Dachang’s “Place of Contest”: Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

Why would big factories compete to copy a mapped world?

Dachang's "Place of Contest": Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

The term “Metaverse” is like a hurricane, sweeping the Internet and investment circles in 2021, and major Internet technology companies and capital have increased it.

First, in March of this year, Roblox, the parent company of the popular overseas game “Roblox”, went public in the United States, becoming the first stock of the meta universe concept. In April, Epic Games, the parent company of the game “Fortnite”, received a new round of $1 billion in financing with the support of the meta-universe concept.

Throughout the country, Tencent , NetEase , ByteDance and other major companies have long shown their ambitions for the “meta universe” world. And MetaApp even relied on its claim to build a meta-universe world of all ages, and got 100 million US dollars in Series C financing. The domestic social platform Soul also followed closely, changing the slogan to “Social Metaverse for Young People”.

Even Adidas , which does not seem to have much to do with the concept of “meta universe” , has launched its own Ozworld series that embodies the concept of meta universe in a non-linear first-person interactive blockbuster. It seems that when most people still don’t understand the concept of “meta universe”, they have entered the era of “all things can be meta universe”.

So what exactly is the “meta universe” that major manufacturers are competing to enter the game and have become a new outlet? Is the trend leading in its concept really the next frontier, or just a gimmick? Isn’t it another wave of “leeks” for investors who followed the trend in the secondary market driven by the concept of a rudimentary period and the booming share price?

“Metaverse” from science fiction into reality

“Metaverse” means Meta + Verse, a virtual universe that transcends reality. The world is huge, free, and continuous. It can build a new social system for users and the establishment of diversified communities, and it can bring users immersion through realistic restoration technology and real-time or low-latency communication environment. Style experience.

In other words, it is the “man-made mapping version” of the real world. We correspond to a brand new identity in the virtual world one-to-one, and we will continue to “live” without interruption. The well-known “complete body” meta-universe form, such as the “Oasis” in the movie “Ready Player One”, the immersive virtual world in the anime “Sword Art Online”, or those technological creations that the protagonist experienced in the novel “Infinite Horror” is similar to the parallel movie creation universe.

Dachang's "Place of Contest": Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

In fact, as early as 1981, there existed such a virtual world in the science fiction novel “Real Name and Real Name” by computer professor Vernovenko: People can log in to the new world through the brain interface and transform them into different images according to their own preferences. At the same time, people have real sensory experiences in this virtual world.

Until 1991, Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche” made the concept of “real name and real name” more concrete, and gave the world an exclusive name “Metaverse”, which was once translated as “Super Metaverse”, and now Known as the “meta universe”.

In the years from “super meta domain” to “meta universe”, the real world has gradually realized the advanced technology once described in science fiction novels. For example, electronic devices that can communicate in real-time video, voice assistants that communicate with people, cars driven by batteries, and the current further development of VR/AR technology and a large amount of exploration and practice of brain interface.

However, as these science and technology based on the meta-universe world in science fiction gradually land on the scene, “meta-universe” is still just a rudimentary concept for people in the current world. At present, the biggest help is to support technology companies through “concepts”, attract the eyes of capital, and obtain higher social expectations and reputation.

The concept is hard to escape the “capital leek theory”?

However, in the current situation where many technology companies attract attention with technical concepts that are difficult to implement in the short term, are hyped by capital, and are harvesting secondary market stockholders as “leeks”, the hurricane-like sweep of the “Metaverse” concept is really not about training new ones. A wave of leeks?

As we all know, the concept of “meta universe” is often mentioned in the hottest period of the VR circle. The idea is to recreate a virtual world with VR as the interface to give users an immersive experience when using VR. From heat to cold, this idea gradually faded out of people’s field of vision.

And this VR concept from the future has created a legendary company in the domestic VR circle-Baofeng Technology.

Baofeng Technology once caught up with the wave of VR development in 2016. With the concept of future VR, the stock price of Baofeng Technology soared from 7.24 yuan/share to 327.01 yuan/share at the beginning of its listing, an increase of 45 times, and the market value once exceeded 40 billion. Yuan. But as the concept failed to land, with the arrest of founder Feng Xin, the suspension of the main business, the delay in the annual report and other bad news; Baofeng Technology’s stock price shrank sharply until it was delisted. It can only be said that how big the past pie paintings are, how bitter the ending will be.

