DEFI’s Family Style Teaching

When a fiction writer to write DEFI science ….

The weekend morning, the sky is high, the sun is soft, the roadside stagnant water hints at last night’s rainstorm sound, dense leaves washed bright and oily, some beaten petals scattered in the stagnant water swirling, along the roadside down the access road to form a row of petals boat floating away.

Traffic on the ring road is sparse, most people are still in dreamland to make up for the loss of the working day. Amin took the steering wheel, greedily breathing in the cool air outside the window, and easily enjoying the weekend’s hearty throttle feeling. Watching his wife Lemmy, who was slightly tired in the passenger seat, wake up with a long yawn, he carefully turned down the radio music and hesitated, but finally could not resist speaking.

“The market is okay lately, well, I’m talking about the currency market.”

“Didn’t you get your money back early? I got a push on my phone too – bitcoin is up big. Well, you made a lot of money, right? Enough to add a suite?” Lemmy asked carelessly.

“House, my ass, this silly old bitch ……,” Amin muttered psychologically, sighing heavily on the surface, his face showing a difficult look: “Yes, there is a little floating surplus, but there is still a distance from the big flat. Besides, now all kinds of loan restrictions policy suppression, the house it also can not rise up ah ……”

“The price is so high, almost out of the point. See people say the higher the fall the worse, or how even Warren Buffett is not optimistic about it!”

“I am also ready to come out of the point, but the recent freeze card is very powerful, it is not necessary to take some time slowly set it ……”

“Hey then take the money when you do not say so ah, that time can be said to be ready to enter at any time to realize.

It is a regular platform of the Chinese exchange, the person in charge also always go to the Institute to report on the work. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“Madam, in fact, there is no weaker way to invest than buying bitcoins, and I have been studying and initially trying. To decentralized financial platform for a variety of lending, investment, hedging …… can earn a relatively risk-free stable and substantial returns, this kind of referred to as Defi way can do an annualized 30-50% return on up, but also will not have to worry about the loss of principal. We take a little more money to do a period of time, the house will be another one it.”

“Such a high return, what kind of way is this?” Lemmy was surprised.

“Defi, DecentralizedFinance, decentralized finance, echoes the traditional centralized finance in contrast. Since the transfer transactions in the blockchain world are run on smart contracts, the economic activities to be conducted through the program are edited in advance according to certain trigger conditions corresponding to the feedback results, after which the program script is automatically executed according to the results of the economic activities. In the world of blockchain, there is no central bank or banking commission, so the code is the basis of the ultimate ruling. It saves the time and cost of centralized institutions’ ruling, so this part of the saved cost is overflowed to the participating parties, and over time, the online decentralized economic activities are more efficient than the offline economic activities in terms of saving money and time. Although the current Defi asset investment is only limited to the chain, its penetration to offline economic activities will become stronger and stronger with the construction of infrastructure, and your financial industry will be influenced and even transformed sooner or later in the future.” Amin said with confidence.

“Is deciding by code similar to Bitcoin?” Lemmy was happy to ask the question, as she already knew more or less about the principles of Bitcoin after a long inculcation.

“The philosophical meaning of Defi is different from Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a very Buddhist product, as the Heart Sutra says, “not born, not extinguished, not defiled, not increased, not diminished,” describing the properties of this selvage, which is actually similar to Bitcoin. After the creation of the block, the blockchain that carries bitcoin develops according to the established procedures, and no one can change the process. The average of ten minutes to produce a block, a million people digging and one person digging, is a cat or a dog or Zhang San Li Si, it does not care. The blockchain itself is indifferent to who does this, and no one can shake its foundation.

As for the arithmetic, price and other market influencing factors, are only a very small disturbance in its life cycle reflected in the external environment, it will eventually return to equilibrium steady state. Whether you like it or not, the blockchain that carries Bitcoin will always exist silently, self-generating, imperishable, waiting for the inevitable verification of time in the established plan. Nothing is both something and nothing begets everything. What is purely natural property is the supreme law, the return to selfhood, the return of all things to the truth. So Bitcoin is close to the existence of Buddha, and the basis of the reason for the cryptocurrency as the principal.”

