Dark Fire’s Metaverse Live Streaming Business Experience: The anchor earns money by rewarding and laying down, and the monthly income of developing templates exceeds 100,000

The live broadcast outlet under the blessing of the Metaverse.

Dark Fire's Metaverse Live Streaming Business Experience: The anchor earns money by rewarding and laying down, and the monthly income of developing templates exceeds 100,000


The trendy live broadcast modes such as virtual idols and digital human live broadcasts have just become popular, and the more exotic Metaverse live broadcasts are here.

Tech Planet learned from people close to Kuaishou that Kuaishou will launch an APP called “Kuishou Virtual Studio Assistant” to provide related functions for virtual live broadcasts; Byte uses Pico VR all-in-one machine to allow users to watch A-SOUL The live broadcast of VR night talks breaks the “screen” barrier of traditional live broadcast, and moves from outside the “fourth wall” to the VR live broadcast room; the live broadcast of virtual idols at BilibIli is also becoming more and more group-based and interactive.

When Douyin, Kuaishou, and BilibIli are frequently deployed, many people still don’t understand what Metaverse live broadcast is. In fact, there are already typical cases.

In this summer, Douyin Summer Adventure Season cooperated with the two-dimensional virtual idol “Momo sauce” to launch a midsummer party in the form of an online disco for young groups. The total exposure of the event on the site was nearly 1.5 billion, of which a single transaction was made. There are 135 live broadcast rooms for good things that exceed one million, and 15 live broadcast rooms for good things that exceed 10 million.

According to the experience, in the whole live broadcast room, there are no anchors, and no real people appear on the scene. After users enter the live broadcast room, what they see is a virtual scene, such as a game scene, a party scene, etc. Users will be given a virtual identity in the virtual scene. As long as they post relevant instructions, comments, likes, or gifts, they can interact with other viewers in the live broadcast room.

Dark Fire's Metaverse Live Streaming Business Experience: The anchor earns money by rewarding and laying down, and the monthly income of developing templates exceeds 100,000

Some netizens said that this is the Metaverse that best fits their minds. There is no real person in the mirror. With simple operations, you can enjoy the corresponding immersive interactive service experience, which is far more complicated than those launched by Internet manufacturers. Metaverse products are newer and more fun. 

Tech Planet found that today’s immersive virtual live broadcast does not require too much technology. One mobile phone and one scene template can live broadcast 24 hours a day. It is precisely because of the low threshold for live broadcast that more and more people Choose to carry out such live broadcasts on Douyin, Kuaishou and Bilibili. 


Decoding Metaverse Live

Nowadays, there are various forms of live broadcast, such as virtual human live broadcast, unmanned live broadcast, etc. These live broadcast modes are mainly used to bring goods. However, “Metaverse Live Broadcasting” takes a different approach, and there is no sign of bringing goods at all. The entire live broadcast room is a stage for users. On the surface, it looks more like a new live broadcast method for attracting fans.

Wang Wei, the anchor who opened the “Metaverse” live broadcast on Douyin, told Tech Planet that he saw someone talking about this thing in a group of college students, saying that he could make money by live broadcast without needing people, because Wang Wei was introverted and unwilling to do so. I appeared on the camera, and I heard that I could increase fans, so I found the other party and wanted to know more about this project.

The other party told Wang Wei that the live broadcast of the Metaverse is still in its infancy in the circle. The content of the live broadcast of the Metaverse is mainly combined with the game. At present, the common live broadcasts of the Metaverse include crowding the subway, throwing a party, defending the tower, and sieging the city of the Three Kingdoms. , after the audience clicks to enter the live broadcast room, they can follow the prompts in the live broadcast room to operate. The operation methods are mainly comments, likes and gifts.

Dark Fire's Metaverse Live Streaming Business Experience: The anchor earns money by rewarding and laying down, and the monthly income of developing templates exceeds 100,000

Taking tower defense games as an example, Tech Planet learned that tower defense games are similar to “defending radishes”, but the “radish” as a weapon becomes a user, and users need to follow the live broadcast prompts to join the battle. For example, if the number 1 is entered, the user will be placed in the position of No. 1, mainly occupying the No. 1 position in the form of an avatar, and then attacking the monster. The form of attack is divided into general attack, charge, etc., and payment will also be arranged. props to help users level up quickly and defeat monsters.

