Digital identity is crucial under the Metaverse wave

On December 6, the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center released the “Top Ten Internet Terms in 2021”, and the term meta universe was prominently listed. It’s no surprise that Dachang entered the Metaverse, but Metaverse has become one of the top ten hot words on the Internet. It is conceivable that the word and the information behind it can be spread on the Internet to the extent that it is well-known. In a sense, Metaverse has already It is not a new thing, but it is still the hottest thing, worthy of our exploration and learning. Everything can be meta-cosmic.

The top ten internet terms released this time are as follows:

  1. Age of Awakening
  2. YYDS;
  3. Double minus
  4. OK;
  5. Meta universe
  6. Desperate son
  7. Lie flat
  8. Not very harmful and extremely insulting;
  9. I can’t understand, but I was shocked;
  10. Powerful country me.

In retrospect, on November 26th, we wrote an article about the virtual idol “Liu Yexi” with the topic of #元宇宙 that suddenly exploded. The title was “Virtual Idol, The Germination of Mankind Exploring the Metaverse”, and talked about ” “Liu Yexi”, under the so-called public reminders, there must be updates. On November 30th, Liu Yexi updated the video trailer, and the official content on December 12th, so that fans will not urge the update; the trailer shows new scenes. The new characters and the chase plot full of suspense, faintly revealing a big story line and a scene with Chinese elements surrounding the cyberpunk style.

Digital identity is crucial under the Metaverse wave

After watching the video, we can temporarily understand that the topic of #元宇宙 brought by Liu Yexi is because the background world surrounding the story of Liu Yexi is an era in which a concept similar to the meta universe has been realized.

Some scene layouts and nouns revealed in the video interpret the meta-universe in the editing concept, such as whether the pen that can see different worlds with makeup mirrors the head-mounted device and brain-computer interface required by the current meta-universe. In the future, human consciousness in the real world will be connected to the high-speed transmission interface of the meta-universe world, and passers-by will take pictures of Liu Yexi passing by in surprise with their mobile phones. Does this mean that the actual appearance of Liu Yexi seen by passers-by is very different from what we have seen? Different and scary, it is a human machine or a walking data stream.

There are many details, we will not list them one by one, after all, it is just a guess. The video publisher or the operation team behind it, through a story and format like this, showed the audience several possible developments of the meta-universe in the concept, and implanted the established meta-universe concept in the hearts of fans with extremely fast dissemination. It is a way to reach a consensus on the concept of the meta universe. As for bringing or not bringing goods, marketing or marketing, this is linked to traffic and does not affect the display of Meta Universe content in the video.

Going back to the hypothesis just now, the most interesting thing should be the last question, why both the first video and the trailer are trying to show that passers-by take pictures of Liu Yexi and are very afraid of avoiding behavior. Is it right? Liu Yexi looks very different from the beauty we saw in the video. What kind of development is the editor preparing? Why did Liu Yexi say that he was a human in the first issue, and at the end of the second trailer, Liu Yexi contemptuously denounced the warning sign for idlers, and then changed his words and said that he was not a human? This reminds me of a story in “Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio” written by Pu Songling in the Qing Dynasty, “Painted Skin”.

Digital identity is crucial under the Metaverse wave

“I walked through the window and peeked through the window, and I saw a vicious ghost with a green face and saw-like teeth. I spread the human skin on the collapse and painted it by holding a colored pen. , Then turned into a woman.” The brain machine is the entrance to the meta-universe from uploading consciousness in the real world, and Liu Yexi is a digital person who downloads the meta-universe to the real world. What passers-by see is that Liu Yexi is the carrier of digital identity. It is a robot or any form that is daunting, and what we see is a digital image of “beautiful skin” with makeup transformed through a mobile phone.

Conjecture belongs to conjecture, just catch the wind and catch the shadow, wait for the follow-up video, there will always be a day when the pit is buried. Speaking of the theme of the meta-universe, Liu Yexi’s current story may reflect an important element in the current meta-universe world concept, digital identity.

Whether it is a virtual idol with an intangible counterpart in the real world, or our external body in the metaverse, it is actually a digital representation of the identity under the digital nature of the metaverse. The core of digital human is AI. Only with the support of AI that is intelligent enough, can the digital identity continue to act without human control, which is equivalent to offline and on-hook. Any event can be communicated to the user in time. It’s just a simple visitor knocking on the door, and no one answers when the owner is not there.

Digital identities can’t only be virtual skins, but also implement the daily behaviors and preferences of users corresponding to the identity. Judging from this standard, the type of “digital skin” formed by the capture of PS and CG real people and the “digital personage” formed by people’s interpretation on social media cannot be counted as digital people. At present, the digital humans that meet the standards of this type of digital humans are mainly digital humans launched by companies with AI capabilities. For example, the Baidu APP recently launched the digital humans, which integrates search and digital human technologies, has voice dialogue interaction, and recognizes user needs. , Evoke the functions of various life services.

Speaking of uploading, I don’t know if anyone knows about Amazon’s high-concept single-shot comedy “Upload Freshman/Upload” in May 2020. The story constructs a digital world that can upload people’s consciousness completely. Those who upload consciousness can Freed from the shackles of the body and time, the corresponding digital person retains the uploader’s memory, nature, and continues the uploader’s life. You can change clothes at will, adjust your favorite seasonal environment at will, and taste the unlimited 82-year Lafite at any time, and Through various high-end display devices, wearable devices continue to accompany relatives and friends, but they have relatively independent life experiences in the digital world where the real world time is relatively static.

This drama just perfectly interprets the concepts of digital identity and upload awareness related to the meta universe. Although the focus of the story is not the unfolding of the digital world, but the tragic experience of the handsome protagonist Nathan with comedic effects. But it does not prevent us from seeing the shadow of the metaverse. “Uploading a new life/Upload” has a very meaningful sentence, “I am dead, but I am still alive”. The metaverse digitizes the entire world, which is related to energy, environment, and tangibility. Or intangible assets, but only digital identities are truly related to “people”. Without corresponding digital identities, everything in the metaverse cannot be connected to us. Meta-universe digital identities, and even the emergence of digital humans, can truly break the constraints of space and time on the basis of the Internet breaking the dimensionality.

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