Darknet “Silk Road” boss is planning to be released from prison through DAO?

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It is not surprising for many people to use Bitcoin to pay wages, but if you use Bitcoin to buy drugs, how do you think this behavior should be recognized in society?

Then let’s think about it again, if a person is in jail, can the followers of his cryptocurrency help him get out of prison as soon as possible through DAO?

Today, the old yuppie brings you the current state of Ross Ulbricht. Yes, this famous darknet leader is also looking forward to the development of the encryption field. Unlike most people who just want to make money, in addition to making money with DAO, people may also get freedom.

Darknet "Silk Road" boss is planning to be released from prison through DAO?

Ross Ulbricht has been trying to keep a busy state.

Currently held in a high-security federal prison in Tucson, Arizona, the man notorious for creating one of the shady marketplaces on the internet reads and writes about artificial intelligence and physics every day Articles about crypto and blockchain technology. He also meditates, teaches GED classes, and pencils dreamy sketches of his life in prison. “Decades of imprisonment unfold before me,” Ulbricht wrote in a Medium post in November. “As I face the future, where I will eventually grow old and die in this cage, I find myself searching for meaning and purpose.”

Ulbricht is currently serving two life sentences plus 40 years for founding and running Silk Road, a darknet marketplace for drugs, fake driver’s licenses and other contraband. Silk Road was arguably the first major use case for cryptocurrencies, as transactions were made using Bitcoin to make it harder to trace. Founded in 2011, the site had grossed more than $200 million in gross sales before it was shut down by the FBI in 2013 and Ulbricht was arrested. Prosecutors claim that at least six of the deaths were caused by drugs sold through Silk Road.

Ulbricht’s family, friends and fans of the cryptocurrency community have launched a years-long campaign to demand his release, arguing that the sentence is disproportionate to the crime. “There’s nothing about violence, it’s just a horrible over-sentence,” his mother Lynn Ulbricht said recently, with celebrities backing the cause, such as Pussy Riot’s co-founder Nadya Tolokonnikova. “I myself went to jail for nonviolent crimes. I have seen firsthand how people’s lives have been shattered by the war on drugs,” she wrote in an email. When I learned about Rose’s situation, it became clear to me that he should not have a double life time, which is simply unjust. “

Despite the ongoing campaign and publicity, Ulbricht’s case hit a wall. In 2018, the Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal. Former President Donald Trump also reportedly considered pardoning Ulbricht in the final weeks of his term, but did not follow through.

With Ulbricht’s path to freedom increasingly elusive, there is now a group of people who believe that cryptocurrency, the technology Ulbricht uses to run the site, will send him to jail, and may be the key to finally getting him out. In December, thousands of people joined a Discord server to form FreeRossDAO.

Perhaps most notorious is the ConstitutionDAO, which raised $47 million from 17,000 people late last year in an attempt to win a copy of the U.S. Constitution at auction. Another group, SpiceDAO, raised $3 million to win the bid for filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s November adaptation of the failed “Dune” manuscript, but it was later removed due to members’ apparent misunderstanding of copyright law. The ambition to make an animated series seems doomed.

Crypto proponents say DAOs remove the need for centralized leadership and allow organizations to operate from the bottom up, with everyone involved. On paper, this sounds like a powerful tool for egalitarian grassroots movements. But can DAOs really free people from prisons? After this idea appeared, the old yuppie was also full of question marks.

Like ConstitutionDAO and SpiceDAO, FreeRossDAO was created to purchase one item at auction – Ulbricht’s collection of paintings. For years, Ulbricht had been mailing paintings to his mother from prison, and she had also been curating his work growing up. “I went through the boxes that I had kept for years. He had a lot of works when he was a kid,” Lin said. She had been selling the artwork as posters on the campaign’s website to raise money, but one of Ulbricht’s supporters was quick to contact her, suggesting he make an NFT for them. There was an NFT auction at Art Basel Miami in December.

Darknet "Silk Road" boss is planning to be released from prison through DAO?

