DeFi Weekly | Uniswap removes some tokens, founder of Aave: DeFi front-end should switch to IPFS

DeFi data this week


DeFi data this week

1. The total market value of DeFi: $77.26 billion


DeFi market value data source: CoinGecko

2. Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: US$2.83 billion


Data source of DEX transaction volume in the past 24 hours: Debank

3. Total borrowings of DeFi lending platform: USD 23.61 billion


Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank


The top ten lending platform ranking source: Debank

4. Assets locked in DeFi: US$59.3 billion


Data source of the total lock-up volume of DeFi projects: Debank


The top ten rankings of DeFi projects locked assetsData source: Debank

Important DeFi developments:

Uniswap Labs eliminated synthetic stocks and derivative tokens on the grounds of “evolving regulatory environment”

Last Friday, the decentralized exchange referred to the “changing regulatory environment” when explaining the cuts. This news came after increased scrutiny of tokens that are regulated at the exchange level, especially the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Uniswap’s published list includes 129 tokens. These products include tokenized stocks, mirrored stocks, options and derivatives. Examples include Tether gold, opyn options of ETH with different strike prices and expiration dates, other token and stock composite products, tokenized versions of Zelda and Mini Mario Cash, UMA earnings in USD, and “mirrored Amazon” and “Mirror Tesla” and other stocks. Uniswap Labs emphasized that Uniswap is a set of autonomous, decentralized, and unchangeable smart contracts. Uniswap provides unrestricted access. This action is important for maintaining open-source Uniswap interface code or other portals or locals used to access Uniswap protocol. The running instance has no effect.

Founder of Aave: DeFi front-end should switch to hosting to IPFS

According to news on July 24, in response to UniswapLabs’s use of “changing regulatory environment” as an excuse to restrict access to tokenized stocks and derivative tokens, Aave founder stani.eth tweeted that as the protocol becomes more decentralized With reduced reliance on the founding team, the DeFi front-end should actually be hosted on IPFS.

NFT trading platform OpenSea completes US$100 million in Series B financing, led by a16z

On July 20, OpenSea completed a $100 million Series B financing. This round of financing was led by a16z. After the completion of this round of financing, the valuation of OpenSea reached $1.5 billion. Other detailed financing information has not been disclosed. As previously reported, according to DuneAnalytics statistics, OpenSea’s June turnover reached US$149 million, with a turnover of 210,000 pieces, both hitting a record high. In addition, the total number of OpenSea users exceeded 140,000, an increase of 19% from the previous month. OpenSea announced in March this year that it had completed a $23 million financing. The financing was led by a16z. The investment was also well-known angel investors Naval Ravikant, MarkCuban, Tim Ferris, and Belinda Johnson.

Aave community initiates AIP 12 proposal

According to official news, the Aave community initiated the AIP 12 proposal, suggesting to add support for the algorithmic stable currency AMPL

Polygon launches new division Polygon Studios, focusing on blockchain games and NFT fields

On July 20th, the Ethereum expansion plan Polygon launched a new studio Polygon Studios to promote its blockchain games and NFT work. The newly established Polygon Studios has three core goals: 1. Establish Polygon’s leading position in the field of decentralized games; 2. Create a brand that can attract developers and investors into its NFT ecosystem; 3. Help position Polygon It is the preferred platform for the transition to Web3.0. Through the Polygon Gaming Studio project, the company aims to help developers create and operate decentralized games. Another project, Polygon NFT Studio, aims to help brand and intellectual property owners launch customized digital collections and markets.

MakerDAO will move to fully decentralized

Golden Finance reported that the Maker Foundation announced that it will completely transfer its business to its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) MakerDAO, as its founder Rune Christensen has long promised. Christensen revealed in a blog post that the Maker Foundation will be formally dissolved in the next few months, but did not provide a more specific timetable.

Axie Infinity’s 24-hour user base reaches 16,790, and it generates 84.9 million U.S. dollars in revenue in one month

On July 20, DappRadar data showed that Axie Infinity’s 24-hour user volume reached 16,790, an increase of 7.65%, and the daily user volume was higher than Uniswap V3. In the past month, $84.9 million in revenue was generated.

The latest bid of CryptoPunk 2924 reaches 1194 ETH, valued at over 2.41 million U.S. dollars

The latest bid of CryptoPunk 2924 reached 1194 ETH, valued at more than 2.41 million U.S. dollars. It was auctioned by 0x1da533. The new holder has not listed this NFT for sale. It is reported that the head of the CryptoPunk is decorated with a hoodie, and only 259 CryptoPunks have this feature.

Sotheby’s will auction NFT about American boxing champion Ali’s artwork

This week, Sotheby’s and the owner of all the intellectual property and propaganda rights of American boxing champion Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Enterprises revealed a new NFT auction, which will be exhibited and auctioned on July 23. According to the announcement, 1-of-1 NFT is an artwork created by Ali himself, depicting his interpretation of the infamous “War of the Century” in 1971. The artwork will be displayed for the first time using NFT technology.

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