DeFi Daily | DeFi total lock-up volume exceeds 150 billion US dollars, a record high

DeFi data

1. The total market value of DeFi: $147.76 billion



DeFi total market value data source: Coingecko

2. Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $4.33 billion


Source of transaction volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

3. Total borrowings of DeFi lending platform: US$28.8 billion


Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank

4.1 Assets locked in DeFi: US$104.82 billion



The top ten rankings of locked assets in DeFi projects and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

4.2DeFi locked assets on the Ethereum chain: $77.19 billion



The top ten rankings of DeFi locked assets on the Ethereum chain and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

4.3 DeFi locked assets on the BSC chain: $15.33 billion



The top ten rankings of DeFi locked assets on the BSC chain and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

4.4DeFi locked assets on the Polygon chain: $3.43 billion



The top ten rankings of DeFi locked assets on the Polygon chain and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

4.5 DeFi locked assets on the Avalanche chain: $4.69 billion



The top ten ranking of DeFi locked assets on the Avalanche chain and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

DeFi hotspot

1.Data: The total lock-up volume of the DeFi protocol on the Terra chain exceeded US$10 billion, a record high

On October 22, the data of Defi Llama showed that the total locked-up volume of the DeFi protocol on the Terra chain reached 10.08 billion U.S. dollars, a record high. At present, the top 5 public chains with locked positions are Ethereum (161.46 billion U.S. dollars), BSC (20.49 billion U.S. dollars), Solana (12.37 billion U.S. dollars), Terra (10.08 billion U.S. dollars), and Avalanche (7.58 billion U.S. dollars).

2. DeFi lending agreement Timeswap completes the seed round of financing led by Timeswap

On October 22, the DeFi lending agreement Timeswap completed the seed round of financing. MulticoinCapital led the investment, and Mechanism Capital and Defiance Capital participated in the investment. The project will launch a test version in the near future. Timeswap is a lending agreement inspired by the Uniswap AMM mechanism and adopts a three-variable AMM mechanism. The main features include: no authority (allowing anyone to create a lending pool without voting), market-driven lending interest and required collateral, fixed-term funds Pools (Fixed-term financial products such as bonds and options can be created), separate fund pools (the collapse of one fund pool will not affect other fund pools), etc.

3. The total lock-up volume of DeFi exceeded US$150 billion, a record high

According to the news on October 22, according to DeBank data, the total amount of DeFi locked in the entire network exceeded 150 billion U.S. dollars. As of yesterday, the data was 151.91 billion U.S. dollars, a record high. The current top three DeFi agreements with locked positions are PancakeSwap (US$24.5 billion), Maker (US$15.7 billion), and Curve (US$15 billion).

4. DeFi platform EQIFI launches encrypted MasterCard

Golden Finance reported that DeFi platform EQIFI announced the launch of its globally secure encrypted MasterCard. These debit cards allow platform users to use digital assets to make real-time payments in stores and online. EQIFI is supported by wealth technology innovator EQIBank. It is a regulated borderless digital bank used for encryption and traditional assets, allowing users of the DeFi platform to access a range of banking products and services. Brad Yasar, CEO of EQIFI said: “We are very happy to bring EQIFI’s debit card to our current and future users. This is an important step in combining the advantages of DeFi with mainstream, traditional banking and payment processes. Owning The tangible and tangible products that our users integrate into their daily lives indicate that DeFi is steadily changing financial practices. By combining DeFi, encryption and traditional payment tracks, the future of finance is here.

NFT hotspot

1. Tencent NFT platform Magic Core and Tencent Classroom jointly release the Ba Fu series of NFTs to celebrate 1024 Programmers’ Day

It was reported on October 22 that to celebrate the 1024 Programmer’s Day, Tencent NFT Platform Magic Core and Tencent Classroom jointly launched the Ba Fu series NFT. It is reported that this event will issue 5 types of NFTs, 500 of each type, for a total of 2500. The storage of this series of NFTs is all based on the Zhixin chain, and all are sold in the form of extraction. According to Magic Core, users who have drawn Duracell Talisman can redeem a limited edition NFT, while users who have collected 5 common NFTs can get customized T-shirts.

2.Data: Total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceeded USD 8 billion, a record high

According to the Golden Financial Report, according to the latest data, the total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceeded US$8 billion, a record high. At the time of writing this article was US$8,041,063,403, and the number of on-chain transactions was 3,575,620. In addition, the total sales on the NFT chain exceeded 12 billion U.S. dollars, and the current value is 12,146,606,738 U.S. dollars, which is also a record high. Among them, the NFT sales on the Ethereum chain are the highest, and the NFT sales on the Ronin chain rank second at 2,587,527,511 U.S. dollars.

3. NFT market Kalamat cooperates with Wert to provide credit card recharge service

According to news on October 22, Kalamat, the second largest NFT market on the Tezos network, has realized wallet recharge through Wert. Users can now top up their XTZ wallet with a credit card on the Kalamint homepage. After receiving investment from Draper Goren Holm Fund and Amesten Capital, Kalamat has now become one of the ten most used NFT markets.

4. SuperFarm, an integrated NFT platform, launches an NFT publishing platform on Immutable X

On October 22, the comprehensive NFT market platform SuperFarm announced the launch of the NFT Launchpad on the NFT two-layer solution Immutable X, and launched a detailed guide to teach users how to publish their own NFT. SuperFarm is a comprehensive NFT market platform, with NFT launchpad (NFT Launchpad), NFT mining (NFT Farming), NFT generation tools, NFT market platform and NFT social platform will also be launched.

5.Rap star Snoop Dogg and Harlem Fancy Basketball team to star in NFT sitcom

On October 22, the rap star Snoop Dogg announced that it will co-star with the Harlem Globetrotters in the NFT sitcom “Da Dogg Gone Gym”, which tells the story of the 1970s. Snoop Dogg plays the role of the basketball team. coach. The play is also accompanied by the related limited edition Snoop Dogg and Harlem basketball team’s NFT sale, exclusively available through the web portal

6. NFT game Parallel has received a $50 million investment from Paradigm

On October 22, the NFT sci-fi card game Parallel announced that it has received a US$50 million investment from Paradigm at a valuation of US$500 million. Prarllel said that previous investors in the project include YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, Focus Labs, OSS Capital and Yunt Capital. The Parallel project revolves around a fantasy storyline, telling the story of mankind fleeing space after the end of the world trying to solve the global energy crisis.

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