Digital RMB payment available for subway rides in 7 cities

With the opportunity of digital RMB pilot, the pilot areas may first realize the application coverage of digital RMB in transportation scenarios.

China Bank Insurance News: According to incomplete statistics, seven pilot cities have already implemented digital RMB payment in rail transportation scenarios.

On June 30, it was learned from Beijing Transportation Commission that from now on, Beijing rail transit opened a test of digital RMB payment channels for the whole network to brush the gate to ride the train. Passengers who have opened ICBC’s digital RMB business can participate in the digital RMB payment gate ride experience test through Yitong APP within the 24 operating lines of Beijing rail transit and 4 suburban railroads, and feel the new digital travel experience.

According to the introduction, users who have opened the digital RMB business in ICBC can select “billion pass” or “Beijing rail transit” under the bank wallet in the “sub-wallet” of digital RMB APP, and then go to the corresponding service area of billion pass APP and Beijing rail transit APP to open the ride service, and then use the digital RMB payment to brush the gate to ride the train.

The relevant person in charge of Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that the application of digital RMB in the whole network of Beijing rail transit is the practical achievement of serving the public with the original intention of convenient subway travel and empowering the construction of the digital capital with finance, which is also an important embodiment of taking social responsibility and building “people’s rail transit”. In the future, Beijing Rail Transit will continue to promote the application of digital RMB in various scenarios such as ticketing and gate crossing, and continue to optimize and enhance the digital travel experience.

The reporter of China Banking and Insurance News noted that in addition to ICBC, Agricultural Bank has also established a digital RMB payment and recharge interface with the “Beijing One Card” APP on the digital RMB APP. It is reported that next, Agricultural Bank will realize the coverage of digital RMB payment and top-up service in Beijing subway and Beijing bus.

At present, the Digital RMB App sub-wallet in the form of online merchant access has already docked payment top-up services in the field of transportation and travel for many public transportation and metro apps, including Beijing Rail Transit, (Chengdu) Tianfu Pass, Qingdao Metro and Changsha Metro. In addition, Suzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen have also realized digital RMB payment docking with banks in the form of direct connection.

On June 29, Suzhou Rail Transit Line 5 officially opened for operation and was the first in China to realize the digital RMB App to scan the code to purchase tickets and ride. The project manager of Suzhou Railway Transportation Group said in an interview with the media that the digital RMB payment for ticket purchase will be available for Suzhou Railway Transportation Lines 1-5 in the future.

It is reported that as early as February this year, the Shanghai Transportation Card App was upgraded and updated, adding for the first time the NFC card recharge for physical transportation cards and travel cards, and also adding the digital RMB wallet payment of the Construction Bank. Subsequently, Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank also supported the digital RMB wallet of Shenzhen Tong App through direct docking.

According to the survey statistics of the AFC Special Committee, by the end of 2020, 39 cities in China’s mainland had opened rail transit (excluding separate tram cities), with a total of 7,913 km of operating lines. Taking the application of Internet payment technology as an opportunity, metro companies in each city have developed and launched the official metro app, realizing the functions of Internet ticket purchase, ticket refill and code crossing.

At present, the digital RMB is being used in pilot applications in Beijing (for the Winter Olympics scenario), Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan New Area, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi’an, Qingdao and Dalian. Industry insiders believe that with the opportunity of the digital RMB pilot, the above-mentioned regions may first realize the application coverage of digital RMB in transportation travel scenarios.

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