“And Defi is built on the basis of the Ether public chain represented by smart contracts, and interaction is one of its fundamental differential attributes. Just as human society moves from ancient times to civilization, from using fire to other complex tools, complex interaction forms social rules and brings civilization prosperity. defi world is a combination of legalism and Confucianism, legalism provides rules, cold and harsh, and Confucianism establishes social relations, completing the integration of temple to field. The mountains, rivers, grass and trees, and everything in the world are created by a pair of quantum entanglement, and the mapping of dreams and shadows, which are difficult to gather in reality, can actually produce interactive trajectories in the chain.

Let’s take a simple example back to reality, for example, if we need to buy a house, we can use the car we are driving now to borrow money from the bank. In the real world, you should know how many complicated procedures need to be done, starting from the identification of the right, checking the condition of the car, checking credit, evaluation, determining the loan conditions to the final release of the money, in the formal financial institutions without half a month simply can not be completed. If the asset is on the chain, the advantage of information technology can complete all the above basic work instantly, and the final point of withdrawal can complete the mortgage. More importantly, instead of using third-party RMB as the price standard, the new price evaluation system of “the car is equal to 0.05 sets of a certain house” can be directly obtained between the cars and houses on the chain. Everything is Tokenized and directly interconnected, eliminating the middleman to earn the price difference and enhancing the value utilization of assets. The efficiency improvement in the financial industry actually means that inefficient channels are eventually eliminated.”

“Thinking further, the interconnection of everything creates an infinitely finer segmentation. Bitcoin consists of smaller units of Satoshi Nakamoto this you already know. In the current blockchain world, all assets can be tokenized in Tokens and can be valued with an exchange basis through a decentralized platform. Precisely because of the reduction of certification, approval, constraint and review by centralized institutions, all frictional costs are minimized and, more importantly, another important cost – time – is reconfigured in its granularity. In the traditional financial system, the dimension of time is usually annualized and monthlyized, and it can only be reduced to a minimum of natural days, and the 24 points of natural days are used as the settlement nodes of the system. For example, if you borrow 10,000 yuan today and pay it back tomorrow, Papa Ma will charge you a total of 8 yuan of interest for 2 days, even if you borrow at 23:00 the night before and pay back at 1:00 the next morning, the actual use of funds is 2 hours, you still have to pay 2 days of interest for a total of 48 hours! Is it a loss? But that’s the reality!”

“What a fucking duck!” Lemmy blurted out, clenched his fist and helplessly stretched his hands. “But the traditional financial industry really can not help, like our bank must accept the CBRC management, the daily 24 points of the deposit balance, including reserves, etc., need to be reported to the regulatory, mainly to prevent accidents well.”

“So, because of the restrictions brought by the rules of the rules and regulations, it artificially increases the cost of using funds, but also increases the difficulty of flexible use, not to mention that non-standardized assets are often settled in the hands, it is difficult to liquidate or interest-bearing. In the Defi world of blockchain, all assets can theoretically be instant interest-bearing assets. For example, if I borrowed money from Debit before, I only need to pay the cost based on two hours of actual usage time, or if I find a higher-yielding investment opportunity in the process of borrowing, I can reinvest the borrowed assets at any time. For example, mortgage the car to cash for 0.05 suite, that immediately after the 0.05 suite can be rented to 0.05 couples open room happy, after 10 east time to collect the room to collect the corresponding time rent, and then sublet to the 0.05 couples in line behind. Do not consider the transaction costs, as long as the screening rate of return is high enough to cover the cost of business, you can pay low interest to obtain assets and then sublet to obtain high returns, the chicken of others pressed in their own nest to lay eggs, this is the origin of risk-free income. If you happen to find a chicken that lays golden eggs, then you must press it to the nest. 30% or more risk-free income can easily be earned.” Amin said smugly.

“Nasty, you just can’t get away from xxx,” said Lemmy, blushing slightly, but couldn’t help but answer: “What I can also think of is that if I don’t like this car, I can exchange its front end with another car and combine it into a new one, which can be done instantly on the chain, right? .”

“Not bad for a smart wifey, that’s certainly easy to do. Someone would specifically go for different assets to make a combination, such as swapping the front and rear of two different cars, and then renting them to two guests who would each like the two changes, and these two guests would pay a higher fee for this complimentary alternative combination of assets, and then the intrinsic value of these two cars could be further increased. Exchanges create value, and infinitely variable exchanges create infinitely imaginable value. Just about any need that can be thought of can be realized on the chain, and there will always be someone to pay for it.”