Among them, “Charge” is a game move that requires users to keep liking on the screen. After liking, users can use combo skills to deal with monsters. In addition, users can send Douyin’s official “beer” gift, about 0.2 yuan, to obtain a clone effect, thereby improving attack efficiency and successfully clearing the level.

Similarly, the gameplay of interactive games such as Siege of the Three Kingdoms and Hegemony of the Seven Kingdoms is roughly the same. Users need to like, comment, and gift gifts to gain the pleasure of operating in the game. The live broadcast room will increase the popularity of the live broadcast room due to users’ continuous likes, gifts, comments, etc., so that the live broadcast room will get the push of the platform, get more people’s attention, and produce the effect of drainage.

Wang Wei said that he has been on the air for a month. In the first few days, only a few people watched or participated in it, but after half a month, the interaction in the live broadcast room showed an increasing trend. Coupled with the platform push, the current Douyin The number of fans has exceeded 9,000, and it is about to break 10,000.

Tech Planet found that the reason why this type of live broadcast can quickly become popular in the live broadcast circle is mainly because of the use of the platform’s push mechanism. Users’ likes, comments and other behaviors in the game can accumulate popularity in the live broadcast room.The threshold for participation in this type of game is low. For anchors, they only need game templates and mobile phones to start broadcasting, and there is no need to stare at the live broadcast room all the time. It is not an exaggeration to say that they can make money while lying down. From the user’s point of view, this type of game is play-and-go, and it does not need to spend too much money to experience the thrill of the game.

In addition, the Metaverse live broadcast also adopts the interactive gameplay of VR games. Users can enjoy the fun of mini-games without downloading and jumping to third-party platforms, which further makes this type of live broadcast mode highly respected.


‍The business experience behind the Metaverse live broadcast

Whether it is live streaming with goods or virtual human live streaming, the rise of any live streaming model must realize commercial realization, and this kind of Metaverse live streaming is no exception.

Li Xing began to do this kind of live broadcast in Kuaishou in April this year. He told Tech Planet that the live broadcast is very profitable, and a clear industry chain has been formed.

First of all, as a supplier of live broadcast scenes, it will provide a variety of Metaverse live broadcast templates. In addition to the above-mentioned multiplayer interactive games such as crowding the subway and guarding towers, it will also provide CS-like single-player games. play.

Generally speaking, the supplier will price such templates according to the dimensions of gameplay, popularity, etc. For example, the most popular Three Kingdoms Siege game template may be bought out at 500 yuan, and the cheaper one is more than 100 yuan, and it will even be launched monthly. Paid and package plans, 3-5 games will be added to the package, the price is around 800 to 1,000 yuan, and anchors who want to start broadcasting can buy them according to their needs.

Li Xing said that most people choose to buy a game template or rent a monthly fee. According to Li Xing, the development cost of such games is not high, and 2-3 people can develop similar templates. It’s not a problem for the suppliers of the company to sell hundreds of thousands a month, because they also sell this kind of live broadcast to overseas anchors.

There are various profit points for anchors. Li Xing’s live broadcast income mainly comes from gifts from users. In order to get a better game experience, users will follow their pre-set live broadcast prompts, swipe different gifts, get different game upgrades, and speed up game clearance. The gifts configured with the game experience are basically between 0.1 yuan and 10 yuan. In pursuit of quick customs clearance and the thrill of crushing each other, users will brush gifts without hesitation. Li Xing has received gifts worth more than 1,000 yuan a day at most.

Li Xing will not be limited to this one live broadcast room. He will also use more software to open more than 10 Metaverse live broadcast rooms on Douyin, Kuaishou and BilibIli, and live broadcast 24 hours a day without interruption. Relying on these The accumulation of gifts, after deducting the cost, can reach a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan. Li Xing also said that due to the serious homogeneity of such game live broadcasts, in order to avoid audience fatigue, he will also buy from the supplier. The latest game template with a price of about 1,000 yuan guarantees the long-term operation of the live broadcast room.

