DeFi Daily | NFT market OpenSea transaction total exceeds 8 billion US dollars

DeFi data

DeFi total market value: 130.666 billion US dollars


Data source: Debank

Trading volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $5.08 billion


Source of transaction volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Total borrowing on DeFi lending platform: US$26.24 billion


Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank

Locked assets in DeFi: US$90.11 billion



The top ten rankings of locked assets in DeFi projects and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Ethereum chain: $67 billion



Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the BSC chain: $13.55 billion



Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Polygon chain: $3.45 billion



Data source: Debank

DeFi locked assets on the Avalanche chain: $3.38 billion



Data source: Debank

DeFi hotspot

1. Data: The total lock-up volume of the current DeFi agreement is US$204.9 billion

According to the news on October 7th, according to data from Defi Llama, the current total lock-up volume of DeFi agreements is US$204.9 billion, an increase of 1.36% in 24 hours. The top five locked assets are AAVE (15.7 billion U.S. dollars), Curve (15.63 billion U.S. dollars), Maker DAO (13.53 billion U.S. dollars), InstaDApp (12.05 billion U.S. dollars), and WBTC (11.37 billion U.S. dollars).

2.Meter Passport launches Theta/Ethereum bridge on Theta testnet

On October 7th, it was reported that Meter Passport is a cross-chain bridge connecting Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC and other blockchains. Support for Theta blockchain has now been added, allowing tokens to be used in Theta blockchain and other blockchains for the first time. Move between. Theta provides a development environment compatible with Ethereum, in which DApps (for trading, lending, DAO, stablecoins, etc.) can be transplanted and run seamlessly.

3. Multi-chain DeFi management platform Krystal is deployed to Avalanche

On October 7th, Krystal, a multi-chain DeFi management platform, was deployed to Avalanche to provide DeFi services and NFT management on Avalanche. Krystal’s first step is to support the swap function. After native integration with the DEX protocol in the Avalanche ecosystem, users can now exchange tokens at the best price on Krystal through Pangolin and KyberDMM. Krystal allows users to access the Avalanche ecosystem on desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

4. Astar Network and Shiden Network announced the launch of a USD 30 million ecological fund

News on October 7th, Polkadot ecological DApp platform Astar Network and Kusama Parachain Shiden Network announced the launch of an ecological fund, which will provide 6% of the total supply of Shiden tokens (valued at approximately US$30 million) as incentive funds. The project party stated that the fund will be used for ecological project donations, hackathons and builder activities.

5.Vee.Finance V2, a lending agreement on Avalanche, launches the mainnet today

On October 7th, the Vee.Finance V2 mainnet will be launched on Avalanche at 10:00 am Eastern Time on October 7th. In addition to the currently available functions, users can also buy or sell VEE in the Dapp, and support the use of tokens in the wallet for VEE liquidity mining. Before the V2 mainnet went live, Vee.Finance had rechecked and modified all contracts, updated on Github Commit, and the V2 smart contract had passed the SlowMist security audit.

6.Moonriver announced the integration of Band Protocol, a cross-chain data oracle platform

On October 7th, the Kusama parachain Moonriver of the Polkadot ecological smart contract platform Moonbeam announced that it has integrated Band Protocol. Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates real-world data and APIs and connects them to smart contracts. This integration allows Band Protocol’s price oracle infrastructure to provide permissionless and secure data feeds for existing deployments on the DeFi protocol in the Moonriver ecosystem. These deployments include stablecoin swaps, decentralized exchanges, games, lending protocols, and NFT project.

NFT hotspot

1. The total amount of OpenSea transactions in the NFT market exceeded US$8 billion, setting a record high

Golden Finance reports that according to the latest data from DappRader, the total amount of OpenSea transactions in the NFT market has exceeded 8 billion U.S. dollars (the number of traders is 510,460), which is a record high. At the time of writing, it was 8.16 billion U.S. dollars, ranking first in the NFT market. . In the second place is Axie Infinity , with a current total of 2.38 billion U.S. dollars (the number of traders is more than 741,000); third is Cryptopunks, with a total of 1.45 billion U.S. dollars (the number of traders is 5065).

2. Flow launched the NFT trading market BloctoBay, which is currently in the testing phase

On October 7th, Flow launched BloctoBay, an NFT trading market similar to OpenSea, which is currently in the testing phase. Currently supports MotoGPIgnition, DarkCountryGame, xtinglescom, FlowVersus, BenMauroArt, CNN NFT transactions, and there will be more functions in the future.

3. NFT STARS and Double Trouble Creatives signed a commercial cooperation agreement

On October 7th, the Australian NFT market NFT STARS has signed a business cooperation agreement with Double Trouble Creatives, the founding team behind the Moji Edit application. Double Trouble Creatives is the developer of Moji Edit, an application that uses an AR and AI-driven customization engine to create personalized emoji and emoji sticker libraries. The two companies are working together to plan a new NFT project.

4. Art Blocks, an NFT platform for generating art, raises $6 million

Golden Finance reported that Art Blocks, a Generative Art NFT platform, raised US$6 million in a round of equity financing co-led by Galaxy Interactive. Venture capital firms True Ventures, Collab Currency, and Libertus and crypto investment communities Flamingo DAO and The LAO participated in the investment. According to data compiled by Nonfungible, its computer-created works have generated more than $1 billion in transactions on the platform.

5. Christie’s will auction the NFT series created by artist Justin Aversano

Golden Finance reports that the Ethereum NFT photography series Twin Flames created by 28-year-old artist Justin Aversano is gaining popularity. One of the NFTs will be auctioned by Christie’s on Wednesday. It is reported that Twin Flames was cast as an Ethereum-based NFT in February to pay tribute to the twin brothers who failed to be born in Aversano. It contains 100 photos in total.

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