DeFi Daily | FTX: Plans to launch NFT market within one month to compete with OpenSea

DeFi data

1. DeFi total market value: 110.24 billion US dollars


DeFi total market value data source: Coingecko

2. Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: US$ 4.06 billion


Source of transaction volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

3. Total borrowings of DeFi lending platform: 29.66 billion US dollars


Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank

4. Assets locked in DeFi 81.95 billion



The top ten rankings of locked assets in DeFi projects and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

DeFi hotspot

1.Basics Capital and Cardano’s ecological DeFi solution OccamFi reached a strategic partnership

On September 20th, Basics Capital announced on Twitter that it has reached a strategic partnership with Cardano’s ecological DeFi solution OccamFi. Through this cooperation, the two parties will help incubate early projects in the Cardano ecosystem, provide technical assistance, financial support and marketing to promote the long-term development of the Cardano ecosystem.

2. Fei Protocol will be added to DeFi lending platform Aave

On September 20th, the algorithmic stablecoin project Fei Protocol will be added to the DeFi lending platform Aave through voting. DeFi users can use 20 tokens supported on Aave to lend FEI as collateral. The proposal stated that since FEI is an early project, FEI cannot be used as collateral, and the FEI price will be provided through the oracle Chainlink.

3. Rubic, a multi-chain DeFi platform, releases Rubic Mobile Price Widget

On September 20, Rubic, a multi-chain DeFi platform, said on Twitter that it had released Rubic Mobile Price Widget this week, allowing iOS users to follow RBC and ETH prices anytime, anywhere.

4. Solace.Fi has obtained the NEAR Foundation grant and will continue to develop the cross-chain DeFi insurance agreement

On September 19, NEAR Protocol announced on Twitter that the DeFi protocol Solace.Fi has received a grant from the NEAR Foundation. Solace.Fi will continue to develop the cross-chain DeFi insurance agreement, and plans to launch Aurora in October.


1. FTX: Plan to launch the NFT market within one month to compete with OpenSea

Golden Finance reported that Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of the crypto derivatives exchange FTX, revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that the exchange is planning to launch its own NFT market to compete with the market leader OpenSea. Brett Harrison, president of FTX.US, has informed Bloomberg that FTX is currently in a better position to launch the NFT platform in the near future because the infrastructure has been completed and is expected to be launched in about a month.

2. The total amount of OpenSea transactions in the NFT market exceeded US$6.5 billion, a record high

Golden Finance reports that according to the latest data, the total amount of OpenSea transactions in the NFT market has exceeded 6.5 billion U.S. dollars (the number of traders is approaching 630,000), setting a record high. At the time of writing, it was 6.58 billion U.S. dollars, ranking first in the NFT market by transaction volume. . In the second place is Axie Infinity , with a current total of 2.11 billion U.S. dollars (more than 640,000 traders); third is Cryptopunks, with a total of 1.31 billion U.S. dollars (4910 traders).

3. The first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Shopping Festival hosted by Alibaba will launch the NFT Moon Lucky Draw

On September 20th, the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Shopping Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Party hosted by Alibaba launched the Digital Bright Moon NFT lottery. Users can open the Taobao App and search for Taobao Chao WOO to participate in the event. The time to obtain the lucky draw code is from September 19 to September 21. The winning announcement and redemption time is from September 22 to September 23. There are a total of 999 signatures in the event. . According to the official, at 21:00 on September 21st, my country’s orbiting remote sensing satellite Jilin-1 will take photos of the Mid-Autumn Festival Moon from an altitude of 550,000 meters, and generate NFT collections through technical support provided by AntChain.

4. Futures Factory, the NFT sports shoe market, raised US$2.5 million, and Seedcamp, Stride, etc. participated in the investment

On September 20th, Futures Factory, a digital sports shoe market driven by the blockchain, announced the completion of $2.5 million in financing. Seedcamp, Stride, Voodoo co-founders, Kima Ventures and RTP Global participated in the investment. This French-based startup was established last year. It is a market that sells virtual sneakers. Users can collect these sneakers (transactions in the form of NFT) and use them on augmented reality platforms such as video games. Virtual sneakers become physical sneakers. By using NFT and augmented reality technology to “finance the production of sports shoes”, the company hopes to “make the waiting time (of sports shoes production) more interesting” and “form new interactions between consumers and brands”, to Support creators and consumers.

5. British venture capital firm Coinsilium launches NFT on the encrypted contract platform RSK

On September 20, the British venture capital firm Coinsilium (full name Coinsilium Group Limited) launched NFT Minter on the mainnet of the RSK Blockchain, an encrypted contract platform. Coinsilium said: “The launch of Minter is an important milestone in the completion of its NFT market and is currently under development.” It is expected to be completed within the first six-month timetable.

6. DCTDAO builds a cross-chain bridge between Polygon and Avalanche to connect tokens and NFT

On September 20th, the DCTDAO engineer team is building a cross-chain bridge between Polygon and Avalanche to connect tokens and NFTs, so that projects on the two chains can take advantage of each other’s ecosystem and technology. In addition, DCTDEX users will soon be able to exchange new potential liquidity on DCTEX on the Polygon blockchain. This arrangement further promotes the possibility of cross-cooperation between Polygon, Avalanche and DCTDAO projects. DCTDAO is the first Gas-less Quantum creator Proof DEX across the chain, which runs DEX DCore, Polkadot on, Moonbeam and Avalanche, renamed DCTDEX. In the current version, DCTDAO has a from Ethernet Square operable across Chain Bridge to Avalanche, the bridge cost only $ 2.

7. NFT market sales began to improve after the market fell sharply last week

On September 20th, NFT sales plummeted by 86% on September 10th from the all-time high in mid-August. The report pointed out that Opensea, the largest-selling NFT market, saw its 7-day sales decline by 52.47%. From September 10th to 13th, the sales of various NFT markets and popular series have slowed down significantly. However, a week later, NFT sales rebounded to a certain extent, and the popular market and collectibles are heating up. Statistics from show that Opensea has a transaction volume of US$62935 million, an increase of 0.94% in weekly transaction volume, and a 9.02% increase in the number of Opensea traders. Opensea is compatible with Ethereum and Polygon networks. The second largest NFT project based on the weekly trading volume on September 19 is Axie Infinity, with 7-day sales of $110.61 million.

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