Detailed explanation of the newly launched Web3 social tool Syndicate Collectives

Today, we’re excited to launch Collectives, our first social network and community building foundational element designed for web3.

It enables anyone to create on-chain social networks with ERC-721M NFTs that grow with the community and are composable on web3.

Anyone can easily launch a collective for their community, DAOs, corporations, nonprofits, investment clubs, angel networks, scout networks, expert networks, friend groups, and more through our no-code tool. And you only need to spend the gas fee.

Collective can be used to reimagine how community and capital work together in web3

Detailed explanation of the newly launched Web3 social tool Syndicate Collectives_Syndicate_MarsBit

as a network. Connect with people who share common interests. Look for opportunities. Share investment ideas and win deals together. Support the project as a community.

Use Collectives to bring together the top experts in DeFi . Form a collective of musicians to support music NFT projects.

Create multiple collectives to build a network of LPs/advisors, founders, scouts and experts on-chain around your investment fund. The possibilities are endless.

Create a collective for your network – whether it’s five friends or 50,000 community members it’s easy.

After customizing some settings, within seconds, your community will be launched on-chain as an ERC-721M smart contract. And the collective will be audited and formally verified.

Next, a custom page and link will be automatically generated for your collective that you can easily share with your community. Members can join by applying for collective NFTs with just a few clicks. Your network starts growing on-chain as an ERC-721M contract.

From there, your collective can immediately interoperate with any web3 tool that supports ERC-721 and take advantage of:

  • SyndicateDAO (Investment DAO)
  • SnapshotLabs (vote)
  • guildxyz (communication platform)
  • FWBtweets (activity)
  • lobbyso (knowledge base)

and many more

For example, you can now enter Syndicate’s investment club with Collectives and other tokens (eg: Accredited Investor Collectives).

This is just the beginning, the composability of Collectives and Syndicate’s investment DAO will unlock new world-wide applications.

As your network grows and changes, your collective can evolve with the community – by changing its on-chain settings, parameters, capabilities (via modular plugins), metadata, and more.

Collectives can do this because they are different from other ERC-721s.

Collectives are built on ERC-721M – a new standard developed by Syndicate that turns ERC-721 into a powerful platform for the community and developers.

It has a modular design, allows custom plugins and metadata renderers to be swapped in/out in contracts, and has built-in management tools.

ERC-721M has:

  • Customizable minting, burning and transfer plugins that define how the community grows and operates
  • Customizable, evolvable metadata and renderers for on-chain identity, roles, reputation, and more
  • Gas-optimized batch minting, distribution, and onboarding capabilities

ERC-721M aggregates are infinitely customizable and can evolve on-chain as the community grows. You no longer need to deploy a new NFT, token, contract or migration every time your community changes – you can start a collective and update it as needed over time.

Evolvable, composable social networks are one of the next big breakthroughs in web3. The collective is at the forefront of this innovation.

There are already over 60,000 holders of ERC-721M NFTs and counting.

RugRadio, MyBFF, KampKilmer and many more have been built on ERC-721M.

Today’s launch of Collectives and ERC-721M is the next big step in our expanding vision for Syndicate, and why we must build both financial and social networking protocols to revolutionize the way the world creates and shares value.

Collective is the first of many social networking primitives Syndicate offers for web3 that will reimagine how capital and communities work together on the internet. This is just the beginning of a bigger one.

To celebrate, we invite you to join the ‘Syndicate Genesis’ collective, the on-chain social network for Syndicate’s growing community.

‘Syndicate Genesis’ is open to anyone for the next 10 days, pays only for gas, and is non-transferable.

We plan to evolve “Syndicate Genesis” over time to add features, update its art, create characters, badges, and more, making it a dynamic network and member experience. We are excited to push the boundaries of collectives and ERC-721M with Syndicate Genesis.

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