Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

First of all, Decentraland virtual world entrance, here will lead everyone into the virtual world entrance. Decentraland is based on Ethereum, so the account login system is all Ethereum addresses. It can log on to decentralized platforms based on Ethereum applications without registering an account on each platform.

Minutes of the meeting

Time: July 7, 2021 (Wednesday) Guosheng Securities 2021 Mid-term Capital Market Summit-Sub-forum 6: Meta universe: Between the real and the virtual

Moderator: Song Jiaji, Assistant to the Director, Dean of Guosheng Blockchain Research Institute

Guest speaker: Navigator DCL China pilot

Minutes of the meeting

Due to the epidemic problem, I did not share with you on the spot. I hope that the theme I brought to you today is the most exciting. The theme I bring today is Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the metaverse. Thanks to Decentraland Song and Guosheng Blockchain. Opportunities provided by the research team.

Before the official start of today’s biggest easter egg, there is an official announcement. I am called Navigator. The meaning of this name is like Internet 123 navigation. My goal is to take everyone into the 3D virtual world and be a leader for everyone.

Now everyone sees that the picture is the virtual headquarters of Guosheng Blockchain Research Institute, which has been prepared for more than a month. Today, it is equivalent to officially launching. Our building is divided into the first floor and the second floor. Now switch to our virtual world, let’s take a look.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Now everyone sees the effect of this page is Decentraland Guosheng virtual headquarters, now I switch my avatar to say hello to everyone. Currently standing next to me are lovers of meta-universes from all over the world, and you can see that they wear different clothes.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

I will officially take everyone into it. On this page, you can see that there are 15 people in the virtual headquarters at the same time. There is a POAP in this corner, which proves that you have participated in this activity. On the first floor, there is a Guosheng mascot to welcome us into the virtual headquarters and give a brief introduction to the virtual building of Guosheng Foundation. You can see the latest research report of Guosheng Blockchain Research Institute next to it. After opening it, you can jump to the web page to view it. Next to it is the basic introduction of Guosheng Securities Blockchain Research Institute, including CCTV’s interview with Dean Song. You can see Guosheng’s research report on Metaverse next to it, and we can select one of the reports to see its corresponding link.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Now let’s go to the second floor of the Virtual Research Department. The second is their live broadcast and studio hall (road show hall), where you can watch Guosheng live broadcast activities, and everyone can promote it on a global scale. Let me switch the audio now, and let’s play a promotional video for everyone.

(Video link: BBC Interview with Decentraland-Million Dollar Virtual Land Sales

The above is the promotional video of Decentraland. There will be a video of the interview with Bill Gates in 1995

(Https://, why is this video played? This video actually wants to answer all questions about the Internet and blockchain, including why 3D is needed, let’s take a look.

Just now, the video of Bill Gates is also about some topics that we are often asked about when we do blockchain or meta-universe. Use this video to explain everything. In 2017, the Decentraland platform launched a global crowdfunding campaign, raising a total of 21 million U.S. dollars. Each piece of land was auctioned at 1,000 MANA. In 2017, more than 100 million MANA was destroyed. Unfortunately, I also saw Decentraland land sales in 2017. At that time, I didn’t get the concept of meta-universe and the connotation of meta-universe, so unfortunately I missed the auction process at that time.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Let me show you Decentraland again at the end of 2020. You will see that scenes have been deployed on many coordinate points. According to our current statistics, the land use rate has probably reached 20%, and this is only the data as of the end of last year.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

The picture below is a heat map of a city that we often see. Decentraland has a heat map for May. You can see that there will be many people in different locations in Decentraland to participate in our activities in May. Among several hot spots, the first is Genesis Square. The second is Crypto Valley. The third is about the internationally renowned NFT 3D art gallery. This is the basic data, so that you can intuitively understand what stage Decentraland is currently developing.

The reason why I was fortunate to talk to you about Metaverse today may also be due to the fact that Roblox was listed this year, and at the same time I found the history of Metaverse connotation. I also Baidu and found that Metaverse has been mentioned in the novel “Avalanche” the concept of. Everyone’s most intuitive association with Metaverse will immediately think of “Top Player” and in addition to novels and movies, but they lack an action to confirm the authority. Fortunately, why did V God create Ethereum in the first place? It is also because in 2012 that he himself liked playing “World of Warcraft” very much, and his account weakened its role in an upgrade, so the Ethereum mainnet went online three years later to solve the problem of right confirmation.

