DEFI+NFT|Rabbit’s Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

Rabbit of Mars has the classic image of a small rabbit, from nature and people’s desire for a better life, often associated with rabbits, it is cute and adorable, small and spiritual temperament deeply imprinted in the mind…

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

“Don’t think the world is not worth it when you are red. You will meet many people in this life, most of them are like fireworks, but there is always one that will flash your life.

Don’t think the world is not worth it when you are red. you will meet many people in this life. most of them are like fireworks, Most of them are like fireworks, but there will always be one that will flash your life.

People pay attention to things, in our impression, classic brands do not need marketing, they will have their own consumer groups, but often consumers will have a “stereotype” of the brand, such as the Great White Rabbit, the first reaction is milk candy, how to refresh the perception? To break the boundaries, do cross-border, the Great White Rabbit first launched the Great White Rabbit milk sugar flavored lip balm, restore the classic milk sugar packaging, microblogging V have forwarded, the topic of discussion nearly 17 million, so that this lip balm has become a net red product.

Mars rabbit has a classic IP bunny image, from nature and people’s desire for a better life, often associated with rabbits, it is cute and adorable, small and spiritual temperament deeply imprinted in the mind.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

“Crazy and goofy”

“Eccentric and comical”

“Bulging eyes and two big teeth”

“The representative of the ugly and cute class”

They are the ones from Mars! Crazy! Full of imagination! Martian rabbits!

A guest from afar, the arrival of the Martian rabbits, received to dogs and lowb and other critters invited, the following is a recent zoo convention poster.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

On May 14, Rabbit Mars joined Doge Dog and LOWB community leaders for an online AMA roundtable

-Rabbit Token: Imagination and Social Consensus from Rabbit of Mars, Turning Imagination into Cash.

“Cashing in on Imagination”: turning imagination into reality, and imagination into cash.

“If there are a thousand futures in the eyes of a thousand people, then there are ten thousand different METAVERSE in the eyes of a hundred VCs, we are betting on the future by calculating parallel universes, but there is only one future that belongs to the current timeline.”

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

Rabbit Token is a kind of imagination for the future, full of the desire for the future and the unknown.

NFT, the first “imaginer” to embrace the new technology and platform of DeFi, will be the winner in the future content industry.

On the road of blockchain innovation and development, Rabbit Token will definitely exist and will make a big appearance.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

-Project Introduction

Rabbit is a community-driven DEFI+NFT blind box card game platform deployed on BSC, HECO network, without any private placement IDO and pre-mining, all tokens are gifted to users through airdrop, blind box, DEFI mining and other forms. Increase user engagement and entertainment through token rewards. Using a revolutionary token economy system that uses financial mechanisms and game systems to empower users, a decentralized game that truly belongs to the players. The project also has strong charitable and philanthropic attributes that can help ordinary people fulfill their wishes.

Current community users, there are already a large number of users concerned about the bunny, and participate in activities to obtain the corresponding airdrop, has been online BSC chain, HECO chain is being deployed, it is believed that in the near future will also be synchronized online HECO chain, continue to usher in DeFi-HECO regional user traffic concern to the bunny.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

-Project Core Competence

Rabbit’s core competency comes from two main points: the new track concept of DEFI+NFT and the community atmosphere of Dogcoin.

(1) The new track concept of DEFI+NFT: the introduction of NFT decks that can be adjusted to match the mining speed of DeFi assets

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

A series of cards containing NFT will be released with the artist in Q4. Each will have an attribute to increase the mining speed of matching assets (Buff / Debuff cards). For example, the Ether card with Vitalik cover, which is the legendary RBT NFT, will enhance all currency pairs associated with ETH. If you get the NFT card, you can inject this card into the mining pool (valid when ETH is on either side of the A/B asset, e.g. ETH / USDT) and your RBT mining rate will be multiplied by the multiplier on the card.

First you need to understand the multiplier principle of the NFT card: if the multiplier is 1.1x, the RBT yield will be multiplied by 110%, which means that if you deposit USDT into the pool for 1 week and generate 1 RBT, the NFT card will increase the yield to 1.1 RBT. in addition there will be debuff cards, in which case the multiplier factor will be less than 1. You can project the card’s You can project the effect of the card onto any address, and the cards can be stacked, although it should be noted that there will be a cap.

