DeFi and NFTs become the infrastructure of the Metaverse Economic System

The future Metaverse will be a globally unified trust economic system based on algorithmic trust, dominated by the decentralized financial industry formed by a large number of decentralized organizations, and can influence and determine the first and second global reality. Second, the tertiary industry.

The social sciences are also sciences, and can even be said to belong to the “natural sciences”. Many big questions in the social sciences involve cause and effect, and this year’s award shows that the research methods of natural experimentation can be used to answer related questions.

Nihilism is the cognition of many people, just like the process of falling a stone and falling in the middle, they will think that it does not exist. They only think that the stone exists.

This summer, non-fungible tokens, that is, NFTs, suddenly exploded. An NFT avatar can sell for tens of millions of dollars, and various NFT projects continue to emerge. Last summer, decentralized finance, that is, DeFi, suddenly emerged and continued Various DeFi projects have sprung up. Even more ingeniously, the Metaverse also exploded in “concept” in the second half of this year.

If someone mentions the Metaverse in the first half of the year, it is estimated that no one will pay special attention. All this shows that, technically and systematically, we are moving forward step by step. Of course, it can also be assumed that human evolution is moving forward in a certain track, but I prefer to understand all this from the perspective of biological evolution. That is to say, the development of human society is not an inevitable step of development, but continuous breakthroughs in technology and applications at all levels, and then at a certain critical stage, all breakthrough technologies and applications will be “integrated as a whole” , and then enter a new stage.

The large-scale deployment of NFT and DeFi technologies and applications lays the foundation for the Metaverse.Here, DeFi is decentralized finance. In the Metaverse economic system, the first, second, and third industries in the global reality are dominated by the decentralized financial industry, which can influence and determine the global reality. NFT, the Metaverse identity system, maps the real society and forms a Metaverse social network.

The large-scale deployment of NFT and DeFi technologies and applications lays the foundation for the Metaverse. In the future Metaverse, in addition to the virtual reality experience, the first thing that should be formed is the Metaverse economic system. The future Metaverse will be a globally unified trust economic system based on algorithmic trust, dominated by the decentralized financial industry formed by a large number of decentralized organizations, and can influence and determine the first and second global reality. Second, the tertiary industry.

The Metaverse of the future world is not the absence of an imaginary world, and the Metaverse economy will precede the Metaverse experience. The virtual reality games we see now are only the tertiary industry of entertainment, but in fact, they may penetrate into the secondary industry of manufacturing and the primary industry of agriculture in the future.

The Metaverse is now in a chaotic period, and the three core infrastructures of the Metaverse: identity, mapping, and experience have not really developed. Now as long as these three directions are in contact, there will be huge capital attraction. The information industry is transitioning to a trust industry, and the upgrading and evolution of all these industries are driven by technological revolution.

The Tang and Song Dynasties were the pinnacle of poetry and calligraphy in Chinese history, and should also be the pinnacle of human humanity in the world. I think it might imply that the Tang and Song Dynasties were also the most prosperous periods of human rule in history. Whether the rule of man, the rule of law or the future algorithmic governance is itself the evolution of human society. Each mode will have a curve of budding, development, peak, and decline. The current algorithmic governance is still in its infancy for human society.

Demonstrating NFTs online and verifying ownership can now be part of a new reputation system. The NFT verification function announced by Twitter may be followed by other social media, such as Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc. In this way, a pattern in which Ethereum is the background of the entire time and space is formed. This is how Web2 and Web3 are integrated. Web2 has not been annexed and replaced, but has become a part of Web3. These well-known social media have become as different as the one on the earth today. Countries, and Ethereum is the Earth.

Other sidechains or public chain NFTs will not be adopted by mainstream social media. Others can only exist as earth satellites. Because they will not be adopted by mainstream social media for the time being, they may be equivalent to earth satellites in the future. The estimate that can become the moon is BSC. .

The news of Coinbase NFT once again stimulated the NFT boom. Not only did NFT not collapse, but the popularity began to increase. The next climax may exceed 1 billion US dollars in daily trading volume. Various tycoons have challenged Opensea, and the cyclical law of the bull market is likely to stimulate Opensea to really issue coins this year.

It seems that many NFTs are related to the proof of work of people. For example, Coinbase is now pulling people’s heads, as well as chatting, or other behaviors of judging people. It has a bit of the characteristics of previous behavior mining.There are various indications that the application of NFT will have a strong relationship with social interaction and interpersonal relationships. Human workload proof is the main mode of the NFT consensus mechanism. The current invitation and chat cannot be algorithmized. It is a very early rough practice, but I think algorithmic human workload proof will appear soon. In fact The essence here is decentralized identity.

Intellectual property pledge, good idea pledge, IP pledge may be solved in the future through the NFT-DeFi model. The key is that it can be quantified through tokens and the liquidity problem can be solved through DeFi.

I saw someone summarize: There is an obvious trend now, and gamefi basically doesn’t need a pool. I think the purpose of Yichi is to send money and let big capital come in. Big capital will bring more retail investors, which is used to drive traffic.Now GameFi itself has its own traffic, so there is no need to spend more money to buy this traffic. As long as there is the ability to attract traffic, other types of projects will not be in the pool.

Since last year’s Bitcoin halving, DeFi has also ushered in a boom. By the end of the year, after Bitcoin exceeded 20,000 USD, many old-fashioned projects began to rise. Among them, Dogecoin was the most ferocious, and Dogecoin followed. SHIB is the biggest winner, and the BSC ecosystem of Binance Smart Chain has also begun to explode. Looking at it now, in the past year or so, the real DeFi winners must be Changpeng Zhao and SBF. Or to put it directly, Binance should now “push” the Ethereum mainnet + BSC imitation Opensea, a completely independent project, follow up with Coinbase NFT, and the NFT market as a whole will also be driven.

On a more extreme note, Binance should now “push” the Ethereum NFT market. In fact, Binance has a wider layout than Coinbase, and many of them have already achieved results. The Binance ecosystem has been formed. So he should go further into the sphere of influence of Ethereum applications (not just BSC).

Success is the mother of success. On the one hand, success is the cornerstone of the next success, regardless of capital accumulation or experience accumulation. On the other hand, it is the power of “gathering” itself. Whether it is a gathering of popularity or a gathering of funds, the bigger it is, the more it tends to gather, and it gets bigger and bigger. This is determined by the properties of things that reduce entropy.

Therefore, we will see that the founders of projects who often start through a breakthrough will not just flash a meteor in the future. Even if the project is a meteor, people will come up with a lot of explosive projects one after another, and they will become bigger and bigger. , getting richer. This is the case with most project founders who once shined. Even if some of them lost their voices later, in fact, they either changed their families or started other projects anonymously, because they mastered the traffic password through an explosion, and with the password, Countless explosive items can be created.

In the same way, this is especially true for popular actors or singers. Good actors and singers can continuously launch popular movies and TV series and songs, and some can launch large-scale projects even after disappearing for many years.In the final analysis, it is through the first explosion that the secret of activating the flow password is mastered, whether it is the flow of information or the flow of funds.

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