“Dark World Divine Envoy” enters N.Fans Metaverse to launch Binance NFT on September 2

NFT has become a new trend at the end of this summer, making 2021 the absolute first year of NFT. In this absolute vent, N.Fans took advantage of the momentum and signed a contract with Bandai Namco, and at 20:00 on September 2 at 20:00 on a global scale, NFT collections will be launched on the Binance NFT platform.


Bandai Namco authorized NFT for the first time in the world, reaching cross-border cooperation

On August 28th, N.Fans signed a contract with Bandai Namco’s IP to jointly launch the NFT collection of “Dark World Divine Envoy”. The first collections include: Jiang Yao, Taotie, White Pheasant, Jiuya, Hades, Black and White Impermanence, etc. Role, the addition of “Dark World God Envoy” makes the NFT ecosystem of the N.Fans platform more diversified. This is also the first time that Bandai Namco has authorized NFT collections worldwide. This cross-border cooperation has improved the ecosystems and brands of both parties.

Bandai Namco (China) is a wholly-owned regional management company established by Japan’s Bandai Namco Holdings Company in China. It was established in Shanghai on December 13, 2017. It is responsible for the overall planning and group management of Bandai Namco Group’s business in China. Brand management.

Bandai Namco (China) manages its subsidiaries in mainland China, organizing and coordinating their development and operations in China. We are deeply involved in the entertainment field, adhering to “Dream·Entertainment·Movement”, and are committed to sharing the wonderful works and entertainment experiences that have been shaped in the entertainment industry for many years to Chinese users.


“Dark World Divine Envoy” settled in the N.Fans meta-universe ecology, and launched the 3D NFT collection for the first time

“Dark World God Envoy” original local IP, currently in the form of novels, animations, radio dramas and so on. As a key project of Bandai Nangong Dream in China, it will receive more assistance in the future. Mass art materials (2D+3D) can be directly used for gamification and peripheral use. “Dark World Divine Envoy” is also the first suspense and adventure original local IP launched by Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. for the Chinese market. It can be watched on major domestic platforms such as BIliBIli, iQiyi, and Youku. Only 5 months after the animation was launched, the number of broadcasts on the entire network has exceeded 100 million. The IP of N.Fans and the IP of “Dark World Divine Envoy” jointly cast a joint NFT, making it more valuable for collection. N.Fans itself has a large number of well-known animation IP and well-known character materials. The linkage with “Dark World God Envoy” this time provides more directions for the future development of both parties. In the future, N.Fans will open up more fields and reach cooperation with more IPs, making it more widely used in N.Fans meta-universe scenes.

Binance NFT will be launched at 20:00 on September 2 for auction and limited sale

The NFT of “Dark World God Envoy” will land on the Binance NFT platform on September 2 for auction and limited release in the form of 3D NFT. This is the first time that Bandai Namco has authorized NFT copyrights for animation worldwide. N.Fans always pays attention to the copyright compliance of IP in the meta-universe ecology of its own platform, and is committed to building a well-known animation + GameFi aggregated NFT platform.

This time the NFT release is divided into the Ultimate and the Collection. Each NFT is limited to 1 and the Collection is limited to 100. The roles of the Best Collection are: Jiang Yao, Gourmet, Black and White Impermanence Combination, and the Collection Roles: White Pheasant, Jiuya, Yama, each 3D NFT are carefully produced by the top domestic modeling team.


N.Fans has powerful IP resources. N.Fans has reached cooperation with TV TOKYO and Bandai Namco. N.Fans meta universe IP currently has “Naruto”, “Dark World Gods” and the recently popular ” “Chen Ling Ji” settled in, and the IPs that are negotiating to sign include Pokémon, Slam Dunk, Gundam, One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc.

In addition, we not only sell NFT blind boxes and 3D NFT virtual figures, but also use GameFi concepts in our N.Fans self-operated game ecosystem. Achieve diversified development. N.Fans is expected to release the first self-operated game “Ninja Treasure League” in late September. The public beta of the “Road to Ninja” chain game will be opened in October. Please pay attention to the official news of N.Fans at that time.


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