Tech Planet has learned that most of the people who open this kind of Metaverse live broadcast use a profit model similar to Li Xing, and some people choose other profit methods.

Wang Zhihui, who is unemployed at home, said that his profit model is selling accounts. Since some functions and permissions of the live broadcast platform require more than 10,000 fans of the anchor to activate, he can rely on the Metaverse live broadcast to have a good effect of attracting fans, and the account’s The number of fans increased to 10,000 in a short period of time, and then they were sold to those in need at a price ranging from a few hundred to a thousand. According to Wang Zhihui, after deducting the cost of live broadcast, the income can reach 10,000 yuan a month.


Metaverse live broadcast becomes the next outlet?

Will the Metaverse live broadcast be a flash in the pan? With the rise of the concept of the Metaverse, the Metaverse has become a trend of concern to all parties. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the economy related to the Metaverse will usher in substantial growth, and the market size is expected to reach $1.5 trillion in 2030.

Many popular events are also heralding the rise of the market. For example, on December 24, 2021, Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) announced that it will officially launch TMELAND, the first virtual music carnival in China. Anti-General, Vicetone, Luminn, DEXTER KING and other musicians used “immersive” new methods to attract more than 1.1 million fans to interact with each other, and nearly 100,000 people interacted online on the same screen at the peak.

Subsequently, QQ’s Super QQ Show and Byte’s Party Island also adopted similar immersive gameplay to attract users’ participation and have been well received by users.

It’s just different from Tencent Music Group’s TMELAND. The organizers of Metaverse live broadcasts have gradually migrated from large factories and platforms to individuals. Individuals can also build similar live broadcast rooms and engage in Metaverse live broadcasts. For the industry, this live broadcast mode Going out of circle fast.

A Tencent product manager told Tech Planet that the participation threshold of Metaverse live broadcast is very low for both anchors and individuals, which is the main reason for the rise of this type of live broadcast. In addition, the core of Metaverse live broadcast is a gamified interactive experience. The concept of the Metaverse game is similar, except that the perspective of the game has changed from the anchor to the individual. In addition to the gameplay, such as competition and on-the-spot communication, it has a strong attraction to users. So that this kind of live broadcast mode can rise rapidly.

In addition, the platforms of Metaverse live broadcast are mainly Douyin, Kuaishou and Bilibili. These are large platforms with hundreds of millions of users. They are backed by a large number of users. Through such immersive interactive live broadcasts, they can quickly acquire target groups.

“For users to accept the virtual world, Metaverse live broadcast is the most seamless and barrier-free”, Hu Xiao, CEO of Wanbo, said in an interview with NetEase Technology, “Compared with other scenarios, live broadcast is an open state, covering a wide range of users. In addition, the interactive scene created by live broadcast is much lower than the threshold for playing games, and all users who watch the live broadcast can easily participate. From this perspective, the Metaverse live broadcast has a lot of space.”

As the platform side of Metaverse live broadcast, Bilibili, Douyin and Kuaishou are also vigorously supporting virtual live broadcast. There are more and more virtual studios in Kuaishou. In the future, audiences want to experience the Metaverse live broadcast of Byte. The audience only needs to wear the Pico VR all-in-one machine, and then they can enter the scene of A-SOUL’s first VR night talk and experience the immersive scene experience. .

Recently, the new patent of BilibIli was exposed, which can realize live broadcast of virtual images. According to Chen Rui, CEO of BilibIli, at the 12th anniversary of BilibIli, a total of 32,412 virtual anchors started broadcasting at BilibIli in the past year, a year-on-year increase of 40%. BilibIli is becoming a new platform for young people to live broadcast in the Metaverse.

According to iiMedia Research, the number of online live broadcast users in China will reach 635 million in 2021 and is expected to reach 660 million in 2022. With the gradual decline of the advantages of head anchors, brand or personal self-broadcasting has gradually become the mainstream, and the industry will tend to be segmented and developed vertically. Metaverse live broadcast will attract more people to participate due to its low threshold for live broadcast, strong ability to attract fans, and high user stickiness.

Under the tide, Metaverse live broadcast may become a new outlet for the live broadcast industry.

(Note: Wang Wei, Li Xing, Wang Zhihui and others in the article are all pseudonyms.)

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