DeFi Daily | “Astro Boy” NFT will be auctioned this fall

DeFi data

1. DeFi total market value: 116.566 billion US dollars


DeFi total market value data source: Coingecko

2. Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $2.97 billion


Source of transaction volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

3. DeFi lending platform total borrowings: 28.07 billion US dollars


Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank

4.1 Assets locked in DeFi: $79.38 billion



The top ten rankings of locked assets in DeFi projects and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

4.2 DeFi locked assets on the Ethereum chain: $58.75 billion



The top ten rankings of DeFi locked assets on the Ethereum chain and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

4.3 DeFi locked assets on the BSC chain: $12.73 billion



The top ten rankings of DeFi locked assets on the BSC chain and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

4.4 DeFi locked assets on the Polygon chain: US$3.04 billion



The top ten rankings of DeFi locked assets on the Polygon chain and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

4.5 DeFi locked assets on the Avalanche chain: $2.29 billion



The top ten ranking of DeFi locked assets on the Avalanche chain and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

DeFi hotspot

1. The average decline of the DeFi concept sector today is 1.38%

The golden financial market shows that the DeFi concept sector has an average decline of 1.38% today. Among the 47 currencies, 13 rose and 34 fell. The leading currencies were HOT (+11.42%), SWFTC (+9.78%), and WICC (+8.06%). Leading currencies are: SUSHI (-10.49%), AST (-9.18%), CRV (-8.26%).

2. Fireblocks applied to be the first whitelisted by Aave Arc

Golden Finance reports that Aave Arc, a licensed version of DeFi lending platform Aave, is preparing for its first deployment. Institutional hosting company Fireblocks has made recommendations to Aave’s governance forum to make it the first whitelisted person at the time of deployment. As a whitelister, Fireblocks will play a key role in guiding institutional investors to join the agreement, and will act as a gatekeeper to ensure that only whitelisted participants through the KYC process can participate. As previously reported, Aave Arc will enable these whitelisted participants to participate in the permitted lending pool. In addition, Aave is developing a decentralized social media protocol, hoping to launch a decentralized version of Twitter on this basis.

3. Nacho, founder of JGN: Meta universe + DeFi is the future development direction of blockchain

According to official sources, Nacho, the founder of JGN, shared decentralized technology, NFT and JGN’s upcoming meta-universe game in the Binance Smart Chain “Learn and Earn” event, and said that meta-universe + DeFi is the future of the blockchain market. Direction of development. It is reported that JGN has received investment from many well-known funds such as SoftBank UK, Goldman Sachs Canada and LD Capital, as well as official investment from Binance BSC Fund. Its subsidiary JGNnft is an NFT exchange focused on the BSC community, and has reached in-depth cooperation with many well-known artists in the industry.

4. DeFi revenue management framework Stone announced the launch of a bug bounty program on Immunefi

On September 28, the DeFi revenue management framework Stone announced the launch of a bug bounty program on Immunefi, with a maximum reward of 30,000 STN.

5. The team behind the DeFi giant whale 0xb1 address will launch a new DeFi application Fodl Finance

On September 28th, the team behind the DeFi giant whale 0xb1 address “0xb1.484 | Four Eighty Four” announced that it will launch a new DeFi application Fodl Finance in the next few weeks. The team stated that it managed the funds held in the 0xb1 address from 2020 to May 2021, and currently has nothing to do with the funds and the organization they come from. The team that operates Twitter has not changed. Fodl has been developed in the past 6 months. Finance, the agreement will provide leveraged long/short services without interest rates.

NFT hotspot

1. Facebook launches a new fund and plans to spend 50 million US dollars to help realize the meta universe

Golden Finance reports that Facebook has announced the launch of a “XR Programs and Research Fund” (XR Programs and Research Fund) to support Metaverse. It is reported that this is a two-year program to fund Facebook’s own projects and external research. Because the company is exploring the future of online social interaction. According to the announcement, this is the “starting point” of Facebook’s attempt to jointly create the future online meta-universe. The fund’s initial partners include the Organization of American States, Women in Immersive Tech, and the African organizations Electric South, Africa No Filter and Imisi3D. In addition, Facebook will also consult researchers from Seoul National University, the University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore on related work. According to Facebook, it is difficult for Metaverse to be built overnight, and many of its products may not be fully realized in the next 10-15 years.

