Digging for ducks? Combined with NFT, Farming’s farming game plays like this

APY has 300% – 5000%? Duck Digging

Come to dig for ducks?

This is a recent game from Wavesprotocol that combines NFT collectibles and Farming, you can call it Duck Hunters or Wavesducks, and the folks at Wavesprotocol are getting excited about it these days.

Farming is progressing, from farming crops last year to opening up farming this year. the uniqueness of Wavesducks may be the Farming-based duck game, farming and digging ducks at the same time.

According to official disclosures, in the first week after the launch of WavesDucks.com, users posted over 3,200 duck characters, locking up over $390,000 in EGG tokens in smart contracts, and the project team, following recent plans, is making NFT duck farming 300%-5,000% APY.

Digging for ducks? Combined with NFT, Farming's farming game plays like this

When it comes to games inside NFT and related to mating, it brings to mind crypto cats.

waveducks has a similar design. Users need to exchange EGG tokens at waveducks.com for Genesis ducks from the Duck Hunters game and “breed” them.

These ducks are NFTs and the user will randomly get either Elon Duck or Satoshi Duck, but the user needs to have two ducks, each of which has only one chance to breed in its lifetime. In addition, the mechanism is set up in such a way that any new ducks purchased with EGG will be increasingly expensive, meaning the sooner you get them the better.

The characteristics of the new ducks bred will be randomly generated by Waves VRF, and with luck, users may win the lottery and get a unique duck. In the next updated version, Waves will allow users to trade the ducks and officially back the ducks with buyback support (presumably for supporting the price of the duck market), which is not quite the same as crypto cats.

Here comes the main event! The most important thing is the price of NFT itself, and the incentives for farmers. WavesDucks.com will launch a farm where users can buy a habitat matching the color of the ducks they hold for a temporary price of 1 EGG, and 36,000 EGGs will be allocated to the habitat in the first year of the game, which means 4.1 EGGs will be allocated out every hour (officially announced data), with subsequent annual allocations The EGGs are determined by EGG governance, whereas previously, these 4.1 EGGs per hour would be determined based on duck rarity, farm quality, and farmer ratings.

Thus, it seems that the rarity of ducks is still important, but the innately poor ones can be improved by farm renovation, e.g. players can build ponds to improve farm quality, and without farm improvements, duck farming power = rarity.

This is not like the pure Farming in the DeFi world, which requires real player participation, meaning that the money is not so good, and if not so lucky, it is best if the player is a veteran QZN player (in order to know how to dress up the farm). So let’s see what kind of duck the official thinks is rare, it’s not good to describe, the left one with only green label is already considered rare, the right one with purple label can be said to be very rare.

Digging for ducks? Combined with NFT, Farming's farming game plays like this

(I have to say these ducks look really hard to describe)

How does the farmer calculate his gain? Assuming that if half of all the ducks issued were sent to farm, the total farming power would be 115, in that scenario, for the rare ducks pictured above.

A 3% 8A duck would have a farming bonus of 36,000 * 0.03 / 115 = 9.39 eggs per year, or $544 at the exchange rate of May 27, 2021. Given that Genesis ducks can be purchased for 3.1 EGG on WavesDucks.com and some users are able to purchase their ducks for 1 EGG, the APY is over 300%.

100% rare 3A5C ducks at 36,000 * 1 / 115 = 313.04 eggs per year ($18,154). To generate this role, the user must breed two ducks of origin (8A and 8C). Thus, the investment is 3.1 + 3.1 = 6.2 EGG. the annual return on this investment will be more than 5000%.

However, officials say that 100% rare ducks are very rare. In addition, it is important to note that if you want to breed, you mention to the wallet and send it to the farm before you start breeding.

Currently, 50,000 EGGs have been distributed, and the Waves team says it has plans to allocate 100 EGGs to the most active participants.

The game has only been online for less than a week now, with a certain user base Will the old blockchain team push the NFT project to succeed? The game is mainly developed as a service for active participants in the Waves ecosystem, one such setting may limit the development of this game, and in fact the duck diggers currently active on Twitter are mainly Waves users. Regardless, creativity in the NFT space deserves to be noticed.

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