DAO ideal is a bit early

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) learned a few years ago that it has recently started to become popular in the encrypted VC circle. I can’t remember which investor said that the current DAO will be the next “defi summer”.

I studied a few DAOs with the goal of summer, but didn’t feel the heat. We and DAOs may still be in early spring or even winter.

DAO is simply a group of people getting together to do things. The difference from the traditional company organization is that there is no centralized boss with power, and the boss wife sitting behind the scenes. DAO members discuss matters and collectively vote on matters.

In fact, there is nothing new about this matter. It was played by Pericles in Athens in the 5th century BC, known as the Pericles Reform in history. If a dozen farmers in Xiaogang Village decades ago, the first large-scale contracting was understood as DAO.

The following picture shows the DAO application scenarios collected by Fatty Brother, which is very rich in mediaoperationscommunitydevelopmentrisk managementinvestment and so on.

DAO ideal is a bit early

For example, bankless dao, which is relatively hot in the media field, must first pay 35,000 BANK if you want to enter, and the current market value is about 8,000 yuan.

Brother Fatty asked an old girl who went in and experienced it. She said, “They are now like a honeycomb. The management is very scattered. Bankless’s own media and bankless dao feel that they are two things, and they don’t necessarily help to produce high-quality content. It’s a bit of a come. The feeling of going to the market or visiting the night market.”

The picture below shows the welfare of participating in this DAO. Some welfare projects Fatty find it a bit funny, such as healthspiritual support, which seems to be organized like a blockchain club.

DAO ideal is a bit early

In addition, if a DAO is engaged in investment, it also needs to buy coins to enter. The difference is that if you want to withdraw the coin, you can return it. The main purpose of this DAO is to gather a group of DEFI masters to help novices invest in mining. DEFI masters select the project, and novices follow the investment. There are currently more than a dozen organizations supporting it.

The core of this investment DAO is the committee. The first committee members were recommended by the founding members and elected by the DAO.

The DAO mining mechanism is used to motivate committee members to conduct research and vote in a responsible manner (considering to pay members based on their contributions and performance). DAO mining rewards are paid every 2 weeks. Members can get rewards by voting “Yes” or “No”. Members will be rewarded for voting for projects with excellent performance and veto for projects with poor performance.

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with logic. In fact, the creation members influence and control committee members, and the evaluation criteria for contributions and incentives are not decentralized. Also, will the new leek mining go to DAO to play? Afterwards, the fat brother successfully enters to experience it, and then share his in-depth insights.

Most of the DAO’s propaganda are under the banner of the next generation of humanity efficient structure distributed democracy. In fact, leeks need to eat meat, but not meat. What is the ideal?

The system of the Athens city-state was broken in the era of the Athenian Empire, and the golden age of ancient democracy came to an end. Will DAO too?

Brother Fatty didn’t dare to make a final conclusion, and held a reservation for the time being, after all, there are more DAOs who have not studied to understand. Welcome to leave a message to share your views.


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