Dark Forest: A blockchain game that integrates “Three-Body” into Ethereum

Since 2020, the Ethereum network has been ruled by DeFi, and DeFi Token has congested the entire Ethereum network.

V God recommended to us an Ethereum game or an RTS (real-time strategy) game when the Ethereum that he founded was almost occupied by DeFi.

And this game is inspired by the “Dark Forest” in China’s most famous science fiction novel “Three-Body”.

In Liu Cixin’s “Three-Body” trilogy, the dark forest theory is undoubtedly impressive.

The theory believes that because civilizations are the first need for survival and the resources of the universe are limited, under the premise of the two concepts of “suspicion chain” and “technical explosion”, each civilization will try to hide itself.

Because once other civilizations are discovered, they will be eliminated without hesitation. The entire universe is like a dark forest. This is how the Ethereum game called “Dark Forest” is played.

Dark Forest: A blockchain game that integrates "Three-Body" into Ethereum

Players can develop populations, mine resources, build fleets, and conquer planets in the universe. But in the vast universe, the player is shrouded in the fog of war and is completely unclear about the situation in other parts of the universe.

Players can also broadcast the coordinates of other players to the universe, allowing more advanced civilizations to eliminate opponents.

Dark Forest Law

“Extremely killing, this is the highest priority for a civilization”-“Three-Body II: Dark Forest”.

As written in the book: “Destroying you, what does it have to do with you.” Between civilizations in the universe, because it is impossible to judge whether the other party is friendly or hostile to themselves, due to the influence of the chain of suspicion and the explosion of technology, they default to being hostile to each other. , So it will be destroyed immediately after discovering the other’s civilization (with a lower cost).

Therefore, once the coordinates of one’s own civilization are exposed in the universe, it is equivalent to the destruction of one’s own civilization. The destroyer and the destroyed are not even related or connected. The destruction is only due to “discovery.”

This is the law of the dark forest, which describes the serious consequences that may be brought about by easily exposing one’s coordinates in the universe.

On August 14, 2020, V God tweeted and shared a game that he thought was very interesting:

It is a decentralized real-time strategy game “Dark Forest” based on zero-knowledge proof.

This is an MMO space conquest game. Players discover and conquer planets in an infinite, procedurally generated, cryptographically specific universe.

Dark Forest: A blockchain game that integrates "Three-Body" into Ethereum

This is the first time this game called “Dark Forest” has entered the public eye. The production team stated in a blog post that Liu Cixin’s “Three-Body” is the source of inspiration for this game, and the basics of the game The principle is the “Law of the Dark Forest”.

Introduction to the Dark Forest game

“Dark Forest” is a massively multiplayer online space conquest game. All planets and players’ birth positions in the universe are all random.

At the beginning, the player will have a small planet of his own, with a small energy value and visible range.

Players can conquer other planets to obtain higher energy values ​​and greater visibility. Each version of the game will be used as a test match, and the winner of each round will receive a bonus.

Cryptography fog of war

Based on the fog of war of zkSNARK, the key to the “Dark Forest” game is the “incomplete information game”.

For example, when you are playing Fighting Landlords with two other players, you can only see your own cards, but you don’t know what cards the other two players have in their hands.

Therefore, when making a decision, only an estimate of the cards of other players can be made, and no exact information can be obtained. This is called an “incomplete information game”.

A game in which both players like chess and Go can see the pieces on the board and predict the possibility of the move is a “complete information game.”

The “Dark Forest” applies the game of incomplete information to the “fog.”

The so-called fog is the visible range of players. This setting is actually common in the game field. Classic real-time strategy games such as “Warcraft”, “Red Alert”, and “StarCraft” use “fog” to hide player information.

In the “Dark Forest”, you don’t know how other players in the fog are developing, whether they are on the way to invade your planet, or how far they are from you.

However, the data layer of most current decentralized applications is completely open and transparent.

For example, Axie Infinity, every player can find Axie’s owner, attribute value, and skills, so there is no “privacy” and the concept of “incomplete information game” cannot be introduced.

To solve this problem, the “Dark Forest” adopts the “concise zero-knowledge proof (zkSNARK)”. Through zkSNARK, players can publicly submit verifiable and effective actions while maintaining privacy.

In the game, players do not need to submit the coordinates of their planet and the coordinates of the conquered planet to the core smart contract.

They only need to submit a commitment to their planet’s location (that is, the coordinates of the planet after the hash algorithm), and a zero-knowledge proof that can prove that the hash algorithm is effective, which can also ensure the privacy of the planet’s location.

