DeFi Daily | Total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceed $7 billion

DeFi data

DeFi total market value: 130.229 billion US dollars



Data source: Debank

Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $4.28 billion


Source of transaction volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Total borrowing on DeFi lending platform: $25.59 billion


Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank

Locked assets in DeFi: $91.75 billion


The top ten rankings of locked assets in DeFi projects and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Ethereum chain: $66.16 billion


Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the BSC chain: $13.19 billion


Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Polygon chain: $3.38 billion


Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Avalanche chain: $3.72 billion


Data source: Debank

DeFi hotspot

1. Solana ecological DeFi platform GooseFX completes USD 4.5 million seed round financing

On October 8th, Solana’s ecological DeFi platform GooseFX completed a seed round of USD 4.5 million. Investors include SkyVision Capital, CoinShares, BiXin Ventures, Animoca Brands, KuCoin Labs, Solana Capital, GSR, Solana Eco Fund, Double Peak Group, Darkpool Liquidity, Halborn, Definitive Capital, 6K Starter, OIG, MEXC, GenBlock Capital, Dweb3 Capital,, Signal Ventures, etc. GooseFX is a DeFi platform on Solana, which supports DeFi (including derivatives, tokenized stocks, etc.) and NFT transactions.

2. Director of Messari Research: The value of protocol control is quickly becoming one of the biggest themes in the next wave of DeFi

On October 8th, Messari Research Director Ryan Watkins tweeted that the value of protocol control is quickly becoming one of the biggest themes in the next wave of DeFi. What it is is very simple. New ways to accumulate and deploy asset libraries. We saw it in newer projects such as OHM and TOKE, and even saw projects like MKR with Sagittarius in DeFi OG .

3. The average increase of the DeFi concept sector today is 2.48%

The golden financial market shows that the DeFi concept sector has an average increase of 2.48% today. Among the 47 currencies, 40 rose and 7 fell. The leading currencies were LBA (+17.03%), AMPL (+10.72%), and NAS (+10.14%). Leading currencies are: ANT (-3.97%), TRB (-3.75%), SNX (-2.54%).

4. Synthetix founder: DeFi governance is “very bad”

Golden Finance reported that Synthetix founder Kain Warwick had a panel discussion on “DeFi: The Future of Finance” on the stage of Token2049 in London. “This is a self-evident thing in the DeFi field at present,” Warwick said. “The governance infrastructure we have is very bad.” Warwick believes that the key problem with existing DeFi governance solutions is that “we have iteratively These things were built to solve our specific problems, but they are not very common.” Tools such as the current voting system Snapshot, Compound governance modules, and Synthetix’s own solutions are terrible. Existing DeFi governance solutions solve specific problems, but they are not very common. Synthetix has been developing a redesigned governance module for its v3 update that will be released as an open source tool for use by other DeFi industries.

NFT hotspot

1. O3 Swap will launch Jurassic Era mining in October, providing a new staking model using O3 NFT

On October 8th, the cross-chain aggregation protocol O3 Swap will launch Jurassic Age Mining in October. As the reward for pledged LPs gradually declines, the daily output of O3 tokens will also decline to maintain a steady rate. A new staking model will be launched soon, replacing the current “staking O3 to earn O3” model. Participating in the new staking model can not only get O3, but also O3 NFT, which is the only token used for O3 mining on O3SwapV2. Under this new pledge model, as it enters a deflationary phase, O3 will become more rare because the pledged O3 will be automatically destroyed to obtain O3 NFT, thereby reducing supply.

2. McDonald’s China released the first NFT creative work “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube”

On October 8, McDonald’s China released its first NFT creative work “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube” to celebrate its 31st anniversary of entering the Chinese mainland market and the official opening of its new headquarters building on the west bank of Shanghai. Inspired by the brand spirit of McDonald’s and the shape of the new headquarters building, the Big Mac Cube is a three-dimensional dynamic digital creative work. It is reported that McDonald’s China, a well-known digital asset creation agency in the United Nations, cocafe, and the high-performance public chain platform Conflux, used NFT technology to give unique non-homogeneous proof of rights to the creative works of the Big Mac, ensuring that every The uniqueness, indivisibility and indivisibility of the works. 188 NFT creative works of Big Mac Rubik’s Cube will be presented to some employees and consumers in the form of limited gifts.

3. NFT Data Daily: MekaVerse ranked first, and FoxFam’s 24-hour trading volume increased by 466.03%

The latest data from CryptoSlam shows that the top ten NFT projects by volume in the past 24 hours and their volume increases and decreases are as follows: MekaVerse, Axie Infinity (+2.58%), Art Blocks (+29.99%), FoxFam (+466.03%), CrypToadz (-57.51%), CryptoPunks (-1.74%), The Humanoids (+31.49%), Anonymice (+100.83%), Cool Cats (+0.95%), CyberKongz (-11.22%). Among them, the 24-hour trading volume of FoxFam led the increase (+466.03%) to 3.388 million US dollars; the 24-hour trading volume of CrypToadz led the decline (-57.51%) to 2.839 million US dollars.

4. German art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi created an NFT project based on Da Vinci’s oil painting “The Savior”

On October 8, it was reported that Wolfgang Beltracchi, a German art counterfeiter, had served his sentence in prison and he has entered the NFT industry. Beltracchi is recreating the world’s most expensive oil painting “Salvator Mundi” in the form of 4608 NFTs on Ethereum. Beltracchi has created a new project The Greats, which is a collection of 4608 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs are re-created based on “The Savior”. “The Savior” was created by Leonardo da Vinci and sold for a record $450 million at Christie’s 2017 auction. It was sold to an agent of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Mohammed bin Salman).

5. Data: Total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceeded USD 7 billion

According to the latest data from Cryptoslam, according to the latest data from Cryptoslam, the total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain broke through 7 billion U.S. dollars, setting a record high. At the time of writing this article was 7,072,050,900 U.S. dollars, and the number of on-chain transactions was 3,207,359.

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