Technically, I want to use the basic social methods from 2G to 5G to understand what social networking looks like in the case of 5G. For example, in 2G, everyone is sending text messages. I used to remember that it was called texting porridge. In the 3G era, everyone can send voices. People don’t like to write text anymore, but send voices to chat. 4G is the emergence of Douyin. I used to look at Moments of Friends, but now I basically don’t look at Moments, but use Douyin. 5G will bring VR scene-based social interaction, integrating text, voice, video, and immersive elements in it. This is also the triggering event that we can share the meta-universe together today. On March 10 this year, Roblox was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is Decentraland? The decentralized virtual world created on Ethereum is also the virtual world most in line with the meta-universe form. Decentraland, I personally understand that if you apply the product line of the Internet era, you can imagine it as the future 3D version of Taobao or the 3D version of Douyin, and even the 3D version of digital real estate development (3D Vanke) in the future. What is Decentraland positioning? The game has the development logic of the game, including its storyline level setting. I understand that Decentraland should be more of a virtual social space or a virtual living space.

There is a person’s needs, but there are actually ways to satisfy them in the virtual world. Here I have summarized basic necessities, food, housing, transportation, entertainment, shopping, entertainment, art, and engineering. I will show you what stage Decentraland is in now with the above keywords. Is it still only in the land sale stage, or is there already a wealth of content and activities?

First of all, Decentraland virtual world entrance, here will lead everyone into the virtual world entrance. Decentraland is based on Ethereum, so the account login system is all Ethereum addresses. It can log on to decentralized platforms based on Ethereum applications without registering an account on each platform.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

You can see an avatar in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, there will be a page to change the avatar’s clothes and the number of MANA held. There is a bottom to switch the night scene mode and UR change. You can add basic functions such as friends and voice chat on the left.

Now we have officially entered the virtual world scene. This is called Tianchi in Decentraland because it is in mid-air and there is a place for swimming. First of all, here, you will see hot spots, for example, you can view them at the same time. Now there is a scene where 62 people are online at the same time, and there is a scene where 33 people are online at the virtual headquarters of Guosheng Research Institute. There will be an introduction to the activities being held and upcoming events in the virtual world next to it. After clicking, you can have a detailed introduction and immediately jump into the corresponding coordinates.

There are also popular attractions in Decentraland next to it. Here you can jump from the diving platform to the lobby. There are some infrastructures and there are flying virtual buses to sit on and browse the virtual world. Now we sit up and give you a simple experience.

Decentraland will also have an event publishing platform, where you can see upcoming events and events that are being prepared in real time. The person wearing a mask in the lower right corner, he has created an NFT for sale on our disaster relief platform. He is currently in the state of creation. He himself is sick in the hospital and hopes to get some treatment fees through NFT.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Now I mentioned the basic needs of people from just now. Clothing, Decentraland platform can trade NFT wearable devices (skins), there will be Chinese lion dance costumes, shoes, and gas masks. Here is our avatar wearing different kinds of clothes, and they are more individual. Among them, the white suit is the fashion brand in the meta universe in the virtual world (virtual fashion brand RTFKT). This fashion brand is currently the first influential in the meta universe, and more virtual fashion brands will appear in the future. .

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Food, in March and April this year, one of the community operators set up a pizza shop in Decentraland, where you can place an order to buy pizza. At that time, due to logistics and distribution issues, it restricted only users in the United States from being able to make pizza. Delivery, but I believe that in the future, more service providers will be able to open up the industry chain and deliver the next pizza in the 3D world to the real world.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Live, there are virtual housing transactions in Decentraland, and I myself have done some virtual houses and virtual apartments. There are more than ten virtual houses sold, and the profit margin is about 90% based on cost and sales price, which should also be in line with the level of profitability of the gaming industry.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Yes, in Decentraland, a variety of virtual vehicles are provided, such as hot air balloons, flying cars, sports cars, and portals, so that it is convenient for the avatar to browse in different scenes.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Entertainment, Decentraland will have virtual equipment for playgrounds and bars. We held a virtual World Cup last year. Here I will show you the video of the opening ceremony of the virtual World Cup.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

First of all, everyone sees the virtual World Cup. There are also playgrounds and bars here. There is a DCL WORLD, which has basic tour equipment such as roller coasters and slings. Everyone can play in it. From last year to this year, we have successively held nearly 20 virtual concerts, and invited stars/DJs in the United States and internationally. Here is one of the screen recordings. In addition to DJ performances, we also set off fireworks and dance on the spot.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

There are two types of shopping. The first is to purchase virtual goods directly on 2D web pages. The second is to log in to Metaverse and you can see 3D. These clothes are Christmas commemorative costumes launched at Christmas. The masks on the left hand side are from a fundraising event between us and BI in March 2020. For the masks purchased by everyone in the virtual world, the cost of your purchase will go to the relief fund for the epidemic. At that time, this event also received a lot of attention. attention.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

In the virtual shopping area, in addition to the virtual mall, we also have some service providers to build a sales mall around Decentraland, and then he sells the sales mall to the land holder, and the land holder buys the mall model and sells it. Wearing clothing can be divided into.

