DeFi New Play 丨Reality Cards real money beta release

RealityCards (Reality Cards) real money beta release!

I’m excited to share with you today a milestone in the development of Reality Cards, which is the release of our Real Money beta! If you’ve been playing since the beginning, you may remember that we had a very early private MVP, as well as our Open Beta Network version of Fun Money (which has been heavily updated), and now we’re moving on to the next phase of Real Money!

Whether you’re using our earliest version or the more recent Sokol beta network version, we’ve got a lot of new changes coming. We think you’ll like it, and there are even some fun eggs in the beta test. This latest version is not completely open, and we’ll dive into how to get access at the end of this article.

What is Reality Card?

Reality Card, the world’s first “results-based ownership” marketplace, is a unique hybrid of an NFT and a prediction marketplace.

Each result is an NFT or “card” that is not just a bet, but is owned by the person willing to pay the highest “rent”. At the end of the campaign, all “rents” are shared among all owners of the winning results in proportion to the time they have owned them.

The result NFT itself is generated by the person who has owned the result for the longest time, regardless of whether it is a winning result or not.

Thus, the Reality Card transforms real-world events into beautiful and unique NFTs.

Additional Rewards

DeFi New Play 丨Reality Cards real money beta release

Wow, lots of rewards!

We’d be nothing without our users – the people who have tested and played with the Reality Card from the beginning have contributed so much to our growth and development. So we’re going to benefit our early testers in some fun ways!

  1. $2000 top

For every real money test during the campaign, we’ll add an extra $2,000 xDai ($2000) bonus, and there’s no cap on this bonus!

  1. Exclusive POAP badge

Each beta user will receive their own unique POAP non-functional badge.

  1. Suggestion Bonus

If you are an idea genius, you can suggest any idea about the project during our beta testing. Once your idea is accepted, you will receive 200 xDai ($200)!

  1. Art creator bonus

Art creators are the main users of our platform, and during our beta testing, we will pay 1000 xDai ($1000) to any art creator who submits a work once it is adopted, plus 2% of the total revenue amount !

To facilitate the submission of ideas or images for a specific event, we ask users to use the #art and #event-ideas channels in our Discord’s “Submit” category.

Note: If you submit an art, you do not need to submit the corresponding event idea, and vice versa.

DeFi New Play 丨Reality Cards real money beta release

Exclusive badges for Beta participants

Recent Developments

We have recently rolled out a number of updates and optimizations, some of the highlights of which are described here.

  1. Panoramic HD NFT screen

It goes without saying that users will want to see the beautiful panoramic HD screen

  1. To-do list

At the end of the activity, users can easily see the various statistics of the waiting solution, instead of the activity information disappearing into thin air as it is now.

3.Ownership Time Leaderboard

Now you can see who you are competing against in a given event and how long each user has held the card.

  1. Improved filtering panel

Don’t want to look for what you’re looking for in a big pile of public events? The filtering panel has been improved so you can navigate more easily!

  1. Claims improvement

Previously, even if you didn’t claim the NFT you won, the system would still declare you the owner. Now you need to click this nice claim button to redeem your non-NFT file so that you can receive it and become its owner.

  1. Routine fixes for various minor bugs.

Gain access

The real money beta is not fully available to the public yet, as we are waiting for all the audit results. Users can get the real money beta in the following ways:

  1. joining our discard
  2. Forwarding our beta announcement
  3. Fill out the beta application form

After you have done these things, we will contact you as soon as possible to get you online. Then, you can access the beta version.

Please note that this internal beta is on the xDai network, so you need to configure your wallet properly first.


This is a beta test, the contracts have not been vetted and do not include some of the core functionality. These contracts are subject to change and will be redeployed prior to release. After the official launch, an access portal will remain to reclaim remaining funds/bonuses, however NFTs and trophy cabinets will not be accessible.

Sorry, we are unable to accept applications from US residents or anyone under the age of 18 at this time.

Finally, once the audit changes are fully approved (and the real money test is over), we will go live and fully open to the public!

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