Dark Forest: A blockchain game that integrates "Three-Body" into Ethereum

Proof of on-chain operation based on xDai

A major problem hindering the continued development of the Ethereum network chain game is the gas fee. If the game directly interacts with the Ethereum mainnet, then when the network is congested, the gas fee of tens or even hundreds of dollars will make it difficult for ordinary users to move.

Dark Forest: A blockchain game that integrates "Three-Body" into Ethereum

OKLink data: On January 4, 2021, the proposed Ethereum Gas fee was 294.31Gwei. The Dark Forest chooses the Layer 2 solution of xDai, which can greatly reduce the cost of each operation on the chain.

xDai is a chain with a stable reserve currency, and its transactions and fees are carried out through xDAi, and xDAi is created by locking DAI on Ethereum and creating it through the xDai bridge.

The value of xDAI is basically anchored to the US dollar, which means that transaction costs are predictable and will not be affected by market fluctuations.

The actual cost of the last transaction on Ethereum will vary greatly due to the congestion on the chain and the price of Ethereum. On xDai, the same transaction cost as Ethereum is about $0.01.

Development history and current situation

The original version of the Dark Forest released in August 2020 is v0.3, and it has been iterated to v0.6. In addition to the optimization of the system, this upgrade also includes an experimental PLUGIN system that can be found by exploring the universe. The special Dark Forest NFT.

Each version is opened by deleting files and internal testing. At the same time, 1024 DAI will be given to the top 15 winners as rewards.

Every time a new version of the Dark Forest is launched, there will be a wave of discussion in the Ethereum community.

Looking back at the v0.5 version, Matt Huang, the co-founder of Paradigm, said that this is the best encrypted game and released a screenshot of the second-ranked game ranking.

Dark Forest: A blockchain game that integrates "Three-Body" into Ethereum

Figma CEO Dylan Field, Grammy Award winner RAC, Ethereum fund member and founder of ENS Nick, cryptocurrency investment institution Maple Leaf Capital and many other influential users have expressed their love and appreciation for the dark forest.

The v0.6 version released by the Dark Forest adds interactive AI NFTs, search functions, dead space and corrupt biomes, on-chain location broadcasting, new planet types, better third-party developer tools, and more.

In the v0.6 version, the winner will receive planetary rewards and be loaded into Valhalla (this is a frozen universe in time and space and the ultimate resting place for seekers).

Highlights of the Dark Forest

Blockchain games like Dark Forest confirm the positive effects of Layer 2 after being applied to the game. This blockchain game also applies the “concise zero-knowledge proof (zkSNARK)” and possesses NFT attributes.

Explore cosmic artifacts—NFT assets

Blockchain games are one of the earliest fields of NFT development and one of the best directions for NFT to break the circle, but the current development of NFT in the game field is not very ideal.

Games that integrate multiple technologies such as “Dark Forest” will better promote the development of blockchain games.

In the v0.5 version, Dark Forest has launched a special Dark Forest NFT that can be found by exploring the universe. To a certain extent, the game’s setting is similar to building a blockchain version of “No Man’s Sky”.

As you explore the universe, you will find artifacts from the universe and planets. If the player finds that there are cosmic cultural relics hidden on a planet, they can claim it.

The cultural relics will improve the attributes of the planet, similar to the traditional game for the characters to wear different props.

Universe planet cultural relics are classified according to various categories and rarity, and cultural relics obtained on this planet can also be transferred to other planets for placement.

Dark Forest: A blockchain game that integrates "Three-Body" into Ethereum

Layer 2 solves the pain points of high gas fees for Ethereum applications

With the help of Layer2 technology, “Dark Forest” successfully solved two problems that blockchain games have been facing:

First, the frequent interaction between game operations and the chain affects the game experience, and at the same time it also causes a burden on the chain.

The second is the black box problem of the game.

Based on the Layer2 technology of zk-rollup, “Dark Forest” solves these two problems well.

As one of the expansion methods, Layer 2 is not only of great significance to the public chain, but also satisfies the needs of blockchain games. In addition, the entire game logic of “Dark Forest” runs on the chain, which is different from the previous chain games where only the core links and core logic are on the chain.

In the selection of public chains, the following needs to be met:

1. Performance. Able to support real-time interaction between developers and players.

2. Low rates. At present, Ethereum’s handling fees are expensive, and BSC is a relatively good “replacement”.

3. Good ecology. A good ecology means that there are enough users and enough assets.

4. Perfect EVM support. Lower the development threshold for developers.


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