Participant benefits.

The details of how RBT NFT will play out, which according to community representatives will be disclosed shortly after the bunny goes live, will ensure that every early mining investor on the balance sheet gets a randomly selected NFT card with a multiplier range of 1.1x to 1.2x.

(2) Bunny originated from the community atmosphere of Dogcoin

You first need to understand the recent fire of dogs all over the Internet, and then compare Rabbit and dogcoin in many ways to facilitate your deeper understanding of Rabbit.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

On April 1, 2021, Tesla CEO Musk tweeted that “SpaceX will send a dogcoin to the moon”. Before anyone could figure out if Musk was playing an April Fool’s joke, dogcoin shot up by 27% in the following hour. Up to now, Dogcoin, a “cottage coin” known for its Shiba Inu avatar and various emojis, has successfully ranked fourth in cryptocurrency market capitalization and become a mainstream coin.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

The success of Doggy Coin may seem like a coincidence, but it is actually a necessary result. The background of the birth of Dogcoin is the Shiba Inu emoji pack that exploded all over the internet in 2013. Relying on Shiba Inu’s dorky appearance and sharp eyes, Dogcoin has always maintained a huge volume and activity in the community since its birth. And because of the tip culture and charity tag, dogcoin has come out of the circle many times for exposure. Another important point is that dogcoin belongs to the early cottage coins that have been keeping hot, but its value has been in a low state because of the huge issue. This is undoubtedly a good and easy to start digital currency for many retail investors who can’t afford BTC and ETH.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

However, with the development of blockchain technology and the soaring price of dogcoin, it is now seen that the big investors hoard and speculate to manipulate the price of the coin, resulting in the unit price of dogcoin, and the price fluctuation situation has long since ceased to be pro-people. The development of blockchain technology has been greatly improved compared to 2013, and the current technology of dogcoin, which only has simple modifications to the bitcoin code, has become very backward, so that countless fans who want to optimize and upgrade later can’t do anything.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

-Project layout

In this case, as an avid fan of the early days of dogcoin, to continue the spirit of dogcoin, Rabbit, a community-driven, DEFI+NFT blind box card game project with a charitable benefit nature, was developed on the BSC, HECO chain.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

Just like dogcoin, Rabbit also relied on a cute and bitchy cartoon rabbit image to spread spontaneously in the crypto community in its early days.

In addition to giving away RBT tokens to enthusiasts and creators in airdrops, the Rabbit community also incorporated the DEFI, NFT blind box format: all blind box cards need to be randomly drawn, and each participant draws a blind box with tokens to obtain different levels of rare blind box cards. Participants collect different levels of blind box cards to form a combination of cards that can then be mined in the pool for acceleration or leverage features to generate revenue. In addition, Rabbit also utilizes VR technology to create the effect of a new NFT with physical delivery of rare cards that can be drawn for custom gold/silver rabbit models and limited peripheral gifts of NFT, allowing participants to gain a novel experience and preserve the value of their card assets.

It is no exaggeration to say that Rabbit with DEFI+NFT nature has completely killed Dogcoin in every dimension, and it is better to ensure public charity through open and transparent smart contracts and insurance agreements compared to Dogcoin.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

In addition, the bunny community will open DEFI mining on the BSC and HECO chains after the project goes live in the second quarter of this year in order to enable more users to get RAT tokens and become loyal fans of the Rabbit project. Compared to Dogcoin’s Scrypt algorithm mining which requires physical miners to consume electricity arithmetic, Rabbit’s DEFI mining is low cost and easy for users to participate. It is more likely to be favored by ordinary users. Rabbit’s overseas community has currently reached more than 60,000 people, and the simultaneous online discussion has reached more than 10,000 people.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

In the Rabbit project, rabbit fans who want to gain revenue from different levels of mining pools need to have NFT cards of the same level to form special cards of the same level to participate in the corresponding level of mining pools for mining. And fans want to quickly obtain NFT cards can only be done in three ways.

