DeFi Daily | NFT’s third quarter transaction volume increased by over 700% month-on-month

DeFi data

DeFi total market value: 128.471 billion US dollars



DeFi total market value data source: Coingecko

Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $3.32 billion



Source of transaction volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

DeFi lending platform total borrowings: 26.05 billion US dollars



Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank

Locked assets in DeFi: US$88.09 billion



The top ten rankings of locked assets in DeFi projects and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Ethereum chain: $65.6 billion



Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the BSC chain: $13.27 billion



Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Polygon chain: $3.44 billion



Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Avalanche chain: $3.63 billion



Data source: Debank

DeFi hotspot

DEX THORSwap completes USD 3.75 million financing led by IDEO CoLab Ventures

On October 5th, THORSwap, a decentralized exchange based on the cross-chain liquidity protocol THORChain , announced the completion of a private equity financing of US$3.75 million. IDEO CoLab Ventures led the investment, True Ventures, Sanctor Capital, THORChain, Nine Realms, Proof Group, 0xVentures, Qi Capital and others participated in the investment. The new financing will be used to expand the scale of the ThorSwap platform and pass the audit.

Nexus Mutual’s fund pool has purchased an additional 14,713 stETH

On October 5, the DeFi insurance project Nexus Mutual tweeted that Proposal No. 157 has been implemented and that Nexus Mutual’s fund pool has purchased an additional 14,713 stETH.

Flare Finance cooperates with Forever Lands NFT game

Golden Finance reported that according to Flare Finance’s official announcement, its team has signed a cooperation agreement with Forever Lands’ “Play-to-Earn” product. Flare Finance and Forever Lands announced that holders of Delorean NFT, which was distributed among Flare Finance fans earlier, can get a 20% discount in the game.

dYdX Foundation: The proposal to restore the function to the security module pledge pool is now open for voting

On October 5, the dYdX Foundation stated on Twitter that the dYdX improvement proposal 0 (DIP 0) proposed by Paradigm developer Dan Robinson has been launched for voting. The proposal involves the following:-Restore the function to the security module pledge Pool;-Allow users currently participating in the pledge to withdraw funds. -Users who participate in the pledge are allowed to receive additional rewards to compensate for their losses.

NFT hotspot

Scammers profited $138,000 through NFT sales scam

According to news on October 5, an NFT project claiming to sell digital statues turned out to be a scam. After participating in the pre-sale, buyers discovered that they received emoji packages instead of artworks. The NFT sale involved 2,000 buyers and ultimately made a profit of 138,000 US dollars. Then the scammer’s portable money disappeared, leaving only a deleted Twitter account. In fact, the scam claimed that the NFT artwork to be sold had stolen a 3D artist Ludvig Holmen’s picture, but Holmen didn’t know about it until Sunday.

NFT’s third quarter transaction volume reached 10.7 billion US dollars, an increase of over 700% from the previous quarter

According to news on October 5, according to DappRadar data, NFT’s third-quarter transaction volume reached 10.7 billion US dollars, an increase of over 700% from the previous quarter. In the third quarter, the number of unique active wallets per day exceeded 1.5 million, an increase of 25%.

Source : Axie Infinity is conducting a US$150 million financing at a valuation of US$3 billion, led by a16z

On October 5th, according to the information obtained by the media The Information from two people familiar with the matter, SkyMavis, the developer of the NFT game Axie Infinity, is currently raising about US$150 million in Series B financing with a valuation of close to US$3 billion. It will be led by a16z. Paradigm will also participate in the investment. SkyMavis’ last financing was in May of this year, when it completed a US$7.5 million Series A financing led by Libertus Capital. Other investors include Reddit co-founders Alexis Ohanian and Mark Cuban.

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