Delphi Digital: Fuel may be the most promising modular execution layer

Delphi Digital analysis published a research report today and believes that Fuel may be the most promising modular execution layer. The following are the key points of the research report:

1. The data availability layer scales the data, but for a complete decentralized user experience, we also need to scale the execution layer.

In pursuit of utility, our analysts break down why Fuel may be the most promising modular execution layer of the future.


2. Rollups consume 3 kinds of resources:

  • State on the L2 layer
  • Execute on L1
  • Data on L1

Currently, L1 data is the most expensive cost item for Rollups because it is scarce.

3. With the rise of modular blockchain networks, the cost spectrum will change dramatically. As data becomes cheap and abundant, state size will again be the ultimate bottleneck for scaling. Fuel fundamentally addresses this transition.

4. Fuel makes basic design choices to achieve rich execution and suppress state growth. The design includes FuelVM and UTXO models .


5. Fuel’s intuitive approach to this transition could position itself as a pioneer in scaling solutions and a leader in modular blockchain networks.

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