Did Yuga Labs’ Otherside sell the wrong land?

This article is based on the opinions of dav, the founder of the NFT game Liquid Lands, on his personal social media platform. The rhythm BlockBeats organizes and translates it as follows:

I have some unpopular opinions about Yuga Labs’ Metaverse project Otherside that may be worth listening to.

99% of “blue-chip” NFT participants don’t want to play games or explore the Metaverse. I’ve had a strong feeling when developing early crypto games in 2018.

These people don’t care much about the game. The vast majority of people come for NGU (price increase), see HODL as an investment, or care about the exclusivity of the NFT club.

Not so with other NFT projects, whose communities are more enthusiastic about playing games and exploring new online worlds. The NFT world is not a homogeneous tribe, it is made up of many different emerging communities. Their NFT minting activities are based on the promise of a magical new world being built, but are almost always maliciously hyped by traders and influencers.

Otherside looks fantastic and I can’t wait to explore it. Yuga has really created some incredible stuff here, and I have nothing but deep respect for their team. Axie and they are the current leaders in this field.

Did Yuga Labs' Otherside sell the wrong land?

But they obviously have a hundred ways to avoid a Gas War (6000 gwei oh my god), but use it as a way to bootstrap their new currency (and possibly a new L1 chain). It’s a shame that we have to go through the pain in order to allocate land to the people who really want to use them in Otheside, the 1%.

Did Yuga Labs' Otherside sell the wrong land?

There are now more than 80,000 title deeds lying in the wallet, which may never be activated. We must wait for these lands to be slowly divided into the hands of the passionate few who will be the builders of this new world. (These few people may have been excluded from the event because of the high price of land.)

Did Yuga Labs' Otherside sell the wrong land?

At the same time, some people made a profit by reselling the land, and some people lost a lot in the process of chasing profit. Ultimately, though, the land will fall into the right hands.

I know Yuga regrets how things got to this point, even though they didn’t mention it in their postmortem. There is no doubt that they will have to deal with various issues for some time. I’m sure they’ll manage to handle that. But I hope this doesn’t drive away another few thousand NFT enthusiasts.

Anyway, this is just an ordinary day in the NFT world. We will continue to build this new world for the 1%. It could be 2% or 3%, the exact number doesn’t matter, we know you’re here.

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