DFINITY Launches $250 Million Development Incentive, First Projects at a Glance!

To drive innovation, the DFINITY Foundation today launched the Internet Computer Developer Eco Incentive Program to fund dapps, tools and infrastructure developed on Internet computers.

DFINITY Launches 0 Million Development Incentive, First Projects at a Glance!

The growth of the crypto world and decentralized web is providing unprecedented opportunities for innovation for all of humanity. To drive innovation, the DFINITY Foundation today launched the Internet Computer Developer Eco-Incentive Program to fund dapps, tools and infrastructure developed on Internet computers.

The Developer Eco Incentive Program totals CHF 200 million or $250 million and DFINITY will fund developers with no shares or tokens, and applications are available at dfinity.org/grants.

DFINITY previously announced in September 2020 a $14.5 million Beacon dedicated venture capital fund in conjunction with Polychain Capital and A16Z, operating separately from the Developer Eco Incentive Program. Internet services on Internet computers. Investments can be negotiated with the Beacon Fund at https://dfn.typeform.com/to/Px1Mout9.

DFINITY’s Internet Computer builds a new technological foundation that does not rely on traditional centralized platforms, reducing complexity while gaining greater freedom and autonomy for developers. DFINITY aims to return the Internet to its roots of freedom and openness, thereby providing a significant stimulus for innovation.

The Internet computer ecosystem is already being built, with recent projects such as


Link: https://www.origyn.ch/

Authenticity verification and identification of art and luxury goods through non-embedded image recognition technology, currently working with several luxury watch brands.


Link: https://fleek.co/

Web3 accesses applications and provides decentralized hosting and storage for developers. Starting with hosted websites, Fleek plans to refactor its tens of thousands of websites and core businesses into open Internet services on Internet computers.


Link: https://h5aet-waaaa-aaaab-qaamq-cai.raw.ic0.app/

Decentralized version of the Reddit portal, with 100% of the front and back ends running on the chain, the first application deployed on DFINITY, which already has over 1500 users.


Link: https://7e6iv-biaaa-aaaaf-aaada-cai.ic0.app/

Decentralized crypto chat platform where users can control their own data, in open beta on the mainnet.


Link: https://distrikt.app/

Decentralized PGC social media network where users take control of platform governance and community ownership.


Link: https://twitter.com/GetBunchd

Membership-based subscription platform that enables creators to customize the subscription paywall for their work.


Basic setup, directory index of applications and services on Internet computers, enabling developers to avoid duplication of effort and build directly on top of existing services.


Link: https://www.aikin.io/

Platform for building open, decentralized blogs.


Link: https://github.com/stopak/dpunks

Marketplace for NFT on Internet computers, similar to the CryptoPunks platform on ethereum.


Link: https://github.com/esensconsulting/KanbanIC

DFINITY’s project management tool.

IC Drive

Link: https://github.com/ravish1729/ic-drive

A decentralized file storage system based on DFINITY.

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