“What comes to mind further is that the future application of Defi will also unleash the ultimate affirmative dividend of humanity – the fairness of time. Time is relatively fair to everyone; within the same day, everyone has 24 hours and 86,400 seconds, no one more and no one less. The difference between people’s work efficiency per unit of time constitutes the difference in ability; the amount of money per unit of time constitutes the difference in wealth; the sum of all activities including food, housing, transportation and expected time consumption in future life constitutes the expected remaining life. yield is higher. The limit to the infinite subdivision of time t ends up being such a wonderful number as the bottom e of the natural logarithm. The current Defi world is still in the early stage similar to the dial-up internet connection with a cat, which takes half a minute to open a web page and is billed in minutes, while in the future Defi 5G era with increased speed and reduced cost, the development of Defi will definitely be several orders of magnitude higher and more evolved than now, and all kinds of new businesses will definitely emerge.

If everything and all economic activities are on the chain, the finer the granularity of time, the more the difference in value of time between different physical spaces will be reduced. A white-collar worker in Lujiazui, Shanghai, and a farmer in Linzhi can do the same task at the same time, and their time is defined as equivalent under the same work result. The finer the granularity of time, the more time can be fragmented to match the fragmented needs in the chain. For example, ten minutes between two meetings can be put online to do ten minutes of tasks like fighting monsters, without delaying any business but with Tokens to be realized. This is for the majority of the bottom workers or young proletarians, they have the most valuable asset of time, there are more possibilities to realize, the residual value created by marginal time, but also firmly in their own hands. The finer the granularity of time, the more exchanges measured by time as an equivalent standard will be.

For example, you can ask a person who can drive to take you driving to your common end, and you pay the consideration just in the process of his driving to help him solve his son’s olympic problems, so that the aggregation of economic activity how efficient! Similar economic mappings in life are available to find counterparts on line. You see I, as a miserable Defi farmer, willing to get up at 3 am in the middle of the night to collect vegetables just to save a number of Gwei, but the damage to the liver and lung meridians perhaps thus cost me 3 days of life in the future mass (why are you laughing so happily wife?). ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )), which simply and crudely translates into a capital cost of 1/10th of a month’s pension. So I now spend less than the present value of this pension discounted back to an insomniac, by empowering him to move his mouse and click a few ok’s at 3 a.m. Wouldn’t I earn back some of the next 3 days of my life in an economic sense? Or at least greater than those gas costs? All of these questions can be interacted with on the chain and eventually find answers in a common world where everything and everyone can Defi. Does all this sound exciting? Wouldn’t you think of more application highlights my dear lady?”

“Okay, okay, the more you talk, the less you get.” Lemmy gave Amin a meaningful glare, “You just want to go to Shenzhen some weekend, why do you have to beat around the bush with me.”

“Hey, how do you know?”

“Heh, man. I guessed it when you secretly checked the Shenzhen airline tickets and called to postpone the time with your golf buddies. It’s to get this Defi event of some kind, right? Healthy intellectual activities can be done, not to mention the money that can be made. It’s not like I don’t understand reason.” Lemmy gave him a blank look.

“It is to go to Shenzhen to participate in Defi offline training ah,” Amin anxiously argued, “the industry’s big V led, hands-on learning from scratch, cattle gathering, the latest information convergence, the opportunity is too rare.” The main reason for this is to let you know more fresh knowledge. Being in the coin circle, if you can’t even explain your family, how can you continue to go out and CX (spread) the idea? When I come back from Shenzhen, I should be promoted from Defi White to Defi White, then you will naturally follow the promotion to Defi White too.”

“Well then you can arrange the time, as early as possible to book tickets or arrange other things. When you come back the day out of the airport on the car to say, I put the bath water for you…”

“That’s it honey, you just wait for the good.”



(Sunday night)

“I’m back, just left the airport, I’ll be there soon!”

“How was your study, very productive, right?”

“Of course, it was very rewarding! I met all kinds of people and learned all sorts of ways to get laid in all kinds of venues! So high! Hahahaha I will definitely …… hey, how no sound … speak ah …… wife? Wife!” (click, beep beep beep ……)

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