For those who cannot invest millions in NFTs, FreeRossDAO is a way to combine funds with others. In exchange for donating to the DAO, donors will receive a corresponding amount of cryptocurrency tokens, or FREE, which act as a vote in the organization’s subsequent decisions, such as what to do with NFTs or excess funds. FreeRossDAO ended up raising $12.5 million, winning the NFT for $6.2 million. Proceeds from the auction will pay for lawyers, political advisers and public relations representatives hired by the Ulbricht family, as well as his efforts to support children whose parents are incarcerated. “In order to bring this into the spotlight and get support, there are all kinds of expenses involved,” Lim said. Some of the money is currently being put in a donor-advised fund, while Ulbricht’s close contacts are researching charities that support the well-being of incarcerated people.

So step 1 worked: RossDAO has successfully transferred $6 million to Ross Ulbricht’s family to fund their efforts. But what exactly should the second step be?

After winning the auction, FreeRossDAO is in an awkward position, not knowing what to do next. The DAO’s manifesto articulates three goals:

“1. We will help release Ross. 2. Advance prison reform. 3. We will share Ross’s work with the world and give everyone a unique opportunity to own it.”

Right now, the DAO is trying to figure out how exactly it can keep trying to do all of these things. “To be honest, our buying of NFTs has been very strong, but it has slowed down a lot,” said René Pinnell, one of Ulbricht’s childhood friends who is now the DAO’s “head of business.” “FreeRossDao is different from most because it’s about a real human life and we want to be thoughtful and very careful about the actions we take,” he said.

Pinnell and other administrators have been poring over Discord chats and voting on members on ideas for initiatives to do what to do with the DAO’s remaining $6 million. There are working groups — libraries, NFTs, media/marketing, operations — where members draft proposals based on their specialties. The proposals then go through an approval process that makes the old yuppie feel like the process of making a bill into law.

Pinnell first submitted the proposal to an advisory committee made up of Ulbricht’s mother, fiancé, friends and lawyers. If two or more of them vote against it, it will be downvoted. “They’re really just there to make sure we don’t do anything reckless because they’re the people who know the case best and know Ross better than anyone else,” Pinnell said. If approved, the proposal will be voted on among token holders. Some of the upcoming proposals include funding a documentary series on Ulbricht, donating to criminal justice reform charities, and selling NFTs from other inmates’ artwork. Both Pinnell and Lyn believed that Ulbricht’s best chance for freedom would be for President Biden to grant him clemency, so the DAO was primarily considering initiatives to raise awareness of his case.

Darknet "Silk Road" boss is planning to be released from prison through DAO?

As with any governance system, certain vulnerabilities are immediately apparent in FreeRossDAO. For example, members join for a variety of different reasons, not necessarily to free Ulbricht. If you read Discord, it does seem that there are some members who are obsessed with making money and grappling with the falling value of resaleable FREE tokens, and while the purpose of a DAO is to decentralize, sometimes an authority has to make an administrative decision or guide the groups to make sure it stays on track.

One way Pinnell is doing is prioritizing proposals that best meet the goals of freeing Ulbricht and advancing prison reform. “There are so many different stakeholders and so many different functions in the DAO, and it’s my job to balance these sometimes competing concerns and focus the DAO’s energies on recommendations and actions that will help Ross,” he said. Another weakness is the existence of “whales,” those who buy a large share of tokens and thus have excess voting power. Pinnell thinks the problem might be solved with quadratic voting, which involves taking the square root of the number of tokens to stake in determining voting rights.

While it has some issues to work out, interviewees still maintain that the DAO is one of the most effective tools to unleash Ulbricht, especially when compared to traditional charities or campaign groups. “Traditional charities, foundations, trusts, they’re not very accessible. They’re highly centralized and have a board that makes all the decisions.” Pinnell added that joining a DAO is easier than joining a charity because it only requires Buy some FREE tokens or join Discord. Tolokonnikova is also a member of FreeRossDAO and helped build its infrastructure, DAOs have proven to be a more effective fundraising mechanism. “The chances of raising more than $10 million in just a few days through more traditional sources are slim, not impossible, but less likely.”

Lyn admits she doesn’t “fully understand” cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but she has been counting on the community in her fight to free her son. “Ross is acknowledged by many as a pioneer of the entire cryptocurrency movement,” she said, though she added that he advised her not to buy bitcoin when it was cheap because of its volatility. (Seeing how much the price had risen, she regretted not investing sooner.) “We have a lot of support from the crypto community because they understand his intentions are good, and we want privacy and freedom of choice in money.”

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