DeFi Weekly | DeFi market value continues to rise to 106.34 billion US dollars

1. The total market value of DeFi reaches 106.34 billion U.S. dollars


The price of the top ten currencies by market capitalization and the change this week, data source: CoinGecko

2. 24-hour trading volume on decentralized exchanges: US$ 3.19 billion


Top 10 DEX by trading volume Source: Debank

3. Total borrowings of DeFi lending platform: 28.09 billion US dollars


The proportion of loans in each DeFi lending platform Data source: Debank

4. The  total value of locked assets in DeFi reaches US$ 79.75 billion


DeFi ranked top ten lock-up volume data source: DeFi Pluse

Important DeFi developments:

The number of DeFi user addresses reached 3.17 million, 2.7 times that of the beginning of the year

On August 10, according to DuneAnalytics data, the number of DeFi user addresses reached 3.17 million, 2.7 times that of the beginning of this year. On January 1, the number of DeFi user addresses was only 1.18 million.

Mimo, a decentralized euro stablecoin platform, has integrated Polygon

Mimo, a decentralized euro stable currency platform, has integrated Polygon to bring additional utility to its network through faster and cheaper services. Users can cast PAR on Polygon and earn MIMO. The Mimo DeFi platform allows its users to mint euro-linked stablecoins through algorithms without spending any digital assets. Cryptocurrency investors can pledge any cryptocurrency they hold. Investors can do this and mint PAR at the same time to increase their assets and maintain continuous cryptocurrency exposure. In the first three months after the start of the project, Mimo’s total lock-up (TVL) exceeded 60 million euros, setting a new high. In June of this year, the project announced that its stable currency PAR linked to the euro and governance token MIMO were launched on the Bittrex Global exchange.

SushiSwap launches “multi-chain expansion fund” and other 5 proposals for governance voting

According to official news, SushiSwap launched 5 proposals for governance voting: 1. Multi-chain expansion fund: In order to maintain and expand to a wider list of sidechains and second-tier solutions, the proposal proposes to bridge 2% of the 5 basis point fees to SushiBar conducts operations management. 2. oSushi Signal: Follow-up specifications and parameter adjustments will be made. 3. Sushi Samurai: is applying for funding to help users solve problems, create a multilingual customer service portal, etc. 4. SHŌYU NFT maintenance grant: complete the first version of Shoyu, complete the v0 front-end at the end of August, v1 and v2 in the next few months. 5. Kanpai: introduce the “payment ratio” parameter of governance control, with ETH and stablecoin Instead of selling SUSHI to realize the diversification of the funds, a small amount of xSushi pledges will be transferred to the fund library in the form of.

CoinFund hires former Citigroup executives as new president and managing partner

Golden Finance reported that CoinFund, a digital asset investment company, has hired former Citigroup executive Christopher Perkins as its new president and managing partner. Perkins previously served as co-head of Citigroup’s global futures, clearing and foreign exchange prime brokerage businesses. CoinFund CEO Jake Brukhman said that in his new position, Perkins is expected to enhance CoinFund’s reputation as a digital and traditional asset finance company. CoinFund itself manages several crypto venture capital funds, and in July announced the establishment of a new $83 million venture fund for DeFi and NFT projects. CoinFund mainly invests in crypto infrastructure projects. In addition to DeFi and NFT, the company has also shown interest in crypto exchanges, investments, identities, rewards, and game projects.

The Metis Layer2 mainnet testnet will be officially launched in early September

According to the latest roadmap published on Metis’s official Twitter, after several months of preparation, the Metis Layer2 mainnet testnet will be officially launched in early September. Projects and communities can build a DAC (decentralized company) on the Metis Layer2 mainnet testnet, transfer Metis tokens between Layer1 and Layer2, and perform staking and mining. According to the amount of pledge and computing power, DAC and its members will also have the opportunity to mine the tokens of the newly launched projects on Metis Layer2 and obtain the corresponding investment quota. In addition, according to its latest roadmap, the mainnet forerunner version of Metis Layer2 will be officially launched in October, supporting more Web3 applications based on its Layer2 DAC framework for rapid launch and decentralized management.

The Metaverse Value Index soared to 624.81 points today, a dramatic increase of 79.9%

Golden Finance reported that according to companion customer data, the Yen Universe Value Index on August 11 was 624.81 points, an increase of 277.65 points or 79.9% from the previous day. The listed companies or NFT platforms that form the components of the Metaverse Value Index are all leading institutions that currently exhibit huge market value and future potential in the virtual economy field. The index can effectively reflect the overall value of the Metaverse virtual economy development trend. Note: On March 10, 2021, the main component stock roblox will be listed and the first closing price will be generated. Therefore, 3/11 is selected as the index date for the first launch of the index, with an initial value of 100.


Marvel cooperates with VeVe to launch MarvelMighty series NFT collections such as Captain America

According to Marvel’s official announcement, on August 14, at 8 am Pacific Standard Time, Marvel and VeVe teamed up to launch the first MarvelMighty series, including some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes wearing the Stars and Stripes. The first MarvelMightys collection will be the Captain America series, which includes Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, John F. Walker, and the Red Skull. Each digital doll is sold globally, with varying degrees of rarity, and will be sold in the form of BlindBox for $13.00. It was previously reported that on June 25, the NFT collectibles trading platform VeVe and Marvel officially reached a cooperation to launch superhero VR virtual figures, rare edition comics and other officially authorized NFT collectibles.

NFT and digital asset company Ioconic raised US$1.5 million, led by KeneticCapital

NFT and digital asset company Ioconic completed a $1.5 million financing, KeneticCapital led the investment, and other private investors participated in the investment. Ioconic provides comprehensive solutions for brands and individuals entering the field of digital assets, including authorization and brand representative services, NFT creation, marketing, issuance services, and social token creation services. To date, Ioconic has supported more than 150 projects.

NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club has donated US$850,000 to orangutan charity

Golden Finance reported that Bored Ape Yacht Club, an ape-themed NFT project, today donated 66.45 ETH (US$208,000) to an orangutan charity named Orangutan Outreach. This brings its total donation to the charity to 850,000 U.S. dollars.

Monaco launches a market that combines NFT technology with real-world collectibles

The Monaco market is launching the first market that combines NFT technology with real-world collectibles. The NFT provided on the platform will represent the ownership of sports memorabilia, jewelry, art and other collectibles. These collectibles will be authenticated by industry-leading professionals, organized into collectibles, and digitally marked for sale on the market.

NFT blockchain game financing exceeded US$1.4 billion in the first half of the year

According to statistics from Blockchaingamer, as of June 2021, blockchain game-related financing reached 1.4 billion US dollars. About $1 billion of this comes from traditional VCs. Animoca Brands, Galaxy Digital and Hashed are the most active investment institutions in this field.

Tencent Musicians’ first batch of “TME Digital Collection” will soon be on-chain

On August 13th, Tencent Musicians under Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) announced today that they will unite musicians and artists such as Zhang Chu, Zhou Chuanxiong, Mo Xizishi, Xiao Quan, Zhang Gazuo, Yike Xiaosong, etc., to launch the first batch in the near future. “TME Digital Collection”. “TME Digital Collection” is an innovative electronic collection based on blockchain technology launched by TME in early August this year. It includes video/audio, vinyl records, star peripherals, etc., and has the same features as physical albums and hand frames. The collection value is more abundant, and the number of digital collections is more abundant. Compared with the traditional collections that are difficult to distinguish between true and false and difficult to prove their rights, they are more authentic and credible.

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