DeFi benchmark rate fluctuates above and below 3.25% for days

The mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market collectively rose slightly today.

DeFi benchmark rate fluctuates above and below 3.25% for days

June 2 (Xinhua) — The mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market collectively rose slightly today. As of press time, BTC is at $37,290.46, up 1.64% intraday, ETH is at $2,694.122, up 2.28% intraday, LTC is at $185.002, up 1.12% intraday; OKB is at $13.630, up 1.94% intraday; DeFi section is up generally, and the top three intraday gainers on the OKEx platform are. PERP (+17.23%), CRV (+15.95%), 1INCH (+10.97%).

OKEx trading big data shows that the total BTC contract positions today is 1.373 billion U.S. dollars, the number of long and short positions ratio is 1.47, the active selling volume exceeds the active buying volume of about 46.18 million U.S. dollars; elite positions, long accounts 47%, short accounts 47%, elite long and short average position ratio of 21.21% and 12.86% respectively.

OKEx News

[Announcement on the completion of the THETA main network upgrade to open charging and withdrawals]

OKEx official news, OKEx has completed the THETA main network upgrade, OKEx opened the THETA filling and withdrawal at 17:00 (HKT) on June 1, 2021.

[OKEx’s 12th buyback destroys about 2 million OKBs, worth about $36.15 million]

OKEx officially released an announcement today to publicize the destruction of OKB buybacks. The announcement shows that from March 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021, OKB launched a new quarter of buyback destruction. This is the 12th repurchase and destruction of OKB, a total of 2,008,753.54 OKBs were repurchased and destroyed for the secondary market, valued at approximately $36.15 million (at 90-day average price), which have been transferred to the Black Hole address. The total number of OKBs destroyed is 32,563,881.78, and the current circulation of OKBs is 267,436,118.22.

Industry News

Data] DeFi benchmark interest rate fluctuates above and below 3.25% for consecutive days

According to data from Companion, the DeFi decentralized financial benchmark rate was 3.28% on June 02, up 0.03% from the previous day. The U.S. Treasury Secured Repo Rate (Repo Rate) for the same period was 0.01%, and the difference between the two rates was 3.27%. The DeFi benchmark rate represents the ease of DeFi financing, with higher rates indicating higher financing costs and lower rates indicating lower financing costs. The interest rate differential with the Repo Rate facilitates a like-for-like comparison between DeFi and the traditional market.

[Industry] Dark Horse Comics and xNFT Protocol have entered into a strategic partnership

According to official news, Dark Horse Comics USA and xNFT Protocol recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop NFT and Metaverse metaverse games, jointly build new art forms based on the NFT market, create new business value, advance the progress of NFT and Metaverse technology, and help Dark Horse Comics’ digital transformation and development. Dark Horse Comics, founded in 1986 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Oregon, is the third largest comic book company in the U.S. after DC and Marvel, with more than 2,000 creators and more than 600 IPs with comic book rights, work adaptation rights or derivative distribution rights, including: Star Wars, Avatar, Three-Body, Game of Thrones, Iron Blood, Buffy the Ghostbuster, Aliens, Alien, RoboCop, Terminator, Hellboy, etc.; xNFT Protocol is committed to achieving rapid distribution of NFT and automated transaction protocols. xNFT Protocol has recently completed several consecutive rounds of funding, with Huobi Ventures, LD Capital, Fundamental Labs and other blockchain investment institutions Dovey Wan, founding partner of Primitive Ventures and blockchain investor, is the strategic advisor. The eco-products related to xNFT Protocol also include DigiCenter digital collection wallet, xNFT Oracle price prophecy machine, aggregation marketplace NFTMarketcap, revenue aggregator NFTBank, on-chain crypto art gallery NFTPark, etc.

【Industry】 will soon open Genesis Mining at 20:00 tonight

According to the latest news, platform will open Genesis Mining and Governance Mining tonight at 20:00 (Hong Kong time), Wavefield TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO Sun Yuchen will send 5 billion SUN tokens as rewards to Genesis Mining users, Governance Mining users and airdrop SUN to veCRV holders. is the first integrated platform for stablecoin exchange, token mining and autonomy at Wavefield TRON. is the first all-in-one platform integrating stablecoin exchange, token mining and autonomy for Wavefield TRON. Its 3pool exchange pool supports free exchange between USDT, USDJ and TUSD. SUN platform will implement token mining and platform autonomy plans one after another to open more rights and interests to the community.

Industry】Beijing Poly 2021 Spring Auction will have a special NFT digital art auction

Beijing Poly 2021 Spring Auction opened recently and announced that it will hold its first NFT digital art special auction, “Mstaverse: Digital Twins”, on June 4. “Mstaverse: Digital Twins” is Poly’s first attempt at a dedicated online auction of NFT digital artworks, which selects digital works from digital media artists and crypto artists, metaphorically in the Internet The auction features digital works by digital media artists and crypto-artists, a metaphor for how the world based on virtual technology is actively asking questions of reality in the Internet 3.0 era. Some of the artworks in this auction are from NFT’s art gallery, Neal Digital Gallery, which currently has a collection of over 200 NFT works by artists from around the world, valued at nearly $10 million. Fangible, as a one-stop shop for NFT, is offering five NFT works based on HECO chain casting in this Poly 2021 Spring Auction: Old Gods, TIMEFLIES, Tim-Burton, Theoneandtwo and Whale city.

[Opinion] CoinShares CSO: Regulators Want to Regulate Without Killing the Crypto Industry

June 2 (Bloomberg) — CoinShares Chief Strategy Officer Meltem Demirors says the $2.6 trillion market cap peak is forcing global regulators to take a serious look at cryptocurrencies, but they also don’t want to stifle a growing industry. synonymous with this industry. Uncertainty has dominated the macro environment over the past few weeks. Around the world, we are seeing regulators starting to take notice.” Commenting on the regulators’ view of the market, Demirors said that regulators want to ensure KYC and AML compliance and ensure that the market is regulated without stifling the growing crypto industry. stressed that central bank officials’ warnings about cryptocurrencies can affect market sentiment. “Sentiment determines demand, and demand determines market sentiment,” she explained. Commenting on the price movement of cryptocurrencies, Demirors believes that cryptocurrency prices will not remain flat for long, stating, “There is over $3 trillion of idle money on the sidelines in U.S. institutions alone. It will be deployed, and I can’t help but believe some of it will enter this market.”

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