DAO: A new coordination model pushed to the center of the stage

In the book, Oli Bluffman compares the centralized organization to a spider and the distributed organization to a starfish, because if the spider’s head is cut off, the entire organization cannot survive, and every tentacle that the starfish tears off Can grow into a complete starfish.

Distributed autonomous organizations have developed from natural phenomena like starfish.

Crypto Fomo, the wave of telecommuting, the rise of the virtual world, and public opinion against large companies…a series of changes have led to the rapid rise of the new organizational form DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

DAO: A new coordination model pushed to the center of the stage

DAO is the abbreviation of decentralized autonomous organization (decentralized autonomous organization). Because there is no formal leadership, it is decentralized; any member is allowed to make decisions, so it is autonomous.

It is not a brand-new concept, but under the torrent of the times, it has been pushed to the center of the stage.

DAO has been widely used in various fields, especially in corporate governance, it has shown a subversive energy that cannot be underestimated.

DAO: A new coordination model pushed to the center of the stage

Coinbase is a public company with thousands of employees, and Uniswap is a DAO with about 20 core engineers.

Although the amount of labor is different, the workloads handled by the two are similar. In certain time periods, Uniswap’s workload will be even higher. So which of the two sounds like a better investment object?

The difference between Uniswap and Coinbase reflects the difference between DAO and the company.

Compared with past companies, DAO offers more possibilities: global distribution, online links, benefit sharing… It seems that people see the dawn and direction of Web3.0.

DAO combines decentralization, autonomy, autonomy, and token economic incentives, and uses various elements in the system as assets to fully integrate monetary capital, human capital, and other element capital, so as to better stimulate the effectiveness of the organization, and Realize value circulation.

There are various communities online-your Twitter followers, Facebook groups, my Substack subscribers, everyone with a Bored Ape profile picture, Yelp Elite commenters, $FWB owners. And our contacts will only increase.

At the same time, we have an emerging mechanism like DAO, which is used to organize people and capital on the Internet. These two forces will collide. Maybe instead of centralized platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to manage the relationship between creators, users, and advertisers, DAO enables these three groups to work directly, eliminate middlemen, and make incentives more consistent. .

DAO not only represents a new coordination model, but also represents a new economic model.

We are in the dawn of DAO, just like DeFi and NFT before, once we master the core primitives, the innovation gate of decentralized organization operations will open.

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