Dachang's "Place of Contest": Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

Compared with the current “Meta Universe”, Epic Games has only received 1 billion U.S. dollars of investment based on “paper talk”. The stock price of Roblox, the first stock of Meta Universe, rose by 54.4% on the first day, and the company’s market value exceeded 40 billion, which was worth more than the year before listing. 10 times. However, none of them can be called a “complete body” of meta-universe works. Even the most meta-universe feature “Roblox” at present is just a prototype of the concept of meta-universe.

China claims to build all ages yuan universe of MeteApp company, by the eye in the sky to check APP that, by virtue of the concept of “meta-universe” listed in Roblox after, got the C round of financing led SIG Heiner capital investment of $ 100 million in Asia . It is a company that is so ambitious and optimistic about capital, its official website does not have the download address of its concept product, and even the actual product screen cannot be seen.

Dachang's "Place of Contest": Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

And the domestic social software Soul also launched the concept of “social meta-universe for young people” this year. I am afraid that I also want to borrow the east wind of meta-universe to make its own listing road and the development of the secondary market after listing more smooth, but I did not expect it. The NASDAQ knocked the bell and gave up listing due to “reason”.

It seems that the current situation makes people return to the wave of the VR circle in 2016. The futuristic concept is empty and in its embryonic form. I am afraid that there is no lack of capital hype in this wave, which makes the popularity of the meta universe reach its highest point. , Making the stockholders who have become capital leeks be harvested by a wave.

“Metaverse Paradox”: Why copy a new world?

However, for the harvest of “leeks” under the prototype of the meta-universe concept, the abacus of the big manufacturers may not be among the stockholders in the secondary market, but through a terminal device and interactive products to redistribute the stock market again. After all, the current technological development All are “born toward the void.”

However, the emergence of any new technology is mostly in line with the technology maturity curve proposed by Gartner Consulting in 1995. First of all, in the early days of the birth of technology, due to media reports, irrational renderings and publicity, product popularity was ubiquitous, which caused the company to peak in the market, and finally entered the low period of bubble formation. At this time, failure cases Greater than successful cases, just like the experience of domestic VR company Baofeng Technology.

Dachang's "Place of Contest": Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

Subsequently, it will enter a low-key and steady upswing period, leading to the birth of new technologies related to this one by one. Finally, the scene of the product is realized, accepted by the market, and has entered a mature stage after several generations of evolution. Just like the Internet and mobile network products that everyone has now generally accepted.

And the huge investment of various major manufacturers such as Tencent, Facebook, Nvidia, etc., in the face of their original strong brand influence and extremely high market valuation, it is difficult to be speculated and harvested by capital, and their ambitions must be the result of the technology landing. Division of the resulting new pattern.

Dachang's "Place of Contest": Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

In particular, the social attributes of the “Meta Universe” world can easily dismantle the two huge social empires, Tencent and Facebook, once they land.

Secondly, as a mapping and commercial product of the real world, “Meta Universe” must have its rules and structure derived from the real world. When a company is large enough, everything you do in this universe will be monitored and controlled, and kept on file, and used as a personal private data resource.

At the same time, as a virtual world, the generation of identity and status is linked to real world money. It seems that everything is equivalent to a huge game that blurs the boundaries between reality and virtuality: Do you want to have a better appearance, wear, and housing? Please pay by card. What should I do if I have no money to travel? Please watch the advertisement or open the members to send resources. So why are non-members cheaper than members? That’s another problem for the “leeks”.

Just like the interpretation in the American drama “Uploading Freshmen”, in which virtual world, everything needs to be consumed. For slums’ upload carriers, there are only 2G data traffic per month, and they will be frozen after they are used up unless someone recharges their account.

Dachang's "Place of Contest": Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

So, people who are immersed in the virtual world often try to escape the real world. When the virtual world becomes another world with the same general rules as the real world, a kind of paradox is formed. So what exactly are we building the meta-universe for?

Is it for the re-division of social stock resources? Or will technology continue to be a catalyst for widening the gap between rich and poor? Or just follow the historical process to complete the evolution of mankind from carbon-based life to silicon-based life?

And who can prove that we are living in the real world today? How can we prove that we are not VR-type devices worn by the brain through the perception of sight, smell, hearing and touch, and whether we are rows of large laboratories? How about the “brain in the tank” in the “brain in the tank” in our world?

Dachang's "Place of Contest": Is Metaverse Really a good concept?

It’s like the “Infinite Horror”, the originator of the “infinite flow” of domestic online literature, wrote: “The characters in the book are virtual to us, but relative to the world in the book, they are real. So whether Can we think that we are just a book, a movie, or a character in a program?”

Perhaps, one day, when we wake up with an alarm clock, what we hear in our ears is: “Welcome to my world.”

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