The digital renminbi characteristic park promotes digital renminbi pilots through practice, which can better utilize the convenience of digital renminbi, integrate digital renminbi with offline scenarios, and better tap the embedded functions of digital renminbi. Possibility, it is also possible to complete the exploration of the application of digital renminbi in practice, and promote the application of digital renminbi innovation.

In terms of the application of digital renminbi, Changsha, as the second batch of digital renminbi pilot cities, is actively promoting the pilot work. In January of this year, the Hunan Provincial Government’s work report proposed that the Changsha Digital RMB pilot program should be promoted; in September, Hunan Province held a press conference for the first anniversary of the construction of the China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. In terms of financial opening and innovation, Changsha’s “digital renminbi” The “RMB” pilot is being accelerated.

As of the end of September, Changsha had more than 100,000 merchants supporting digital renminbi payment, ranking second in the second batch of pilot areas. The number of personal and public wallets has exceeded 8 million, and the transaction amount exceeded 4 billion yuan.

In terms of application scenarios, Changsha pilot applications have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, and 100% of all application scenarios have been implemented, involving consumption scenarios such as shopping malls, catering, long-distance passenger transport, gas stations, and special scenarios such as postal express and tourism.

In addition, a number of banks in Changsha are opening digital renminbi promotion channels, using red envelopes and other forms to attract users to open digital renminbi wallets. Among them, Changsha Bank and others walked into the community to carry out financial publicity activities with the theme of “popularizing the digital renminbi”.

Pan Helin believes that Changsha is actively experimenting with digital renminbi applications, focusing on the integration of digital renminbi and real-world scenarios, actively promoting the popularization of digital renminbi, exploring the possibility of innovative applications of digital renminbi, and promoting digital development and the benign application of digital renminbi through the pilot in the park. Interaction, focusing on ecology, summing up experience from practice.

In the next step, Changsha will continue to carry out in-depth digital RMB pilot projects, start the construction of digital RMB characteristic demonstration towns, characteristic demonstration villages, characteristic demonstration streets, characteristic demonstration markets, and characteristic demonstration campuses to further consolidate the results of the preliminary pilot work, promote the formation of accumulation effects, and give full play to The benchmarking role of digital RMB key characteristic demonstration parks. At the same time, the pilot scenarios of digital RMB will continue to be enriched and further expanded to more areas.

Analysys senior analyst Su Xiaorui said in an interview with a reporter from “Securities Daily” that the subsequent digital renminbi may be further expanded in more subdivided scenarios such as community services, social security and medical care, and corporate commerce. At present, in the digital renminbi pilot scenario, there are not only institutions as the main body, but also industries and communities. It is recommended that relevant institutions seize the good opportunities of the digital renminbi pilot and fully understand the scenarios and technologies. , User needs and other research and judgments, multiplying the east wind of digital payment to achieve a leap in business scale.

“In the future, digital renminbi also needs to focus on B-end institutions. In the mutual exchanges between financial institutions and enterprises, business is carried out through digital renminbi. For example, at the end of September, Xi’an Financial Work Bureau issued a digital renminbi policy award of over 5 million yuan to public wallets. Supplementing funds is a good practice.” Wang Peng, an associate professor at Renmin University of China, told reporters.

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