You, this is the scene of the monster-playing game we did during Christmas last year. The following game scene is familiar to everyone, and it is also hotter in NFT games. Now its game live broadcast will be conducted in Decentraland. This location is their own dedicated 3D world game live broadcast lobby. At the same time, we also have event-based games, such as the Rainbow Parade, which is a gay-themed parade party event, where there will also be exclusive gay-themed wearable costumes.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

There are also some world famous historical sites and historical scenes in the tour. The scene everyone sees is the historical scene of Chongqing Beipei. This is the scene of the Lotus Temple in India. They hold temple-based activities every week.

In terms of art, there are virtual galleries and virtual avatars to visit inside. At the same time, there is an art gallery with a pixel chain. Let me add that Metaverse has simple pixel-level effects. Decentraland is a backward compatible pixel model. This gallery is built with pixels and combined Modeling low-poly customized things are made.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Learning, there is a university town in Decentraland, and there is now a VR Academy class in the virtual world, where VR technology knowledge is taught, of course, a diploma in the virtual world will be provided later, these are all possible.

Decentraland: the explorer of the virtual territory of the meta-universe

Workers, we will have a lot of work scenarios, for example, the virtual headquarters of some companies will be opened in Decentraland. Now everyone sees that in addition to the official release of Guosheng today, imToken and Babbitt will be officially launched in March and May, including continuing to hold some activities, which are about domestic, of course, we will also launch other brands one after another.

In terms of work, there are often live conferences, such as a celebration in our open-air music venue. Here we invited the founder of Decentraland blog to share with you. At the same time, there are also jobs in the virtual world. Now there is a business in Decentraland. I don’t want to say the name, but it employs nearly 20 customer service avatars in the Decentraland virtual world for language communication and guiding services. In June, we held the first virtual job fair. World-renowned blockchain companies also conduct recruitment activities on our platform, from financial to NFT, digital real estate investment and other related companies to conduct virtual recruitment.

This page needs to be supplemented by your own brains, but I can tell you in advance that there is an embassy abroad that is going to be built in our Decentraland, including domestic landmark agricultural products or national geographical indications, and museums will also be built. inside.

Decentraland’s core competitiveness has three points: The first is a high community consensus, which is actually a high degree of user recognition and many loyal fans. Decentraland is a blockchain project that survived in 2017. Secondly, it is also the largest investment institution in the gray-scale blockchain industry, and we are also one of its investment products. At present, the Decentraland community has about 600,000 users worldwide, and it is currently the highest in the global blockchain meta-universe project. The second is that Dao is for governance, giving all the power of community governance to the community, which currently belongs to the Decentraland Dao Fund. After entering the DAO page, everyone can make proposals, and the community holding MANA can vote on proposals, and the foundation acts as an executive agency to assist in the implementation of community functions. The third is the rich content format and the largest number. Food, clothing, housing, transportation, entertainment, shopping, entertainment, engineering and administration, you can see that Decentraland has a very rich format and the most content in the industry. On the right hand is the launch of the Muskron spacecraft, and we did a virtual live broadcast.

Decentraland’s future planning. From February last year to now, our core is doing content, because we believe that rich content and bringing excellent projects in the blockchain to Decentraland are our core competitiveness. In the second phase, the client will be launched to facilitate users to enjoy Decentraland anytime, anywhere. The third stage is to make the VR part of the immersion at the end of this year to next year.

What opportunities does the meta universe have? The first track is the VR portal platform and the VR virtual world. Including when communicating with a fund partner on Sunday, the first project he wanted to invest in was Decentraland, and it also hoped to find more VR worlds as their first track investment target. There are also some supporting tracks, such as digital real estate investment. There is a digital real estate investment fund in the United States. This fund just acquired about 259 plots of land in our Decentraland on June 18 this year, which is 1.2 million MANA equivalent to 1 million US dollars. This amount is the largest amount of land transactions in the secondary market. The US agency also wants to acquire more digital real estate, so digital real estate investment is also an opportunity.

The second is the navigation platform of the virtual world to introduce scenic spots and guide everyone to popular scenic spots.

The third is that virtual events can be held. Since last year, I have held 521 gatherings every Friday night. The simple understanding is to organize everyone to go to the new Decentraland scene at 21:00 every Friday night. I also hope that 521 can become a virtual holiday in the future. After all, I have been busy for a week. I will experience another life in another world at 21:00 on Friday night.

The fourth is content construction and operation. Like Douyin, which has incubated many Internet celebrity brands, the 3D world will definitely have its own virtual fashion brands in the future. You can see that ARTIST has launched a co-branded virtual model.

The fifth is the global e-commerce rhapsody after the epidemic, such as 3D digital shopping malls, which are completed through 3D printing factories.

Decentraland now has a UGC funding program, which is equivalent to 100 million yuan. Anyone who builds content for Decentraland can apply for this fee. It can be a house, a piece of clothing, or a game. Nothing. problem. We will have DAO governance to review your plan, and after the review, there will be a funding subsidy, up to 20,000 yuan. In addition to funding, we also have a wealth of UGC development tools, including support for buildings, wearable devices, and a large library of materials.

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