2. MGM Pictures announced the launch of “007” NFT in cooperation with NFT platform VeVe

On September 28th, MGM Pictures announced that it will cooperate with the NFT platform VeVe to release the NFT collection of “007: No Time to Die”, which will be released next month. This will be the first NFT collection of the 007 series. Stephen Bruno, Chief Marketing Officer of MGM, said: As one of the oldest and most successful film series, “007” pursues continuous development and innovation to meet the needs of loyal audiences around the world. Previously, VeVe has reached cooperation with companies such as DC, Marvel and Universal Pictures, and launched a series of NFT sales for Marvel in August, and will also launch the “Jurassic Park” NFT later. VeVe also signed a $100 million agreement to create an art group called Rewind to help women and LGBTQ artists create NFT artworks.

3. “Astro Boy” NFT will be auctioned this fall

On September 28th, Tezuka Production announced the NFT plan “From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu” by the manga master Osamu Tezuka. The first to be released was the Astro Boy Mosaic Art NFT, which was composed of 40,000 pieces of materials cut from 4,000 pages of manga manuscripts. After the Astro Boy NFT auction this autumn, Tezuka Production will successively release NFT artworks based on the works of Osamu Tezuka.

4.CryptoPunk 9997 ended the auction at Christie’s for HK$33.85 million

On September 28th, in the No Time Like Present auction held at Christie’s, CryptoPunk 9997 was sold at a price of HK$33.85 million, far exceeding Christie’s estimated maximum transaction price of HK$6.8 million.

5. The founder of Atari will release a classic arcade-based NFT series through MakersPlace

On September 28th, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell will release the classic arcade-based Arcade OG series NFT through MakersPlace. All NFTs allow users to view in 3D through augmented reality technology. The NFT series includes five different collectibles, each depicting a different arcade cabinet.

6. NFT data aggregation platform launches NFT Drops function

On September 28th, the NFT data aggregation platform added the NFT Drops function, which aggregates related information such as Mint of NFT projects on different chains in the near future. Users can filter by date and view the price, quantity, and countdown of NFT projects. Relevant data including, websites, communities, etc. are designed to help users discover and purchase promising NFTs earlier.

7. NFT online market Zora opens casting function

On September 28, it was reported that the NFT online market Zora, which supports artwork casting, curation and collection, has opened its casting function, and anyone can cast NFT works. It was previously reported that Zora introduced a verification mechanism in February, only supporting artists to apply to join the Zora platform, and said that it will gradually improve, diversify and open the system over time.

8. Burger King and NFT platform Sweet cooperate to launch KeepIt RealMealsNFT campaign

On September 28, Burger King announced the launch of the KeepIt RealMealsNFT event in cooperation with the NFT platform Sweet. It is reported that Burger King will attach a special QR code to its 6 million lunch boxes, and users can scan to unlock related NFT collections after purchasing the burger.

9. NFT Meta universe Brokoli announced the completion of a $1.9 million financing, DAO Maker etc. participated in the investment

On September 28, NFT Metaverse Brokoli announced the completion of $1.9 million in private equity financing, DAO Maker, DinoX, Poolz, VAIOT, PolkaFoundry, Polychain Monsters, Tixl, Bridge Mutual, XCAD, Raptor Capital, ReBlock, Dweb3, Cryptokudasai and Halvings Capital Wait for the investment.

10. Bubblehouse in the NFT market completes $4 million in Pre seed round financing, with Third Kind VC leading the investment

On September 28th, Bubblehouse, the NFT market, completed a $4 million Pre seed round of financing. Third Kind VC led the investment, and SV Angel, Watertower Ventures, Soma Capital and others participated in the investment.

11.NFT farm management game Plato Farm, Bitkeep and NOTO wallet jointly reached ecological cooperation

According to official sources, Plato Farm, a NFT farm management game based on the HECO smart chain, has reached an ecological cooperation with Bitkeep and NOTO wallets, and the game NFT has been launched on the wallet. Plato Farm and its partners will integrate resources and advantages to create a new ecology of meta-universe games that is recyclable, sustainable, and earns while playing. It is reported that Plato Farm will launch a global public beta on September 28, and will launch a prize-winning activity for farm management upgrades during the public beta.

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