DCE realizes the first application of digital RMB in the futures market

The Dalian Commodity Exchange recently paid storage fees to the delivery warehouse Dalian Liangyun Group Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. in the form of digital renminbi, realizing the first application of digital renminbi in the futures market.

Since Dalian became a national digital RMB pilot city, DCE has actively responded to promote the in-depth integration of the digital economy and the futures market. With the support of relevant depository banks and delivery warehouses, it has efficiently completed the construction of the digital RMB payment storage fee scenario. , Compliance demonstration and process design and other preliminary work, and the successful implementation of the Dalian branch of the Bank of Communications and the Dalian branch of the Bank of China recently, the first to form an innovative application model of digital renminbi in the futures field.

Jiang Bin, manager of Dalian Liangyun Group Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., said that compared with traditional bank remittance payment methods, digital renminbi payment for storage fees has free handling fees, facilitates real-time inquiry of payment progress, and business processing is not subject to large-value payment systems. With the advantages of time constraints and other advantages, DCE’s business innovation has provided convenience for enterprises while cooperating with the promotion of digital RMB.

The relevant person in charge of the bank participating in this business innovation said that the digital renminbi is programmable and has unique advantages in the field of financial support innovation. It currently covers multiple scenarios such as people’s livelihood, education, green finance, and online consumption. This first application of related businesses in the futures market provides futures exchanges and market participants with high-efficiency, zero-cost, safe and convenient payment options through zero-fee, real-time inter-bank payment, and future business model innovation There will be a lot to do in this regard.

The relevant person in charge of DCE said that the promotion of digital renminbi is of far-reaching significance for the coordinated and high-quality development of my country’s technology, economy, and society. This business landing reflects DCE’s active exploration in the process of building a digital RMB ecosystem, and is also another important measure of DCE to facilitate the collection and payment of warehouse storage fees and practice “I do practical things for the people”. In the future, DCE will steadily promote related business innovations and gradually explore and expand the use of digital renminbi under the premise of ensuring the safe and stable operation of the market.


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