Despite another record high for US stocks, crypto markets remain choppy

BTC and ETH remain the best risk counters, but we still don’t have the confidence to hold them firmly in the face of the downward trend.

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BTC market analysis

Due to some special reasons, today’s market we briefly say; years are easy to pass, only compete for the night, not much time in a lifetime to make things happen, achievement of a thing, need time, location, people and. Like this period, the time is not in, the location does not exist, people’s hopes are pinned on the greater, it is impossible to have any great performance.

So in front of the trend, we can only act as a follower, the trend of the time to create a hero, as for when the hero can create the trend, that may not be a power to complete.

Back to the general environment of the BTC, the Fed’s signs of interest rate hikes, a variety of news, with the U.S. July-September universal vaccination number reached more than 70%, the U.S. economic recovery will be the inevitable time, and the first thing the economic recovery, obviously, is to curb inflation and tighten the flood of monetary liquidity, emerging countries around the world will face the double havoc of the dollar back and the continued impact of the epidemic. So the latter pessimism we can see more clearly, the capital market will face the impact of global linkage, these two days A shares have been some early reaction.

BTC as a part of the capital market, naturally difficult to be alone, within a short period of time we can no longer see the prosperity of the past two years, the prosperity in front is the sadness behind.

BTC and ETH are still the best risk fighters, but we still don’t have the confidence to hold them firmly in front of the downward general trend.

Even if we can now hold the pivot range around 33000-35000, there is still no trend to continue, and the constant will continue in the down market. Keeping your hands to yourself is the most important thing, don’t be a riot.

ETH market analysis

In the short term 1700-2000 ETH is a safe zone now, in this position will do a horizontal pivot, there may be a greater decline in the relay, because we predict that there is a pessimistic pole behind yet to come, when we will see a lot of two years starting prices, but the price of ETH two years ago is most likely not to see. But we could still see a gold-like price for ETH.


Pay attention to the play of NFT, which is most likely a bigger application scenario of blockchain than DeFi ecology, deconstructing the old business model, reconstructing the new business model and shaping a brand new business form, the future has come, don’t be pessimistic, the years are easy to pass, just fight for it.

Other track opportunities, you see previous articles, such as some of the opportunities we have repeatedly hinted at.

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