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DeFi data

1. The total market value of DeFi 114.112 billion US dollars


Source of top ten currency ranking data by market value DeFibox

DeFi total market value data source: Coingecko

2. Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: US$ 4.78 billion


Source of transaction volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Top 10 DEX by trading volume Source: DeFibox

3. Total borrowings of DeFi lending platform: 28 billion US dollars


Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank

Ranking of the top ten lending platforms in terms of lock-up volume. Source: DeFibox

4. Assets locked in DeFi: US$76.47 billion



The top ten rankings of locked assets in DeFi projects and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

DeFi hotspot

1.Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital launch decentralized finance (DeFi) benchmarks

Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital announced today that with the launch of Bloomberg’s Galaxy DeFi Index (stock code: DeFi), their encryption products will be expanded. At the same time as the index launch, Galaxy Digital’s fund platform Galaxy Fund Management is currently launching the Galaxy DeFi Index Fund, a passively managed fund that tracks the performance of DEFI. The benchmark aims to measure the performance of decentralized finance (DeFi) agreements through market value. It is owned and managed by Bloomberg Index Services Co., Ltd., and is co-branded with Galaxy.

2. DeFi protocol Anchor Protocol lock-up volume exceeds 3.5 billion U.S. dollars

On August 19, the fixed-rate DeFi protocol AnchorProtocol lock-up volume (TVL) exceeded US$3.5 billion, and the total value of collateral was US$2.33 billion, of which b LUNA was valued at approximately US$2.15 billion and bETH was valued at approximately US$180 million. Earlier news, AnchorProtocol announced on August 2 that it will cooperate with Lido, a pledge liquidity solution, to launch bETH, aiming to introduce non- Terra ecological assets into AnchorProtocol for the first time and expand the types and liquidity of AnchorProtocol pledges.

3. Chainlink’s DeFi price prediction machine is now live on Fantom mainnet

Chainlink’s price information oracle machine is now running on the Fantom network. Thanks to the latest integration with Chainlink, “Fantom developers can now quickly develop and expand their DeFi products and services, while users can get first-class security, reliability and availability,” said Michael Kong, Fantom’s CEO. Note: The price oracle machine is a decentralized system that can help the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform to receive real-world data, such as the prices of various cryptocurrencies.

4. Impossible Finance establishes OpenSwap as its first DeFi Launchpad project

DeFi incubator Impossible Finance raised $7 million in June and established OpenSwap as the first project of its DeFi Launchpad. OpenSwap can provide DeFi traders with a single location to access liquidity pools from multiple blockchains. Impossible Finance was launched on BSC in May. The goal is to build a network for staking, token exchange and access to liquidity pools, as well as to become an incubator for other projects. The seed round in June was funded by institutions such as CMS Holdings and Alameda Research. Investors led the investment.


1. The NFT trading platform on the IOST chain will be launched soon v1.2.0 version

According to official sources, the NFT trading platform “Renaissance” on the IOST chain will soon launch the v1.2.0 version. This version upgrade has launched the mobile terminal. Users of Bitkeep wallet and TokenPocket wallet can now officially access the mobile terminal by entering the platform URL in the Dapp browser in the wallet. In addition, this version upgrade adds a new “Share” function and optimizes the “My NFT” module. By using the “Share” function, users can share their favorite NFT works to social networks. The “My NFT” module optimizes the display methods of the works that users are selling, the works that are participating in the auction, and the works that have been sold.

2. Paris Hilton supports NFT in “The Tonight Show”

On August 19, the business tycoon Paris Hilton participated in the “Tonight Show” program on August 18. During the conversation, the host Jimmy Fallon asked her about NFT. Paris explained what NFT is in plain language and proved this trend to millions of show viewers. In addition, they also mentioned that American artist Beeple auctioned an NFT product for US$69 million in early March of this year.

3. Tencent’s NFT trading software Magic Core will be released on August 20th.

According to official news, Tencent’s NFT trading software Magic Core will work with GGAC’s co-artist Zhou Fangyuan to officially release the Digital Ethnic Illustrated Book NFT at 15:00 on August 20. It is understood that a total of 56 NFT products were issued this time, and a total of 3136 NFTs were issued, of which 112 random illustrations will be used for activities and presented to users. The rest will be sold in limited quantities and will not be issued in any form in the future. In addition, Magic Core will launch the “NTF Artist Project.”

4. The total market value of the top 100 NFT tokens by market value exceeds 25 billion U.S. dollars

Coingecko data shows that the total market value of the top 100 NFT tokens currently ranked by market value exceeds 25 billion U.S. dollars, which is approximately 25.03 billion U.S. dollars. According to the market value ranking, the current top three NFT tokens are THETA (US$6.92 billion), AXS (US$3.97 billion) and CHZ (US$1.78 billion).

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