1, blind box random drawing.

2, in the trading market to buy the cards drawn by other users.

3, through the same level of cards for replacement.

In this way, the circulation of NFT cards is improved, which helps to increase the value of NFT cards in the hands of collectors and the speed of blind box consumption.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

-Gamers have a low threshold to participate in Rabbit bunnies

The combination of blind box and mining ensures the stable growth of the Rabbit bunny project and the continued vitality of the community. Rabbit is unique through the liquidity pool, yield mining pool and NFT on the DeFi ecosystem, which NFT combines with the game, and the game infrastructure will not only find the best mining yield strategy for users, but will also generate unique NFT that can be used for multiple game strategies. This allows gamers to gain a low participation threshold and access to different attributes, participate in the community ecosystem and earn profits as bunny co-builders. Participants can draw with NFT tokens and draw cards through blind boxes in which cards are randomly drawn, including premium cards. Cards can be sold through the trading market, or exchanged with other enthusiasts of the same level in the card exchange market.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

-Not limited to a single game

Of course Rabbit is not only limited to the DEFI+NFT game, Rabbit will continue to hold the Maker Program and launch various scenarios such as wish pool activities and NFT games, using token rewards to increase user participation and entertainment mechanisms that help enhance community consensus.

In particular, the wish pool mechanism allows users to initiate a wish or charity vote on the chain, whether it is an epidemic, war, natural or man-made disaster or a simple wish from a child, they can @RBT on the official Twitter/FACE BOOK etc. The community workers will collect statistics and launch a voting campaign every month, and community fans can use RBT to vote and donate. Every month, we will help the top-ranking voter to complete the wish. From the time the vote is initiated, the donor’s tokens automatically enter the flow pool to participate in mining, and after the statistics are announced, except for the top-ranking one, the rest of the tokens are returned to the original address, and the Rabbit Foundation must contribute 10% of the funds to buy back the destruction. and continuous attention on various social media.

NFT game is also not only like the blind box game on the market, pure lottery play without talking about the real game, according to the current white paper revealed on the official website, in Rabbit Hero NFT game players need to collect various NFT cards in the game and use the cards to apply a variety of skills to help the crazy rabbit destroy the enemy in front. With a card pool of 500+ NFT, new professions and hero skills will be gradually unlocked through combat. Players with DOT, ETH, TRX and BSC camps have an ultimate goal for Mad Rabbit to destroy all the enemies, win the world ranking and earn money in the game and finally rush to space.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

-Token Allocation (RBT)

Rabbit Token is referred to as “RBT” with a total mintage of 10,000,000,000 tokens (100 billion) and 0 pre-mined.

Of which:

50% for mining

20% for liquidity pool

2% for airdrop

8% allocated to the community (two years of confinement)

20% NFT blind box cards

The development team believes that the essence of blockchain is transparency and fairness. That’s why Rabbit Rabbit’s Token has no: pre-mining, seed and private fundraising rounds.

Rabbit community creators smelled the community atmosphere that Dogcoin brought to fire and planned the community specifically for this purpose. They proposed to build a community governance vault for RBT, which shares an 8% percentage of total RBT tokens from liquidity mining. It will be governed by a community vote to decide where the money goes. In addition, the vault will be protected by voting contracts, multi-signature contracts and time-lock contracts.

Special Note: RBT transaction fee is 10%, of which 5% is automatically sold to add liquidity pool for BNB for automatic market making, and the other 5% is distributed to token holders.

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

From the above introduction, it is easy to see that Rabbit, as a second generation innovative community coin, has a clearer vision and project layout than Dogcoin, and the plans on the timeline on the official website are progressing in an orderly manner. If you’ve missed out on Dogcoin, don’t be discouraged, open the Rabbit website ( to join their telegram group and follow the tweets. Be a fan of Rabbit of Mars, and who can deny that in the days to come, Rabbit with the same cultural attributes but more technical prowess will rise to the top like Dogcoin. Or rather, appear on Musk’s tweets and rockets?

DEFI+NFT|Rabbit's Next Generation Community Token Beyond Dogcoin

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