Detailed explanation of the Otherside land scarcity system to see the “big plan” of the company behind the “boring ape” BAYC

In the past May Day holiday, the Metaverse project Otherside launched by Yuga Labs became the most popular. Yuga Labs made at least $318 million from the sale of virtual parcels of Otherdeed, the data shows. But it also caused Etherscan to crash and gas fees soared, causing buyers to lose money or fail to buy their favorite plots. As a result, the Otherdeed floor price has not risen all the way. According to OpenSea data, the Otherdeed floor price is currently only 3.39 ETH.

Detailed explanation of the Otherside land scarcity system to see the "big plan" of the company behind the "boring ape" BAYC

Otherdeed for Otherside

However, judging from data such as transaction volume and the number of holders, the market popularity of Otherside has not diminished, and the expectations of it in the circle are very high. This is not only because many details of the project have not been officially announced, the scarcity of the virtual plot Otherdeed and The discussion of value is accompanied by the increasing sense of mystery; it is also because of the layout and ecological construction of Yuga Labs that everyone is motivated to participate in it.

The most complex rarity system in history

Otherside is a Metaverse game world jointly developed by Yuga Labs and NFT game publisher Animoca Brands, which brings together various NFT projects. The NFT held by users can be used for playable characters, and the settlement transaction needs to be launched by Yuga Labs in March. ApeCoin Tokens are carried out.

Otherdeed is a brand new NFT designed for this game, a token of some kind of virtual land. According to contract data and official announcements, 30,000 lands will be airdropped to holders of “Boring Ape” and “Mutant Ape”, and another 55,000 lands will be sold publicly. The issue price is 305 APE and only supports ApeCoin token settlement.

So how to distinguish the value and rarity of the land that has been purchased or is about to be purchased? The scarcity system of Otherside NFT includes several categories of Koda, location, level, and artifact.

Koda has a very high status in the system. On March 19, Yuga Labs announced the Otherside trailer on its official Twitter, which showed an alien creature named “Koda” who entered Otherside with Bored Ape and met CryptoPunks and other characters. This also implies from the side that Koda, as a serial role in Otherside, will lead all NFT IPs of Yuga Labs.

Detailed explanation of the Otherside land scarcity system to see the "big plan" of the company behind the "boring ape" BAYC

Koda data map

The total amount of Koda is 10,000, and the floor price is much higher than that of Otherdeed. The types are divided into ordinary version and Mega, and there are five kinds of traits including head, eyes, clothing, weapons, and core, which can be traded separately by claim. The last 100 numbered (9000-9999) Mega Kodas are fairly scarce. According to nftgem.lo, Koda number 9995 ranks first in scarcity.

Detailed explanation of the Otherside land scarcity system to see the "big plan" of the company behind the "boring ape" BAYC

Koda number 9995

The location of the land is crucial for the relationship, that is, the proximity to the core/central area is more rare, which is also the benefit of BYAC/MAYC holders. The grades of otherdeed plots are 1-5. The higher the grade, the higher the floor price, but the difference is not obvious. From the perspective of land types, there are 8 functional land types and 29 environmental types. The more special Chaos type currently has 108 pieces, and the scarcity of the number of types has become an important reason why it is optimistic. The detailed strategy of the game has not yet been announced, but can the land level be upgraded during the game? Does rank affect the efficiency of value production? Does land with different functions play a role in key links? These are all highly discussed topics in the market.

Land resources are divided into four directions: east, south, west, and north. The resources are divided into 1~3 levels and 74 attributes, which can be used to generate tokens and assist in battles. How to identify whether Otherdeed documents have land resources? On the Otherdeed voucher card, N/E/W/S RESOURCE represents land resources in four directions. If it is “none”, it means that there is no such resource. Others represent corresponding resources of different categories. The small dots represent the level of the resource . The Otherside NFT represented in the picture below has a level 1 “PSYCHOSILK” northern land resource and a level 1 “MOLOIUM” western land resource.

Detailed explanation of the Otherside land scarcity system to see the "big plan" of the company behind the "boring ape" BAYC

Otherdeed Virtual Plot

Artifacts should be understood as weapons in traditional games. There are currently 74 types, and they are also divided into different levels. They should give blessings to certain abilities of the player character. There may be different types of artifacts between different types of artifacts. The ability of attributes to overcome each other.

The value of Otherside NFT is affected by the above aspects, especially after the official rules of the game are announced, the uses and values ​​of several major types can be better clarified, but knowing how to identify the rarity system can prevent the emergence of “novice users The farce of selling Koda land for less than 10 ETH.

More importantly, with the various analysis of Otherside NFT in the market, it also proves the layout of Yuga Labs from the other side.

 Yuga Labs’ ‘big plot’

Yuga Labs was established in February 2021. In April, it launched the NFT project “Bored Ape Yacht Club” (BAYC for short), and in June, Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) joined BAYC, people who hold the boring ape A companion dog is available. In March 2022, Yuga Labs acquired the IPs of CryptoPunks and Meebits. Yuga Labs owns the three largest NFT brands, including “Boring Ape”, “Mutant Ape”, “Boring Ape Kennel Club”, “Crypto Punk” and The five popular projects of “Meebits” have become the uncrowned king in this field.

But if you want to lay out in the Web3 field, it is far from enough to rely on the NFT IP effect. On March 16, 2022, Yuga Lab launched the token ApeCoin, which is independently managed by ApeCoin DAO, of which 15% is airdropped to BAYC/MATC holders.

In the Otherside video released later, ApeCoin became the settlement token of the Metaverse game. With the popularity, the floor price of BAYC increased by 45%. MAYC rose 100%. In April, Yuga Labs released the Metaverse game Otherside. In this regard, Yuga Labs has formed a complete ecosystem with Identity, Economy, Scenes, and Player.

Detailed explanation of the Otherside land scarcity system to see the "big plan" of the company behind the "boring ape" BAYC

Whether it is a traditional large-scale game or a Metaverse game, IP that has received much attention and recognition is one of the important factors for its success. Yuga Labs has the most popular high-quality NFT IP projects through casting, operation and acquisition; the Metaverse world needs A stable economic system, so it launched APE tokens to ensure the liquidity of all game assets on the platform; finally launched the Metaverse application scenario Otherside, matching the BAYC community established by Yuga Labs, Yuga Lab’s closed-loop prototype around Web3 has been completed.

From the detailed description of the rarity of the Otherdeed plot above, we can see the grand blueprint of Otherside. Of course, the popularity of the market also shows a series of layouts of Yuga Lab. However, if this “giant conspiracy” is still running on the public chain with the risk of rapid congestion, when the contract at the beginning of the Otherdeed sales event is to be optimized and the gas fee soars, the interests of the end users will be eroded.

Project parties and users are always in a state of game. In the NFT IP carnival created by Yuga Lab for the market, we will become historical witnesses and witnesses to welcome the moment of ending.

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