Decentral Games New Year’s Eve Carnival and Ou Yi welcome the New Year in Metaverse


On December 31, 2021, Ouyi sponsored Decentral Games to hold a New Year’s Eve carnival party to welcome the arrival of the New Year in the world of Metaverse.

The Metaverse originated from the science fiction novel “Avalanche”, which describes a virtual space parallel to the real world and introduces the operational logic of the real world into the digital virtual world. Today, it has become a new hot spot that the world pays attention to. Southern Weekend wrote in its 2022 New Year’s speech that Metaverse has blurred the virtual and reality; CCTV has also reported on the concept of Metaverse many times; when Zuckerberg changed Facebook’s name to Meta and announced its full entry into Metaverse, it marked the end of Metaverse. Become the future of the new world.

CCTV reports that buying land and houses in Metaverse is like a virtual version of the real world. As a pioneer in the field of encrypted assets, Ouyi is also actively deploying in the field of Metaverse. In order to promote the landing of Metaverse, Ouyi launched a tens of millions of dollars fund to promote the Metaverse plan, through a series of measures such as special investment funds, GameFi topics, fast coin listing channels, and GameFi project incubators to help outstanding projects in the fields of Metaverse, GameFi, etc. Accelerate growth.

At present, the Ouyi NFT section has been connected to the NFTs of many popular Metaverse projects such as CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, Sanbox, etc., allowing users to easily purchase the land and items in the Metaverse project.


The Ouyi NFT platform ( is a one-stop decentralized trading platform focusing on the NFT field launched by Ouyi and it has the primary market. A comprehensive NFT trading platform with three main functions: NFT Primary, NFT Market, and popular NFT projects. It has many advantages such as zero handling fee, low usage threshold, good ease of use, and suitable for novice transactions.

Decentral Games

Decentral Games (DG) is a Metaverse native game DAO, which built the “play while earning” game ICE Poker, and became the first DAO to own, manage and virtual land. In this DAO, Decentral Games holders can vote on fund management and development plans, and continue to grow the ecosystem of Decentral Games.

Since the launch of $DG in December 2020, Decentral Games has rapidly pioneered and innovated in the domain of Web 3.0, exploring future games and entertainment activities. Through the decentralized DAO, token holders are gradually given some dominance, so that community users can offer suggestions and actively promote the development of the project.

With the launch of the “play while earning” game ICE Poker, DG has also been recognized by the pioneers in this field because of this game. In addition to exploring wearable NFTs, ICE Poker has also gained a lot of users’ attention.

To narrate the wonderful deeds of Decentral Games in 2021, we have to mention the speed of its venue expansion. In the past 12 months, Decentral Games has been able to proficiently operate some Metaverse games and entertainment venues, including the Tominoya game hall, which is now a famous landmark in Decentraland Vegas, and the venue opened together with the representative game brand Atari. And the digital concert hall established in cooperation with the famous concert hall brand Amnesia Ibiza.

Metaverse New Year’s Eve celebration party

To welcome the coming of the new year, Decentral Games will hold a worldwide Metaverse New Year’s Day celebration party in Decentraland on December 31. The world’s largest crypto asset service provider, Ou Yi, is the sponsor of this event.


The New Year’s Eve celebration party brings together a lineup of outstanding artists-Cristy Lawrence, Fluencee, Rich DietZ and Medii, who will perform in this New Year’s Eve party.

Of course, Decentral Games will also have a 24-hour NFT treasure hunt game, and will give away $10,000 worth of $DG during the game. Users in different time zones can watch the fireworks at 00:00 (subject to the local time zone 00:00).Welcome the new year with joy at 12 o’clock in the morning on December 31st, watch fireworks, listen to music, watch NFT art exhibition, treasure hunt, and win wearable gifts and airdrops!



Start time: December 31, 2021, 8:00am (HKT)

End time: 8:00am on January 1, 2021 (HKT)

From: Friday, 31 Dec at 12:00am UTC

To: Saturday, 01 Jan at 12:00am UTC

Event prizes:

-POAP: 10,000 event attendance certification badges are first-come, first-served, participate in the event and click the claim button on the POAP machine to receive

-NFT: Users who join during the event and collect all POAPs located around the Decentral Games space will receive free wearable devices (one set of free wearable devices will be distributed for each ETH address)

-Airdrop of $DG worth 10,000 USD

Participate in the strategy:

1. Open the active link (Decentraland can only log in at the PC terminal at present, and it is best to log in with a high-configuration device) 


2. Click “Jump IN” at the bottom of the page


3. Connect to the wallet


4. Enter the scene


5. Find the device shown in the picture below in the space, click the purple button in the middle to get POAP


6. Confirm whether you have received POAP on

Some people say that 2021 is the first year of the Metaverse. At the end of 2021, Ouyi sponsored Decentral Games to organize a New Year’s Eve carnival party to let more people understand the metaverse, participate in the metaverse, and better welcome the new era of the metaverse. In the future, Ouyi will continue to promote the construction of the underlying foundation of the Metaverse and jointly build a new future for the Metaverse. Everyone is welcome to join us and send 2021 farewell in the blockchain Metaverse, and welcome a better year 2022!

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